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  • WELTEC BIOPOWER GmbH is one of the world's leading enterprises in the field of stainless-steel biogas plant construction. The company has planned, developed and built anaerobic digestion plants since 2001. Today, the medium-sized company has about 80 employees at the headquarters in Vechta, Germany, and has established more than 300 energy plants in 25 countries worldwide. The global distribution and service network spans five continents. The range of customers includes businesses from the agriculture, food, waste and wastewater industries.

    The strength of WELTEC BIOPOWER lies in custom-tailored design and technically mature solutions for projects up to 10 megawatt capacity. In this context, the high proportion of internally developed components is a key success factor. The company also owes its leading edge to the use of stainless steel. This enables the input of a diverse range of feedstocks, a fast and economic assembly and a consistently high quality standard ‒ regardless of the location.
Product Portfolio
  • Industries

  • Your industries are our specialties

    You have the raw materials

    Raw materials are not unlimited. And that forces us to use our raw materials cautiously and effectively. As a result, we view producing energy on the basis of organic substances as one of most important tasks facing the global community in future years. Many substances can be used to produce energy, ranging from the contents of bio-waste containers and materials left over from production processes through to renewable raw materials as well as dung and liquid manure. Since the possibilities are quite diverse, the resulting technological implementation can be very demanding.

    We have the technology

    Hundreds of biogas plants installed world-wide are proof that we have been successfully dealing with these challenges for many years. With our many years of experience and extensive know-how, we cover the most important parts of the value chain: from planning and design and assistance with financing through to the erection of biogas plants. Regardless of the location, all plants "made by WELTEC" have one thing in common: They have a long service life and are efficient.
      • Industry

      • Our areas of specialisation in the industry

        Biogas plants from WELTEC BIOPOWER are impressive thanks to their flexibility, technological progress and the material with which they are constructed: stainless steel. These attributes allow for a wide variety of applications. Our experienced engineers lay out the plants technically to the customer's individual requirements and adapt them to the prerequisites of the relevant industries.

        Our entire scope of services for industrial applications is explained in detail on the following pages. We would be delighted to discuss their possibilities during a meeting with you.
          • Food processing industry

          • The rest is energy

            The food processing industry is subject to increased pricing pressure. And the segment is further complicated by the short life cycles of the products and high demands on hygiene. In addition to that, there is the need to ensure that shelves are fully stocked at all times. The production of food stuffs also results, besides this surplus, in production waste and rejected batches.

            These waste products may occur, for instance, in:

            • Dairies: whey, wastewater
            • Meat and fish processing companies: animal blood, innards, contents of gastrointestinal tracts, fat, animal carcasses, muscles, tendons, skin
            • Fruit and vegetable operations: unsatisfactory goods, hulls, peelings, seeds, wash-water
            • Breweries: brewer grains, corn dust, yeast, wastewater
            • Distilleries: pomace, hulls, peelings, seeds, press cake, wastewater
            • Manufacturers of baked goods and candies: yeast, sugar, fat, shells
            • Sugar industry: pressed sugar beet pulp
          • Industrial waste management

          • Precious waste

            The waste industry is moving increasingly towards becoming a raw material industry. The days when bio-wastes were just dumped in landfills are long gone. The tremendous utility posed by wastes in terms of energy is being recognised more and more. Likewise, the waste products of other areas also represent important energy carriers

            • Bio-waste containers
            • Leftovers from restaurants and food establishments
            • Fats and oils from commercial food establishments
            • Oils from the cosmetics industry
            • Production waste from industrial food processors
            • Animal carcasses and products of the EU category 2 & 3
          • Industrial wastewater treatment plants

          • Future of wastewater treatment plants

            Energy efficiency, environmental soundness and performance are important requirements placed on today's wastewater industry. These challenges can be attained by efficiently utilising all resources for generating one's own energy. The future of wastewater treatment plants serving 50,000 PE or less now lies in the generation of electricity and heat as well as sludge stabilisation by means of anaerobic sewage sludge conversion in biogas reactors.
        • Municipalities

