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  • SALMATEC supplies equipment for producing pellets and crumbs.

    "Salzhausener Maschinenbautechnik SALMATEC GmbH" was founded in 1972 and has been manufacturing pelleting systems and spare parts for all known makes of pelleting machines ever since.

    The company's reputation has been built on offering a very high standard of technical advice on projects and also offering a well organized and efficient service department.
Product Portfolio
  • Machine construction – Made in Germany

  • SALMATEC Salzhausener Maschinenbautechnik GmbH stands for machine construction made in Germany – this means perfect quality at the highest level.

    Machines and processes for pelleting have been developed and produced in Salzhausen in the most diverse industries for over 40 years now. SALMATEC pelleting presses and the corresponding components such as molasses mixers, conditioners or thermoscrews are used successfully worldwide.

    SALMATEC pelleting units guarantee a high level of reliability in the production process combined with low production costs.
      • System construction

      • System construction: Planning and implementation

        SALMATEC is a manufacturer of pelleting presses and peripheral equipment that is part of a complete production line.

        However, SALMATEC also assists in the planning, construction and implemention of entire production lines. In addition to conveying and metering devices, this also includes refrigeration systems, screening machines, product containers and much more. It goes without saying that you will need a top-class control system for the best possible production with our machines and systems. Please feel free to ask any questions, we are happy to help.

        Everything from a single source

        SALMATEC would be happy to plan and support you in implementing your ideal production unit.
      • Pelleting presses

      • Cost-effective and safe to operate

        SALMATEC pelleting presses from the Maxima series have a modular design and can be adapted perfectly to the most diverse requirements.

        The different operating conditions that a pelleting press is subjected to during production of pellets make high demands on construction and production.

        That’s why SALMATEC pelleting presses are made exclusively of high-quality materials and of course comply with the latest safety standards and guidelines.

        The capacity per hour may amount to up to 50t depending on the type of machine and area of application.


        Double pelleting in the smallest of spaces.

        Maxima-Duplex is composed of two Maxima pelleting presses and ensures the highest pellet quality while simultaneously enhancing performance and ensuring greater flexibility.

        And the special thing about it: Both Maxima pelleting presses also work individually or can be adapted to one another. The method of operation can be adjusted simply by using the pneumatically adjustable flap control device.
      • Conditioners

      • Guarantee homogeneous mixtures

        SALMATEC conditioners from the SALMACON series guarantee the

        omogeneous mixing of basic components and the controlled addition of additives such as steam, molasses, water and many others.
        The conditioners made from stainless steel from the SALMACON series ensure a continuous flow of materials with their product-related design. It goes without saying that these conditioners offer the best possible mixing result with the lowest possible delays.

        Like all SALMATEC products, the conditioners from the SALMACON series conform to the latest safety regulations and guidelines.

        Stable and flexible

        The stable steel housing is made entirely out of stainless steel. The solid round shaft material and the mixing paddles are also made of stainless steel. All product contact materials are made from the highest quality materials.

        The amount of retention time can be set using the adjustable angle of the mixing paddle. The speed of the drive can also be changed and individual requirements can be adapted.

        The inspection port extends across the entire width of the mixing chamber.

        On request, the conditioners can be equipped with wear-resistant or non-stick coated linings.

        Our broad product range offers the right mixer for all requirements.
      • Molasses mixtures

      • Two mixing shafts offer a great mixing effect

        The SALMATEC molassing machines are designed for admixing large amounts of liquid

        The opposing and rapidly rotating mixing shafts guarantee a great mixing effect and high throughput.

        Immediately after the mixing process has been completed, the product can be coated in the same machine. This happens in what is known as the expansion stage. The mixed material is powdered with unmixed material. This prevents the subsequent conveyor units from sticking together.

        Like all SALMATEC products, the molasses mixers from the SALMACON series also conform to the latest safety requirements and guidelines.

        • Two opposing mixing shafts with overlapping paddles.
        • The mixer paddles can be adjusted to the shaft. The special arrangement of the mixer paddles on the shaft ensures that they clean themselves.
        • All product contact parts are manufactured from high-quality stainless steel.
        Special features

        SALMATEC offers a ZE version for each SALMACON for powdering the molasses with untreated material.

