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  • Offer Profile
    Hovmand develops, produces and markets efficient battery-powered lifters in aluminium and steel for lifting and moving of reels, drums and boxes. We supply lifters to a long range of the world’s leading companies in pharmaceuticals, food production, manufacturing, packaging, services and distribution.
    With Hovmand lifters you can:

    • Lift and carry more
    • Optimize workflows
    • Eliminate inappropriate lifting and handling
    • Increase efficiency
    • Improve work life and job satisfaction

Product Portfolio

      • Small Lifters

      • The Impact 70-series and Compact are lifters in the most simple and elegant design. Used in offices, workshops and retail. Impact 70 gives the opportunity to combine 4 different leg types with 3 mast heights. Compact is the market’s smallest battery-driven lifter.
          • IMPACT 70


            The battery-powered IMPACT 70 lifter is incredibly versatile. With its wide range of applications, it makes work processes more efficient, ergonomic and safe across many industries. It effortlessly moves, lifts and transports goods weighing up to 70 kg. Its "Commander" push-button control unit is easy to understand and can be operated from any position.

            For increased safety, the IMPACT 70 is additionally equipped with overload protection and safety clutch, and you can combine it with four different leg types, three mast heights and more than 15 different tools.

          • COMPACT


            When it comes to handling large and heavy paper, cardboard and plastic reels, COMPACT is the right choice. The smallest battery-operated lifter on the market features a combined boom with wheel for easy lifting of rolls up to 100 kg and a rotating V-block for special reels with axle up to 60 kg. A cost-effective alternative for those who like to keep things simple. This ensures your reels are transported safely from A to B and all the way to the packaging machine (perhaps better: further processing machine?).

            Our COMPACT lifter is a simple, self-explanatory lifting solution, specially developed for the printing and packaging industry. And it’s so simple: pick up the reel on the boom or the V-block, run to the machine, apply the brakes and then comfortably push the roll from the boom or V-block into the machine.

        • Multi purpose lifters

        • Impact 80, 130 and 200 are highly flexible lifters used in warehouses, workshops, manufacturing, supermarkets and professional kitchens. Impact 90 is the fastest lifter on the market and designed to handle numerous lifts a day. The lifting capacity ranges from 80 to 200 kg and from 1,200 to 2,771 mm in height (on selected products).
            • IMPACT 80

            • INCREDIBLY QUIET.

              The IMPACT 80 is designed to lift and move a wide range of different objects, including rolls, boxes, cartons and crates with a total weight of up to 80 kg. The particular feature out this lifter is that it works almost silently. In order to enable even more prolonged use, it has a built-in charger and battery indicator.

              One for (almost) everything: thanks to its quick-change adapter, you can use a wide variety of tools with just one lifter, allowing flexible deployment at the workplace. This makes your daily work processes even more efficient and cost-effective.

            • IMPACT 90


              The IMPACT 90 is not only the fastest lifter in this product range, it is also one of the most resilient. Designed for maximum daily use, it effortlessly moves, lifts and transports objects weighing up to 90 kg. The lifting speed easy to regulate by means of a handy remote control.

              To protect your employees and colleagues, the IMPACT 90 has overload protection, a safety clutch, shielding for all moving parts and a battery indicator for better planning capability. Configure the fastest Impact lifter according to your needs with a versatile selection of lifters, trolleys and mast heights.

            • IMPACT 130


              If there's something heavy to lift somewhere, the IMPACT 130 is certainly a reliable help. The IMPACT 130 is a powerful lifter that easily lifts loads of up to 130 kg for a variety of lifting tasks. Not for nothing is it the most popular lifter in our entire product range – and a great support in day-to-day work and manufacturing processes.

              For added protection and comfort, the IMPACT 130 is equipped with overload protection, a safety clutch and a soft start function for easy operation. For more specific requirements, the IMPACT 130 can be customised with a choice of five mast heights, different leg types and different wheels.

            • IMPACT 200


              When the going gets tough, the IMPACT 200 is the most reliable and durable lifter. This is because it effortlessly copes with of up to 200 kg total weight. And with amazing stamina, too. Thanks to its exchangeable batteries, it can work 24 hours a day for you without loss of power. We have designed a range of electrical and manual tools for really heavy tasks, and you can configure these as required.

              You can easily move rolls or drums by remote control for example, according to your choice. This not only makes your processes more fluid, it also gives you a whole new level of flexibility in terms of the efficiency of your existing production processes. In addition, you can choose the right mast height, undercarriage and platform to suit your operations.

          • Stainless steel

          • INOX 90, INOX 200 and E300R in stainless steel have been developed for GMP in food production, the pharmaceutical industry and cleanrooms (C+D). The light semi-stainless Impox 70 has stainless legs, handles and tools. Lifting heights from 1200 to 2000 mm. Stainless steel type 1.4301 (AISI 304)
              • INOX 90


                The INOX 90 is your perfect aid in sensitive work areas that have rigorous standards in terms of hygiene and the cleaning of production equipment (IP 66). With a capacity of up to 90 kg total weight, this stainless steel minilift reliably lifts, moves and transports goods from A to B in your containers. The properties of the INOX 90 are crucial for a smooth manufacturing process – especially in the production of food, cosmetics and medicine.