        • Energy-efficient municipalities

          Municipalities face considerable challenges such as demographic change, need to invest in infrastructure and much-discussed energy costs. WELTEC BIOPOWER offers intelligent solutions for the treatment of organic wastes and sewage sludges. That ensures that there is nothing else preventing municipalities from focussing on a future-oriented approach.
            • Municipal waste management

            • Landfills to assets

              Millions of tonnes of bio-wastes end up in landfills without being utilised for the most part. That said, these energy carriers frequently contain large amounts of biogas. One metric tonne of bio-waste represents the equivalent of 600 to 800 kilowatt hours of energy - enough to power five refrigerators for one entire year. In light of these facts, it makes sense for municipalities to utilise biogenic wastes.

              Typical wastes that municipalities have to deal with include
              • Contents of bio-waste containers
              • Landscaping material
            • Municipal wastewater treatment plants

            • Tapping new energy sources

              The amounts of energy consumed by wastewater treatment plants put pressure on municipalities. Especially in light of the ever-increasing energy prices, it makes sense to utilise all resources available. The future of wastewater treatment plants serving 50,000 PE or less now lies in the generation of electricity and heat as well as sludge stabilisation by means of anaerobic sewage sludge conversion in biogas reactors.
          • Agriculture

          • From farmer to energy farmer

            Nowadays it has become more important than ever before for farmers to ensure that their operations are as flexible as possible. By-products from crop farming as well as dung and liquid manure from hog, poultry or cattle husbandry can be utilised to generate energy before they are then implemented fertiliser. Farmers can tap a lucrative business segment by operating a biogas plant.

            Possible substrates include:
            • Manure and slurry
            • Grass
            • Sugar beets
            • Rye green
            • Maize
            • Landscaping materials
            • Elephant grass
              • Investment Sector

              • Successfully investing in the future

                Biogas plants are an important building block for future energy production. Regardless of sun, wind or water, they are able to continuously generate power and heat. Moreover, biogas can be stored and is thus far superior to other renewable energy sources. The associated future potential offers strategic and financial investors the optimum framework conditions for an attractive investment.
                  • Plant Concepts

                  • Individualised concepts

                    At WELTEC BIOPOWER, customised plant concepts are paramount. In addition to substrates, we also take into account the underlying climatic and infrastructural conditions as well as the customer's strategic focus. Our extensive experience in plant dimensioning, materials used and segmental construction and design result in optimum layout of biogas plants. The number of own technologies and solutions we have developed for handling and processing substrates and biomethane are a testament to the high level of expertise and competence of WELTEC engineers.
                      • Organic waste

                      • Concepts for waste plants

                        The global volume of waste is substantial. Different industries produce different waste and residual materials. The combination extends from production waste and food through to biodegradable waste.
                        Regardless of whether the waste materials stem from residential or commercial sources, they all have one thing in common: And that is power, which can be efficiently converted to electricity and heat by leveraging suitable technologies and processes.

                        Individualised concepts

                        No waste plant is like another. For instance, the different substrates such as expired foodstuffs and biodegradable waste do vary in terms of energy content, consistency and volume supplied. With its experience and expertise WELTEC delivers customised concepts for waste processing through to digestate utilisation. In addition to that, we prepare feasibility studies and provide support during the licensing process. Upon completion of construction, we guide our customers through the start-up phase and explain the plant's specifics in detail during our thorough training workshops.

                        Powerful technologies

                        Waste plants require customised equipment and materials that are especially corrosion-resistant. WELTEC offers suitable solutions made of stainless steel for separating foreign materials and impurities and substrate comminution. Our own control equipment is compatible with other control systems. Even our technologies for pasteurisation, separation and drying of digestates as well as the processing of raw gases represent some of our other key strengths.

                        Many years of experience

                        Our customers have been successfully operating plants that are supplied with different waste products all over the globe. Here is, e.g., a brief list of some of the locations:
                        • Cyprus: Fermentation of slaughterhouse wastes, leftover food and carcass wastes
                        • Poland: Fermentation of waste products coming from a French fry factory
                        • England: Fermentation of expired food products from supermarkets and contents of bio-waste containers

                        WELTEC has already been recognised and distinguished several times with prestigious awards for its exemplary and especially efficient utilisation of all types of waste products.

