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  • Offer Profile
  • Just as every idea begins with a spark, we at nVent view the dawn of every sunrise as a new opportunity to ignite innovation. Our inventive solutions benefit customers around the world every day, keeping lights on, data streaming and trains running on time.

    From heat trace cables to critical equipment enclosures to labor-efficient fastening systems, we empower customers to improve performance, lower costs and reduce downtime.

    We are a $2.1 billion, high-performance electrical company with a dedicated team of 9,000 people and trusted brands such as CADDY, ERICO, HOFFMAN, RAYCHEM, SCHROFF and TRACER. Known for innovation, quality and reliability, our products connect and protect, consistently delivering value to industrial, commercial, residential, energy and infrastructure customers.

    While our name may be new, our products have set the standards for quality for more than a century. Today as nVent, we are focused and forward-looking, ready to build upon our legacy. The future is now.
Product Portfolio
  • Cabinets and Electronic Packaging

  • Need to protect your electronics? As a pioneer in 19" technology, nVent SCHROFF products are designed for application flexibility to meet stringent design standards. Enhance design productivity and time to market with our adaptable product platforms, plus global support, local service and outstanding technical expertise. This differentiated combination helps you complete your project on time and on budget.
      • Cabinets and Electronic Packaging

      • Leading-Edge Electronics Protection. We Protect Your Electronics: In 19” Standards and Beyond.
        Need to protect your electronics? As a pioneer in 19" technology, nVent SCHROFF products are designed for application flexibility to meet stringent design standards. Enhance design productivity and time to market with our adaptable product platforms, plus global support, local service and outstanding technical expertise. This differentiated combination helps you complete your project on time and on budget.
      • Concrete Reinforcing Steel Connections

      • Reinforcing steel connections and taper-threaded rebar splicing
        nVent LENTON concrete reinforcing steel connections and taper-threaded rebar splicing systems provide lasting performance. These differentiated products can help reduce labor costs, accelerate construction schedules and reduce material costs for your concrete construction project.
      • Data Center & Networking Systems

      • Smart IT Infrastructure
        The highest data and network availability are crucial in today’s connected world. Our broad portfolio provides design flexibility and protection for your valuable IT assets, and our design and project support ensures the success of your project.
      • Electrical Enclosures

      • Protect and connect your people, equipment and process
        You can have confidence in nVent HOFFMAN's 70 years of industry enclosure expertise, along with more than 12,000 standard products and tailored solutions to serve your needs for virtually any application. All our products are manufactured to the highest standards, and backed by service and sales support around the world.

        nVent HOFFMAN is a leading designer and manufacturer of systems to safely and reliably protect the electronic controls and mission critical electrical systems in industrial, data communications, commercial construction and government applications. Our extensive global network of more than 3,000 distributors can help you obtain the products you need. We maintain a high standard of quality and operates under a global ISO 9000 certificate. We design and test our products in our in-house UL laboratory to ensure they meet stringent quality standards. nVent HOFFMAN products comply with UL, NEMA, CSA and other international standards.
      • Electrical Fixing, Fastening & Support

      • Trusted solutions for safer, more efficient job sites
        You can have it all by saving critical time and costs while running a safe and efficient job site. nVent CADDY fixing, fastening and support products are innovatively and intuitively designed to simplify installation with as few tools as possible while providing long-lasting performance.
      • Heat Trace Solutions for any Application

      • Heat Trace Solutions for any Application
        As the inventor of self-regulating heat tracing technology, nVent RAYCHEM is globally recognized as a leading provider of complete electrical trace heating systems. Next to our range of heating cables, we offer a full suite of control and monitoring products and connected solutions for virtually any application.
      • Enclosure Cooling & Heating

      • Durable solutions to minimize downtime
        Paired with our enclosures, nVent HOFFMAN offers the most complete and innovative thermal management solutions for a variety of applications to meet your equipment protection needs. From standard fan assemblies to air conditioners, heat exchangers, and more, choose from over 2,000 UL®-certified products for reliable operation and longer life of protected components.

