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  • Pumps from WANGEN PUMPEN are highly regarded at regional, national and international level thanks to our consistent orientation to market and customer requirements. It is this high esteem in which we are held by our customers that motivates us to preserve, improve and breathe new life into our values day after day.

    Whether you need to handle adhesive, abrasive or crumbly material, or require absolute hygiene in food, agriculture, biogas or chemicals: This is when our pumps are at their very best. WANGEN pumps combine extremely high resistancy and reliability with long life expectancy.The resulting low life cycle costs save both cash and nerves.

Product Portfolio
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              • BIOGAS IS BLUE!

              • Biogas is becoming increasingly important as a renewable energy source. WANGEN PUMPEN provides support in various areas of the production process.
                WANGEN pumps are used for:

                • substrate conveying
                • separator feeding
                • solids feed
              • ALL IS CLEAR WITH US!

              • Waste water treatment places the highest demands on technology. WANGEN products are perfectly designed for this.
                WANGEN pumps are used for:

                • dosing of additives
                • mechanical and biological waste water treatment
                • sludge dewatering and sludge drying
              • WE PUMP ALL YOUR FEED MEDIA!

              • Hygiene is the top priority in the food sector. WANGEN PUMPEN can fulfill these requirements, EHEDG certification possible on request.
                WANGEN pumps are used for (e.g.):

                • production of bakery products
                • meat and meat substitute processing
                • production of confectionery
            • WITH THIS WE PUMP FOR YOU!

                  • PROGRESSING CAVITY PUMPS

                  • WANGEN Schraubenspindelpumpen finden ihren Einsatz vor allem in den hygienischen Bereichen zur Förderung unterschiedlicher Medien.

                    • Höchste Qualität
                    • Großer Differenzdruck
                    • Fördern und CIP-Reinigung vereint
                    • Höchste Servicefreundlichkeit durch fast-X-change
                  • ADDITIONAL MODULES

                  • WANGEN modules are the ideal addition to the pump portfolio. Their use further increases the efficiency of the system.

                    • highest quality
                    • robust
                    • versatile in use
                    • optimum preparation of the medium
                  • SCREW PUMPS

                  • WANGEN screw pumps are mainly used in hygienic areas for pumping different feed media.

                    • highest quality
                    • high differential pressure
                    • conveying and CIP cleaning combined
                    • extremely easy to service thanks to fast-X-change®
                • THIS IS HOW WE PUMP FOR YOU!

                      • NORTHERN IRELAND

                      • For more than ten years, biogas plants in Northern Ireland have been helping to make the economy more sustainable and bring it closer to the zero-emissions target.

                      • MEXICO

                      • The major wastewater technology project was realized in Mexico City, one of the largest cities in the world, and comprises a total of 98 WANGEN pumps, which have been running reliably since 2015.

                      • AUSTRIA

                      • Sweet and savoury strudel is produced in Vienna according to traditional recipes - the WANGEN VarioTwin NG ensures the perfect filling.