                      • Wastewater

                      • Concepts for wastewater treatment plants

                        The biggest energy consumers in many communities and companies are the wastewater treatment facilities. The savings potential of sewage treatment plants is correspondingly substantial. That explains why these facilities are being used more than ever before to produce energy. This can be easily achieved by means of sewage sludge stabilisation in bioreactors. In this context, WELTEC has concepts and technologies for the fermentation of sewage sludge to offer for public and private wastewater treatment operations.

                        Concepts made-to-measure

                        WELTEC offers a process engineering approach to optimisation for sustainable sewage sludge treatment strategies: Instead of an aerobic stage or the use of a digestion tower, we utilise bioreactors with an integrated gas reservoir for anaerobic fermentation. Thanks to stainless steel as construction material, it is possible to offer individual, cost-effective and quick solutions for wastewater treatment operations for 10,000 PE or more. The customised complete solution at WELTEC starts with consulting and continues with project planning and construction support through to start-up and the subsequent servicing of plant equipment.

                        Technology that makes the difference

                        We utilise proven components that we have mainly developed ourselves. Our own control equipment is compatible with other control systems. And other technologies relating to sludge thickening and transport as well as peripheral systems for gas processing and conversion into electricity make up some of our other key strengths. Stainless steel fermenters are especially well suited for the fermentation of sewage sludge. As corrosion-resistant material, stainless steel ensures that plant operation is stable and efficient. Thanks to the special segmental construction of our bioreactors, they can be assembled and be put into operation in no time.

                        Many years of expertise

                        Our customers are located all over the globe, successfully operating installations that process and convert sewage sludge. Some examples include:
                        • Hungary: Integration of a fermenter in a municipal wastewater treatment plant
                        • Finland: Energy production based on use of sewage sludge as sole substrate
                        • China: Energy-related use of sewage sludge in a monofermentation process
                        • Germany: Anaerobic stage at a municipal WWTP
                      • Manure and slurry

                      • Concepts for manure plants

                        Manure and slurry: Both are ideal and cost-effective substrates that can be easily converted to high-quality biogas, regardless of whether they are generated in individual large-scale operations or in regions where they are being processed. Depending on the underlying conditions, either compact liquid manure plants or industrial-scale biogas plants producing power in the megawatt range and which have been designed by WELTEC BIOPOWER are well suited.

                        Individualised concepts

                        To ensure the efficiency of the biogas plant, we carefully match the plant to your requirements and strategic plans. We develop a customised concept depending on whether you want to integrate the plant in your operations or operate it as a joint project. Thanks to the modular design and stainless steel as the material of choice, our engineers are able to adapt the biogas plant precisely to the individual demands of each operator.

                        Technology that makes the difference

                        When it comes to plant engineering, it is the right combination of components that matters: The high proportion of WELTEC produced parts such as the control equipment and pump stations makes an important contribution in this regard. Technologies such as MULTIMix, which makes an important contribution to ensuring that substrate input is flexible and solutions facilitating separation as well as digestate or biomethane processing all serve one objective: that your plant operates efficiently.

                        Many years of experience

                        Our customers have been successfully operating biogas plants on the basis of dung and liquid manure all over the globe. Some examples include:
                        • Finland: Pig slurry is pumped over six kilometres of piping to the plant
                        • Czech Republic: The cattle dung is slurried with the aid of the MULTIMix upstream of the fermenter and comminuted
                        • Uruguay: 8,000 dairy cows provide the liquid manure for the biogas plant
                        • Germany: Pig slurry and poultry droppings form the basis for producing energy

                        WELTEC's technical developments in the field of dung and liquid manure input have already received many awards and accolades: The German Agricultural Society has confirmed the outstanding results obtained in degradation rate and gas yield. For instance, the MULTIMix was distinguished with an award for its handling of solid dung in Helsinki, Finland.
                      • Renewable raw materials

                      • Agricultural biogas plants
                        Green energy can be derived from a wide variety of renewable raw materials. The biogas plants designed by WELTEC BIOPOWER allow for combinations of very different substrates: Grass, whole plant silage, sugar beets, landscaping materials, corn and other renewable raw materials can be utilized - either as monosubstrate or as mixture with dung, liquid manure or cosubstrates. Our biological experts analyse the potential of your substrates and will support you in determining the ideal mixture.

