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  • Our product range supplemented with agency products from other leading, world class manufacturers – is completed by related services such as the design and installation of pump plants, oil spill recovery and after sales service through our network of service centers.

    In order to meet future customer demands for more complete systems, including DESMI pumps, we are providing solutions and systems as well as single standard pumps or components. With focus on the individual needs from our customers we are providing solutions based on proven technology.

Product Portfolio
  • DESMI ROTAN® Pumps

  • The key factors in all areas of the process industry are production reliability, productivity and performance.

    These are precisely the areas addressed by the DESMI range of products, systems and services.

    Value-added liquid transport solutions for local and global companies are our scope of supply.

      • ROTAN - ED

      • Environmental Duty
        Magnetically coupled internal gear pumps for ultimate protection against leakage.

        Typical Applications:
        Where no leakage, liquid or gaseous, is allowed.
        Pumping of:
        • Isocyanate
        • Solvents
        • Hazardous organic liquids
        • Printing ink
        • Resin
        • Pitch
        • Alkyd resin
        • Soyabean oil
        • Linseed oil
        • Monomers
        • Polyol
        • Corn syrup
      • ROTAN - GP

      • General Purpose
        Internal gear pumps in cast iron, for clean, non-abrasive liquids.
        The simple and compact construction makes it a low-cost pump, often used in modified versions by OEM customers.

        Typical Applications:
        Pumping of:
        • Clean oil
        • Glycol
        • Vegetable oil
        • Solvents
        • Lube oilWaste oil
        • Fish oil


      • ROTAN - HD

      • Heavy Duty
        Internal gear pumps in cast iron, for a wide range of viscous, non-corrosive liquids.
        HD pumps are specifically designed for difficult applications and those involving high viscosity liquids.

        Typical Applications:
        Pumping of:
        • Oil
        • Asphalt
        • Chocolate
        • Paint
        • Lacquer
        • Molasses
        • Soap
        • Other industrial viscous liquids
        • Additives
        • Polyol
        • Viscose
        • Sulphate soap
        • Maltose
        • Grease
        • Pitch
        • Base oil
        • Bitumen
        • Polyester
      • ROTAN - PD

      • Petrochemical Duty
        PD internal gear pumps are designed for refinery and petrochemical applications, all pressure-containing components are carbon steel. Design pressure according to ANSI 300 Lbs or Pn40.

        Typical Applications:
        Pumping of:
        • Fuel
        • Oil
        • Gasoline
        • Lube oil
        • Grease
        • Other hydrocarbon based fluids
        • Additives
        • Bitumen
        • Polystyrene
        • Wax
      • ROTAN - CD

      • Chemical Duty
        Internal gear pumps in stainless steel, designed to handle corrosive liquids.

        Typical Applications:
        Pumping of:
        • Organic acid
        • Fatty acid
        • Alkali
        • Caustic soda
        • Polymer solutions
        • Soap
        • Shampoo
        • Animal fat
        • Vegetable fat
        • Chocolate
        • Other special fluids
        • Resin
        • Paint
        • Rosin
      • ROTAN - CC

      • Closed Coupled
        Close-coupled internal gear pumps in cast iron, designed for the refrigerator industry.

        Typical Applications:
        Pumping of:
        • Mineral Oil
        • Alkyl Benzene
        • Polyalfaolifin
        • Polyglycol
        • Polyolester Oil
      • NSL Centrifugal pump

      • Vertical Centrifugal Pump
        DESMI has high quality and well established industry pumps on the market.
        The DESMI NSL pump is suitable for slightly contaminated thin liqids and meets the special industrial market requirements for:
        • High efficiency
        • Low NPSH values
        • Easy installation/service
        • Specific materials
        • Compact design
        • Standardized to modular design
        • Outstanding hydraulic design performance
        • Spacer-coupling options for easy maintenance
        • Robust shaft design
        • High efficiency impellar with low NPSH values
        • Self-priming ability with a separate built-on priming pump

          Typical applications:
        • Slightly contaminated thin liquids
      • ESL Centrifugal pump