        It goes without saying that steam can also be added.

        All double shaft mixers from the SALMACON series are also suitable as conditioners for adding high amounts of steam.
      • Heat treatment

      • Competitive advantages offered by heat treated compound feed

        The SALMATHERM screws for heat treatment of the compound feed create competitive advantages and reduce operating costs at the same time.

        SALMATHERM enable compound feed pellets to be produced with increased steam temperatures and with a long retention time.

        The pelleting pressed material becomes smoother as a result of the extensive and homogeneous steam admixing process and is easier for the downstream pelleting presses to process and at the same time provides improved pellet quality.

        The feed is heat treated in the SALMATHERM for two to four minutes by controlled retention. This process kills the spoilage microorganisms.

        Like all SALMATEC products, it goes without saying that the SALMATHERM also conform to the latest safety requirements and guidelines.
      • Dies and rollers

      • Best requirements for your quality

        SALMATEC produces dies and rollers at its site in Salzhausen for all pelleting presses and also for products of other manufacturers of course.

        All dies and rollers are made from high-quality, wear-resistant special steels. The choice of material is dependent on its intended purpose.

        The dies can be manufactured individually for any pellet diameter required. This means that SALMATEC is able to produce dies for all requirements.

        SALMATEC rollers can also be adapted individually to the appropriate pelleting materials. This makes it possible to produce the roller in a number of different surface patterns and with a customised design.

        We offer a perforated or fluted design. A combination of a fluted surface with lateral rows of holes. It can also be saw-tooth fluted or diagonally fluted with the option of open or closed edges.
    • Areas of application for pelleting units

    • SALMATEC supplies product-specific pelleting units and also the corresponding peripheral equipment: from individual presses to entire units.

      For pellets and granulates made from plastic, wood, dusts, mixtures...
        • Feedstuff

        • The quality requirements for the compound feed to be produced are becoming increasingly stringent and new laws and regulations are sometimes presenting difficult challenges for manufacturers of compound feed. In order to be able to meet these demands and requirements in the future too, SALMATEC has developed special machines and processes to go alongside the tried-and-tested pelleting presses.
        • Renewable raw materials

        • Processing of renewable raw materials for thermal use is becoming increasingly significant. However, high raw material and energy costs are causing the margins to decrease. It is absolutely essential to use technology which improves operating costs.
        • Recycling

        • Raw material resources are finite on our planet. That’s why efficient recycling of raw materials is becoming more and more important. In an attempt to make the recycling process profitable and cost-effective, an increasing number of pelleting presses are being used for manufacturing granulates or for comminution.
        • Food

        • Processing food products such as instant powder, spices, coffee or tea for example imposes particular demands on a pelleting unit. That’s why only high-quality materials are used at Salmatec to meet the high requirements of the food industry..
        • Try us out!

        • The market for pelleting products is growing every day and we are therefore unable to name all the products that can be processed into pellets and granulates. Have we not mentioned your product?

          No problem, we can also check special materials to see if they can be pelleted in our research department.
      • Service and spare parts

      • The SALMATEC service has had an excellent reputation for many years. SALMATEC technicians and engineers are available to assist you around the clock.
          • On-site maintenance

          • Our employees carry out maintenance work and check your systems. So you can rest assured that your system will be working around the clock. We reach an agreement with you about the extent of maintenance work and the maintenance intervals.
          • Repair work

          • Our technicians fix any faults in a short period of time. This means that your system is soon back “online”.
          • Original SALMATEC spare parts

          • Like the SALMATEC machines, SALMATEC spare parts are produced with ultimate precision. Comprehensive stock ensures quick availability and your production security.

            Our customised service parts contracts allow you to purchase spare parts for a period of one year under fixed terms and conditions.
          • Machine construction and relocation

          • It goes without saying that we take responsibility for setting up your machines. We also help you to transfer or put together your production systems: Disassembly, transport and return to service.
          • On-site training courses

          • This gives your employees the opportunity to learn about everything to do with the safe operation of systems and apply this knowledge where they need to: In your business.
          • Service contact

          • What can we do to help you?