                        Customised plants

                        WELTEC draws up an individual comparison between technology and input materials, thereby ensuring that optimum efficiency is achieved. The plans and designs are tailored to our customer's needs thanks to the possibility of flexibly selecting plant equipment. From compact systems through to plants capable of producing power in the megawatt range, our tanks can be assembled and put into operation in no time due to their special segmental construction.

                        High-value fertiliser

                        In addition to receiving compensation for supplying electricity to the grid, the thermal energy that is also generated during the process is an added benefit for one's own operations. Even digestate can be utilised as an additional source of revenue or as high-quality fertiliser for spreading on one's own fields.

                        Many years of experience

                        Renewable raw materials provide the ideal basis for producing green energy. We have successfully built and commissioned plants based on renewable raw materials all over the globe. For instance in:
                        • Germany: In Könnern, a biomethane refinery was erected in 2008 with an output of approximately eight megawatts
                        • England: Biogas plant on basis of maize silage and pig slurry
                        • Italy: 500kW plant with a short construction period of 2,5 months

                        All in all, more than 300 plants in 25 countries are a testament for our extensive experience, know-how and expertise. The German Agricultural Society has confirmed the outstanding results obtained in degradation rate and gas yield.

                    • Technology

                    • Technology that makes the difference

                      The strength of WELTEC BIOPOWER lies in custom-tailored design and technically mature solutions for projects up to 10 megawatt capacity. In this context, the high proportion of internally developed components is a key success factor. The company also owes its leading edge to the use of stainless steel. This enables the input of a diverse range of feedstocks, a fast and economic assembly and a consistently high quality standard ‒ regardless of the location.

                      WELTEC's engineers are constantly working on new developments for biogas plants. With our knowledge, we make a valuable contribution to the future and the continuous optimization of biogas plants. We are pleased to inform you about our components. If you have any questions regarding our general plant technology, please contact us personally.
                        • Kumac Processing

                        • Kumac Slurry and Digestate Processing

                          Regions with intensive livestock breeding have a serious oversupply of liquid manure. The available area in such regions is often not large enough to make use of the accumulating amount of nutrients. Therefore, there is a need for sustainable solutions for improved transportability and reduction of the nutrient surplus.

                          With its Kumac processing technology, WELTEC has created a solution to this problem. Since 2007, the technology has already been successfully used in around 15 locations.

                          How It Works
                          In a multi-stage process, the Kumac processing system separates solid matter from water. The result: About 50 percent clear water, approximately 25 percent solid matter and about 25 percent liquid nutrient concentrate. This technology has already been in continuous use for several years and is successfully applied at about 15 locations with intensive livestock breeding or large biogas plants. One of the key benefits of the solution – which is already well established in the Netherlands and Belgium – is the high technical plant availability. The scalable modular system can be used from an amount of 50,000t/year. If processing needs are higher, a combination of several Kumac lines can easily be implemented.
                        • MULTIMix

                        • MULTIMix liquid input system

                          When using grass silage, whole-plant silage and manure for biogas production, it causes problems with the entry. In addition, contaminants such as stones or metals often enter the entry system, which can damage components.

                          With the MULTIMix, WELTEC BIOPOWER offers a unique system which removes foreign materials prior to to being conveyed to the pump. Besides the system shreds the substrates to a size which is suitable for the bacteria. The MULTIMix thus ensures the technical and economic stability of biogas plants by preventing failures and thus ensuring an uninterrupted process of digestion of the substrates used.

                          Your advantages
                          • Processes fibrous, sticky and soft substrates (up to a high percentage)
                          • Bacteria-oriented substrate shredding for immediate biogas production
                          • Loading of the digester with homogeneous, mashed bio-suspension
                          • Minimises the risk of floating and sediment layers
                          • Energy efficiency through reduction of agitation work and significant increase in the pump‘s typical service life
                          • Unique feature of MULTIMix: Reliable foreign matter separation upstream of the pumps reduces wear and tear
                          • Several digesters can be fed with only one MULTIMix
                          • Can be retrofitted
                        • Biomethane

                        • Biomethane Processing

                          In addition to the conventional use for the production of power and heat, biogas can be upgraded to natural gas quality and be fed into the local natural gas grid as biomethane without any additions. Or it can be used as fuel for vehicles. This is a future-oriented, lucrative step towards sustainable, eco-friendly energy supply.