        Choosing a manufacturer of industrial air conditioners is important. Because nVent HOFFMAN manufactures both industrial enclosures and cooling, we offer the best-of-class performance and protection. For example, our advanced cooling products are designed to complement our offering of standard enclosures. We also know the thermal load pre-calculation that provides optimum cooling options for components, enclosure package, and environment. In addition, we have dedicated cooling experts paired with more than 3,000 distributors to provide any technical assistance when needed.
      • Facility Electrical Protection

      • Reliable solutions that create safer environments
        Gain peace of mind that your facility and your people are protected by one of the world’s largest and proven electrical protection specialists. nVent ERICO products are trusted across multiple industries and applications for their innovation, simplified new build and retrofit installations and lasting quality that saves maintenance costs over time.
      • Fire Rated Wiring

      • Protecting Electrical Circuits With Heat Resistant Wire
        nVent PYROTENAX two-hour fire rated cable is dependable and versatile while providing the ultimate in safety and electrical circuit protection.

        Zero smoke, zero flame spread and zero fuel contribution. Up to 80% space savings compared to conventional conduit and wire systems. Specifically suited for:
        • Fire pump emergency generator feeders
        • Fire alarm system wiring
        • Pressurization and extraction fans
      • Floor Heating

      • The comfort you deserve: choice, reliability, support
        nVent NUHEAT floor heating systems offer the products you need for the comfort you deserve. With our focus on ease of installation, reliability and customized support, nVent NUHEAT floor heating solutions have been the contractor's choice for over 25 years.
      • Leak Detection Systems

      • Fast, accurate and reliable leak detection for optimum safety and environmental protection
        Fast, accurate and reliable liquid leak detection for optimum safety and environmental protection. nVent RAYCHEM TraceTek liquid leak detection systems quickly and accurately reduce risk and avoid damage caused by water or fuel leaks in commercial and industrial applications. Designed and manufactured with high performance polymers for long-term service.
      • Low Voltage Power and Grounding

      • Trusted solutions for enclosures
        Made for your complex, high-power installations, nVent ERIFLEX solutions improve reliability and enhance safety, while saving time, money, weight and space. With inventive designs, OEMs and panel shops in a variety of industries can achieve greater installation efficiency and long-lasting performance.
      • Turbine Tip Clearance

      • Monitor blades in an operating turbine, at high temperatures and in hazardous environments
        nVent CAPACISENSE systems provide a virtual window to your operating turbine, allowing you to optimize turbine efficiency with accurate real time data. Additional monitoring of vibration and differential thermal change will help you prevent tip damage and avoid outages and failure.
    • Industries

        • Commercial & Residential

        • Trusted, reliable and comprehensive solutions
          Offering a wide range of solutions for commercial and residential applications, nVent RAYCHEM, nVent CADDY and nVent ERICO are proud to offer products and services that are sustainable, easy to install and easy to use. Learn how we can reduce your labor costs, protect assets and reduce total cost of ownership.

        • Energy Industry Solutions

        • Securing Your Energy Production
          nVent ERICO, ERIFLEX, HOFFMAN, LENTON and RAYCHEM solutions are designed to help you overcome the demands of harsh or hazardous environments by connecting energy solutions that enhance your operational reliability and profitability while protecting people and the environment.
        • Industrial Solutions

        • Improve safety, increase productivity and realize sustainability
          We offer the most comprehensive range of products, solutions and services to protect and connect your people, processes and equipment. From nVent HOFFMAN electrical enclosures, to nVent ERICO electrical grounding, bonding and connectivity, nVent RAYCHEM electric heat trace systems, leak detection and nVent SCHROFF electronic packaging, all our products and systems are engineered to honor the highest industry standards.
        • Safeguarding Performance and Reliability

        • Safeguarding Performance and Reliability
          Whether it’s maximizing performance and uptime in a Datacom or Telecom network, or ensuring operational and personal safety on a train, nVent offers design guidance and a broad infrastructure protection solutions portfolio to help you meet the demands of diverse operating conditions, safety standards and industry certification requirements.

          Networking & Data Center Infrastructure
          Networking & Data Center Infrastructure
          Maximize uptime and efficiency with extensive IT and Datacom infrastructure protection solutions for your wiring closet, computer room and data center.