Business Profile

A Heritage of Innovation

SPX began in 1912 as the Piston Ring Company, an auto parts maker. In 1931, the company's name was changed to Sealed Power Corporation. Our current name was adopted in 1988. The S and P in SPX Corporation represent the first initials of the words Sealed Power. The X was referred to as the Exponent of Excellence.

Since 1924, we’ve been instrumental in the development of innovative high force hydraulic power products, systems and tools. The Power Team brand began as a part of the Owatonna Tool Company, also known as OTC, which was founded on the strength of a patented mechanical gear puller. By the 1950's, we developed pullers with hydraulic power. This was the start of the POWER TEAM product line. Since then, we have developed the largest family of high pressure professional grade tools from a single manufacturer.

In 1968, Herb Stone created a compact hydraulic power unit utilizing an electric motor. The concept was simple but powerful. It eliminated the need for complex and expensive power take-off pumps and drastically reduced the cost for hydraulic applications that required less horsepower. Soon thereafter, his company originated the interchangeable integrated-module hydraulic system. Today we are still the industry leader in AC/DC compact hydraulic power units.

We are a leading manufacturer of Hydraulic Workholding components. Our product line includes workholding devices, clamps, work supports and cylinders, as well as power sources, valves and manual pallet systems.

Globe compact heavy duty radial piston air motors provide exceptional power and reversibility at low RPMs for use in hazardous environments. We offer a wide range of control valve and output options for a complete power solution.

Rail Systems manufactures track switching point machines, track condition monitors and road rail barriers in European and Asian markets.

All SPX Hydraulic Technologies products are built tough with quality components and strict ISO 9000 manufacturing processes. In fact, many of our products are known as the industry standard for rugged construction, reliability, and long service life. Today, we provide a full range of professional grade products, systems and services around the globe. Wherever your job is in the world, our network of distributors and service centers assures local product, parts and service availability.