                          Various proven practices and technologies are available for the processing. The selection and arrangement of the necessary technology depends on project-related technical and economic conditions. In 2008, we built one of the world's largest biomethane parks - where the gas is treated by means of amine scrubbing. In our current projects, we are using mainly membrane technology. This is also suitable for smaller plants.

                          Your advantages with the membrane technology
                          • Methane yield of up to 99 percent through multi-stage procedure
                          • Intelligent control ensures uninterrupted gas feed-in
                          • Extremely high plant availability and low maintenance overhead thanks to durable membranes
                          • Quick installation thanks to compact container setup (plug and play)
                          • Modular structure enables extensions
                          • Separation of the molecules without any additional aids such as chemicals or water
                          • Separation without any further need for heat
                          • No downstream dryer required
                          • Feed-in into the natural gas grid possible without additional compressor
                      • Maintenance + Service

                      • Service and Maintenance
                        We exert ourselves for your success – every day.

                        Day for day, the state-of-the-art Anaerobic Digestion plants of WELTEC BIOPOWER deliver top performance for your energy needs. To ensure this performance level on a long-term basis, the modern service department of WELTEC BIOPOWER serves as a strong partner by your side. Starting from the development stage, our choice of high-quality components and material is governed by the special attention we pay to maximum efficiency and a long plant life. Nevertheless, individual fine-tuning, regular servicing/maintenance, and documentation of the plants are indispensable when it comes to benefiting from maximum energy output, especially over a long period.

                        We put a real emphasis on personal contact. Thus, our experienced specialists are pleased to assist you in all issues and subjects concerning Anaerobic Digestion: see for yourself!
                          • Plant Optimisation

                          • Changed market conditions and a glance into the future require adjustments to biogas plants. The plant efficiency can be effectively improved through systematic plant conversion or replacement of basic components.

                            After creating a needs analysis, WELTEC BIOPOWER optimises the biogas plants with individual repowering blocks that are determined under consideration of the specific plant, needs, licence and financial means. We also provide guidance concerning the use of premiums and bonuses and deliver feasibility studies.

                            Our Repowering Blocks

                            Improved Efficiency

                            • Guidance on energy marketing opportunities
                            • Information on the use of various premiums and bonuses
                            • Technical plant adjustments in order to enable the use of more inexpensive substrates
                            • Optimisation of mechanical processes in order to reduce power consumption

                            Heat Concepts
                            • Heat network refitting
                            • Setup of heat utilisation systems (dryer etc.)
                            • Generation of electricity from engine heat with ORC/SRC technology

                            Digestate Processing

                            • Reduction of the required digestate storage space through separation, drying and total processing
                            • Heat concepts

                            Technical Plant Optimisation

                            • Replacement, conversion and improvement of components, e.g.
                            • Solids input
                            • Mixers
                            • Membrane roof
                            • CHP plant
                            • Digestate storage facilities
                            • Pumps
                            • Plant control

                            Biological Plant Optimisation
                            • Process optimisation through regular review and adjustment of the digester biology

                            Plant Extensions
                            • Assistance in the licensing process
                            • Construction of tanks and digestate storage facilities
                            • Comprehensive project management
                          • CHP Plant Service

                          • The CHP plant is a key element of all biogas plants. The economic success of the plant is directly linked to the smooth function of the CHP plant.

                            This is what the professional supervision by the WELTEC CHP service ensures. The CHP service is available on a 24/7 basis and can thus intervene speedily if problems are encountered. To prevent this from happening in the first place, maintenance and inspections should be performed regularly. Our technical staff receives regular training. Thus, engines, generators and peripheral components of leading CHP manufacturers can be serviced according to the manufacturer specifications and subject to warranty.