      • Vertical centrifugal pump
        DESMI ESL in-line centrifugal pump is designed for special Utility/District Energy applications in regards to:
        • Low maintenance costs
        • High efficiency
        • Low NPSH
        • High configuration flexibility
        • Installation and service friendly

          Typical applications:
        • Slightly contaminated thin liquids
        • Hot water circulation
        • Fresh water circulation
        • HVAC
        • Hydrophore pump
        • Cooling water
        • The pump can be equipped with an air-driven or electric driven priming device
    • Cases

    • Pumps for any application
      The key factors in all areas of the process industry are reliability, productivity and performance of the production plant.
        • Road construction company chooses ROTAN® asphalt and fueling Pumps

        • Haskell Lemon Construction Co. - a leading Oklahoma road construction company chooses ROTAN® asphalt and fueling Pumps
        • 30 years trouble free operation at Zeelandia

        • For more than 30 years, DESMI ROTAN® pumps have been used in the production facilities at Zeelandia. Today more than 65 pumps are in use and some are still running, even though they are 30 years old.
        • ROTAN ED for the Painting Industry

        • Guangzhou Strong Chemical Co., Ltd. has used the ROTAN® ED pumps successfully since March 2014 and some of the highlights of their satisfaction with the pumps are:

          • Performance
          • Total Life Cycle Cost Benefits

          In total eight ROTAN® ED 101 stainless steel pumps have been installed together with frequency driven motors equipped with force ventilation fan in order to adjust the flow needed under different working conditions.

        • Pumps without breakdown for Campco Chocolate

        • Campco has used DESMI ROTAN® pumps, for many years without any breakdown. Campco is very much satisfied with the pump performance in the critical chocolate applications.

          Why Campco choose DESMI ROTAN® pumps:

          • Extremely good pump performance
          • DESMI unique main bearing includes a lip seal to prevent the lubrication fat to ”escape” and special support ring to hold the lubrication fat in place, even at high pressure in the lubrication chamber, and is provided with four holes, 90o apart, for effective lubrication of the bearing.
        • Environmentally Friendly Fuel Installations

        • In South Africa there are many infrastructure projects which require either temporary or semi-permament fuel intallations (usually diesel). DESMI Modular S pumps are used for these installations.

          Fuel installations need to be:

          • Environmentally friendly
          • Portable
          • Easy to set up

          DESMI distributor in Southern Africa, Pumptec, has had a great deal of success in supplying Modular S pumps for containerized fuel units.

        • Huntsman looking for a better solution

        • Huntsman Holland produces raw materials for the polyurethanes industry. Due to pump problems, the company was looking for a better solution.

          Within the five facilities there are many pumps for the transport of the various raw materials. Previously pumps with mechanical seals were used, but which in practice were problematic, says Mechanical Maintenance Engineer, René van de Vlugt. “In this case, when these pumps exhibit leakage, it is not a particularly big problem for the environment and man. The spilled material hardens immediately when it comes in contact with the atmosphere...

          A solution for this problem was found in magnetically coupled pumps from the ROTAN® ED Series. 

        • Dan-Balt A/S - Pan European Terminals PLC

        • DESMI NSL centrifugal pumps for heavy fuel oil transfer at the Dan-Balt A/S terminal in Aaberaa, Denmark.

          General Manager Hardy Olsen requested pumps for the transfer of heavy fuel oil and the technical requirements for the future pumps were:

          • 1000 m3/h at 7.5 bar
          • 0.990 kg/l
          • 400 cSt – 60oC

          DESMI’s solution was three DESMI NSL 200-415 inline centrifugal pumps with 200 kW 4-pole motors incl. frequency converters for more flexibility.

        • DESMI ROTAN® Pump in ABS Application

        • The pumping liquid is ABS, Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene, a type of rubber solution widely used in the tire industry with low energy consumption, low noise and lighter weight.

          For this project two pumps are to handle the medium “Rubber Solvent+Polystyrene+HCN” - CDEXXM-3U332, and as HCN is a very toxic medium, we supply double mechanical seal with API52 flush for these two pumps. The remaining seven pumps, handling mineral oil, are our standard stainless steel and cast iron pumps. After this phase one project, Huayi will launch another much bigger ABS project, so this could no doubt be a strategic project for DESMI ROTAN®.

        • Magnetic Driven Pumps in Molten Sulphur Service

        • Pumping Molten Sulphur is most challenging. Sulphur temperatures must be controlled within a 120-155o C range. Outside this temperature sulphur solidifies.

          Sulphur has a distinct odour and is highly corrosive in the presence of moisture. Where leakage from common packed style pumps was unacceptable, a ROTAN® magnetically driven pump unit was offered on a trial basis where the chemical is used in the production of soap and shampoo.

        • Sound Refining, Inc. of Tacoma, Washington

        • Sound Refining Inc. of Tacoma, Washington provides bulk liquid storage and supplies fuels, lubricants, and other products and services to industry in the Pacific Northwest.

          Within Sound Refining, the larger, bulk handling DESMI / ROTAN® pumps are proven among a list of products that range from Asphalt to Ethanol and everything in between. ROTAN®’s 8” ported model HD201 delivers flows in excess of 600 gpm and includes a 100 HP speed reduction drive.

        • S. Dyrup & Co. A leading paint manufacturer

        • One of Europe’s leading paint manufacturers inaugurates new facility: S. Dyrup & Co. select magnetically coupled ROTAN pumps.
          The summer of 1998 – S. Dyrup & Co., one of Europe’s leading producers of paint and lacquers, installs an advanced plant for manufacturing solvent based paint and wood preservative.
        • Polyurethane Foam/Isocyanate

        • Through the ages all kinds of seals have been used, from soft shaft seals to double mechanical shaft seals with DOP (dioctylphthalate) or mesamol under pressure between the seals.  The results have been very mixed, but the risk of running into problems has been so big that it can only be recom-mended to implement these so-lutions if the customer himself takes the responsibility for the solution desired.

          The only solution we can give our whole-hearted support is to use a MAGNETICALLY COU-PLED pump.

        • ROTAN® magnetically driven pumps

        • The pumps used have to be heated and have wear resistant bearings.

          Tar is often transported in ships. The pumps on board bring the tar to the storage tank from which it is pumped to the distillation towers where it is fragmented. During the process about half the tar ends up as pitch.

          This looks like a simple system but there are lots of details that have to be correct to avoid damage to the pumps. Koppers Denmark A/S are specialists in constructing pitch systems where ROTAN® magnetically driven pumps with bearings in solid tungsten carbide are used.

        • Pump Geared for Thin Film Evaporator

        • The pumps are used to transfer the highly purified liquids from film evaporator. Liquids could be lactic acid, fluid vitamin, vegetable oil or poly-glycol, kind of liquid fibre.  Normally pump construction is CD26 with mechanical seal running at 500 rpm under differential pressure of 3~5 bar.  The pumps are used with gearbox or equipped with Varied Frequency Driven motor.

          The liquid container is under high vacuum with evaporation distillation working on top, and the gear pump shall run at low speed to bring the NPSHr down to a level below NPSHa from the system. This is majorly determined by the installation height difference (liquid flow down by self-gravity).

          This is already the fifth time that Hexiang (the Thin Film Evaporator manufacturer)  recommend the customers to choose or use DESMI ROTAN® gear pump, and we are glad to see this kind of strategic partnership bloom and grow.

        • The reliable solution for unsaturated Polyester Resin

        • Rotan Pumpengesellschaft GmbH built a test pump by means of standard parts from the CD + HD/PD pump ranges with stuffing box plus 2 special, machined parts as well as 2 special shaft seal rings and a ground rotor shaft coated with tungsten carbide at the shaft seal area. The pump was equipped with a short suction pipe from the seal housing to the suction side of the valve.

          This pump, named CD81ERFT, code 3U22PAL, No. 268285, has been in intermittent duty for approx. 3-4 hours a day since the beginning of February 1997, 136 RPM x 5 bar x approx. 4000 cSt, without leakage.