                            Full Service Details
                            • Online remote monitoring
                            • All types of electronic repairs
                            • Software solutions
                            • Preventive maintenance
                            • Recurring checks with accredited documentation
                            • Preparation of consumption analyses
                            • Energy plant inspection with thermal imaging
                            • Maintenance and repair according to manufacturer specifications, including project management
                            • All types of troubleshooting and repairs
                            • Efficiency optimisation of CHP plants (performance upgrades)
                            • On-site engine overhaul with reduced downtime
                            • Replacement engines
                            • Exhaust gas measurements
                            • Oil management
                            • Engine check, endoscopy and compression measurement
                            • Remote control and monitoring system
                            • Trend monitoring and technical support
                            • Service packages in the form of blocks
                            • Original spare parts, such as:
                            • Spark plugs and ignition cables
                            • Valve cover seals and other seals
                            • Air and oil filters, gas filters
                            • Engine parts
                          • Mechanical Services

                          • A biogas plant consists of many tried-and-tested components, all of which are necessary for the smooth operation of the plant. Critical malfunction can occur if plant components are not maintained and serviced in accordance with the mechanical strain they are exposed to. WELTEC BIOPOWER offers repair, maintenance and new installation of all kinds of components.

                            Services for Mechanical Parts

                            • Inspection and maintenance of solids input systems and liquid input systems
                            • Maintenance, repair and replacement of progressive cavity pumps and lobe pumps
                            • Inspection, repair, general overhaul and replacement of mixers
                            • Inspection and repair of gate valves of gas and substrate pipes
                            • Roofs: Replacement, opening of tanks by removing the roof, inspection of the inflation fan and low/high pressure control
                            • Maintenance and repair of all components according to the manufacturer's servicing schedule
                            • Pipe inspection with camera
                            • Inspection and repair of compressors and flare stacks
                          • Biological Services

                          • Stable biological processes ensure optimum methane production in all kinds of plants, such as waste processing and agricultural plants, and play a key role in making the biogas plant economically efficient.

                            Our well-equipped lab is constantly adapted to state-of-the-art methods. Together with the expertise of our specialists, we can offer you a comprehensive analysis and consulting portfolio, both nationally and around the globe. The main focus is on speed, data validity and especially on direct personal contact.

                            The work of WELTEC's biological service starts even before the biogas plant goes live. Depending on your current stage, we offer suitable solutions. Select the individual areas for a detailed description of our services.
                          • Plant Control

                          • The control is the plant's "brain" that monitors and steers all key processes.

                            Therefore, smooth operation of the control system is vital. Good to know that with the control service of WELTEC BIOPOWER and the active failure management, you are always on the safe side!

                            In the event of malfunction, the operator is informed by text message and can promptly react. Minor problems can be identified and quickly eliminated directly via plant dial-in, e.g. using a smartphone.

                            In the case of more extensive problems, our experts are available around the clock. To restore normal operation, we have immediate remote monitoring access to your plant. Furthermore, our team can visit the site very quickly in the case of emergencies in order to ensure continued operation of your plant without delay.

                            Plant Control Services
                            • Online remote monitoring
                            • All types of electronic repairs
                            • Software solutions
                            • Preventive maintenance
                            • Preparation of consumption analyses
                            • Energy plant inspection with thermal imaging
                          • Inspection

                          • Inspection and Acceptance Management
                            Recurring plant inspections are mandatory for all biogas plant operators. Both the type of the regular monitoring measures and the inspection intervals are often predefined. The requirements and the resulting appraisals are becoming increasingly complex and difficult to understand for the plant operator. To ensure compliance of your plant with your licence and legal regulations, we assist you in the required acceptance procedures and take care of the coordination.

                            The professional examination of your plant and utilities by WELTEC BIOPOWER will reduce plant downtimes and can help avoid unavailability of staff and components due to operational malfunction. With our expertise, you can ensure safe and compliant plant operation!

                            Our Services
                            • Inspection by experts
                            • Occupational and environmental protection
                            • Document management
                            • Gas detection and thermal imaging
                            • Preparation of the official approval procedure
                            • Guidance in all areas of inspection and acceptance management