      • Applications

      • Pumps for any application
        The key factors in all areas of the process industry are reliability, productivity and performance of the production plant.
          • Chocolate

          • From cocoa mass and cocoa butter process, liquid chocolate, and to the finished chocolate product, DESMI has the right answer.

            Half a century of experience in the production of pumps for the chocolate industry and close collaboration with some of the leading producers of plants have resulted in unique pumps which meet the high requirements for the careful treatment of chocolate products.
          • Asphalt & Bitumen

          • We are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of internal gear pumps

            DESMI has a full range of different pumps and matching equipment supporting the handing of bitumen products. Including unique features suited for today’s needs and new polymer based formulations, we have the solution.
          • Sugar & Molasse

          • The DESMI ROTAN® pumps are used for pumping of different sugar products from cane and beet juice to molasses and finished sugar solutions.

            The sugar products supplied direct from the sugar mill is chemically neutral whereas imported sugar products may contain small amounts of formic or sulphuric acid in order to prevent fermentation during transportation. Sugar products containing acid may cause corrosion in cast iron pumps so in some cases stainless steel pumps should be used.
          • Isocyanate

          • For MDI (Isocyanate) it is recommended to use positive displacement pumps and the leading MDI producers are recommending the DESMI ROTAN® series (magdrive pumps). They have been successfully used for a long period of time at many different applications.

            DESMI has worked with customers to develop new innovations in pump technology. Whether it is solving individual application problems or developing new industry leading ideas, we are always looking for ways of doing things better.
          • Soap & Detergent

          • While most manufacturers of detergent and soap products are medium size companies mixing various chemicals according to their own recipes, the chemicals are produced by world-wide chemical companies. DESMI is a well-respected supplier of pumps for these applications.

            Special features and product demands are necessary for being a supplier in this field. DESMI has the products asked for and has a large number of ROTAN® pumps in operation.

            To be able to find the best solution for a specific application and production procedure we sometimes have to be flexible and add steam flushing channels, mechanical seal with specific material specifications or other features to find the best possible solution for our customers.
          • Oil Blending

          • Pumps are used for field gathering, tank circulating, crude oil treating and high-capacity terminal applications

            DESMI has been a reliable partner for many years as our ROTAN® GP and HD series are designed for giving an accurate and constant flow to support these processes.

            We aim to develop new innovations in pump technology. Therefore we cooperate closely with customers in order to solve individual application problems as well as develop new
            leading ideas for the industry. We are always looking for ways of doing things better.
          • Paint & Ink

          • Coloured and protected surfaces provide added value as paints and enamels help to make products both more interesting and increase their life. That is why they are important finishing materials where care, environmentally-friendliness and reliability are needed in their supply and correct dosage.

            The DESMI ROTAN® gear pumps are commonly used for paints, resins and coatings. For ink manufacturing and printing press applications, the HD series and specially fitted PD and ED magdrive pumps are being used.
          • Pulp & Paper

          • For decades DESMI ROTAN® gear pumps have been used throughout the world, successfully pumping a variety of liquids such as sulphate soap, tall oil, pitch fuel/oil, caustic soda, lignin, turpentine, resin, starch, and slurries in the pulp and paper industry.

            We have the products, the knowhow and the field experience to be the first choice supplier for positive displacement pump within heavy industry.
          • Sprinkler Systems

          • Transportable pump units
            The pump and motor come built together in a compact unit that is easy to move. Typically, self-priming pumps are used. The pump can be combined with electric motor, diesel or gasoline engines including battery and fuel tank. Transportable pump systems can be supplied as explosion-proof.

          • Aquaculture (Fish Farming)

          • Durable, reliable & easy to maintain
            It is no secret that DESMI pumps are reliable, easy to maintain and durable (robust). That is why our pumps are well-suited to the sometimes harsh environment they are exposed to.

            Pumps from DESMI have been used for fish farming for more than 30 years and our knowledge of materials for both fresh and seawater means that we are able to deliver highly efficient pumps which can help to reduce production costs throughout the process regardless of whether they are on a flow-through or recirculation system.