                Overload protection, a safety coupling, various shields for all moving parts and an accurate charge indicator also contribute to enhanced safety. The INOX 90 has electropolished surfaces and all tools are made of pure stainless steel. You can adjust its speed to two different levels by remote control.

              • INOX 200


                Made of electropolished stainless steel, the INOX 200 handles loads of up to 200 kg. It was specially developed for industries with rigorous requirements in terms of cleanliness and hygiene (IP66) and is therefore frequently used in the pharmaceutical and food industries.

                The model can be equipped with electric or manual tools, for example to move reels, Euro stacking containers or barrels – depending on the lifting task in question. All tools for the INOX 200 are made of pure stainless steel.

              • E300


                When it comes to hygiene, the stainless steel lifter meets the rigorous requirements of food, cosmetics, chemical and pharmaceutical production (IP66). This is due to its elaborately electropolished surface finish that permits only minimal particle adhesion. Thanks to numerous manual and electric lifters, the E300 can be used for a wide range of applications, including handling drums, tubs and vessels up to a height of 2.35 metres.

                For example, it can be used as an efficient reel lifter with a boom or roller grab, as a drum tipper or for stacking crates using a fork. The E300 lifter makes it possible to grip, lift, turn and tip very heavy loads of up to 300 kg. The E300 is also equipped as standard with a removable battery unit and antistatic ESD wheels to prevent discharge.

              • IMPOX 70


                The IMPOX 70 is the perfect choice where handling has to be just right. This is because it is made of an optimum combination of aluminium and stainless steel. The chassis and handles are rust-free (electropolished) and all tools are made of stainless steel, while the plastic control unit for lifting and lowering and the wheels of the lifter are antistatic (ESD) as standard.

                All tools and components are approved for the food industry. This light and almost elegant lifter is ideal for use in the food and kitchen sectors, being able to easily move containers and meat crates with a total weight of up to 70 kg from A to B as required.

            • Handling techniques

                • Reel Handling

                • A Hovmand lifter with the right equipment makes it possible for you to lift and move almost all kinds of reels – large and small, short and long – up to 300 kilos.

                  Using larger reels means reduction of necessary reel changes. You save time, because one person can do the work and you avoid downtime. You make more efficient use of your storage facility: the reels may be stacked higher and sourcing larger reels paves the way for lower foil prices. In most cases, your Hovmand lifter will increase your efficiency and minimize costs at the same time.

                  Using a Hovmand lifter makes it possible to:

                  • Use larger reels
                  • Load reels directly into the packaging machine
                  • Lift and move reels single-handed
                  • Place reels high or low without other equipment or help
                  • Easily pick up reels from a pallet
                  • Have reels delivered in higher stacks

                  We provide you with an intelligent range of reel lifting and moving options: from lifters for the most basic handling of large and small reels with a boom or V-block over specialized designs that grips the roll by the core and rotates it. Or a lifter that grips the reel from the outside and turns it around, manually or electrically, as well as purpose-built lifters for tool changes in your production process.

                • Drum Handling

                • Many commodities are packaged, stored and distributed in drums, containers and cans. There are also large numbers of manufacturing processes where drums, vats, containers, kettles and pots are lifted and emptied.

                  With a lifter you can grip the container, run it over to the work place and lift, rotate, tip and drain in one single operation instead of first moving the container, lifting it and finally tipping it. This provides savings in time and reduces other equipment investments.

                  With lifters you can lift heavy items without help, complex geometries, warm and cold containers, etc. And you can handle different items and sizes with the same equipment, simplify and streamline filling and lift even higher.

                  Hovmand lifters can grip, lift and tip almost any kind of container, i.e. drum, pot, kettle or vat. They can be taken from the floor and lifted. The grippers can be designed to handle difficult and complex shapes as well as different materials such as steel, plastic and cardboard.

                • Bucket Handling

                • Even small buckets can become heavy loads for an employee when they often need to be lifted or carried back and forth. Hovmand also provides various lifting equipment for this requirement: Host lifts with electric grippers, but also simpler, less expensive tools such as the crane arm, which can be equipped with different slings, ropes or straps for handling buckets and other containers. Using a lifting trolley with a crane arm can be the required smart solution for the loads which do not have standard dimensions.

                  For your containers with irregular shapes, such as drums, buckets or jerrycans, Hovmand has now developed a solution which makes ergonomics even more affordable: Buckets and drums are strapped onto a lifting device with a strap which functions according to the principle of a car strap and can be loosened and independently rolls up again. When re-tensioning, two load-bearing rollers which are pressed against the container, secure it against falling down. A manually operated turning device enables the containers to be tilted sideways to precisely fill the contents into other containers.

                • Canister Handling

                • Three solutions in one single device, Hovmand's mobile jerrycan refilling aid provides solutions for you. This makes it easy to lift, transport and even precisely refill canisters into other containers. The Jerrycan refilling aid is available in two versions: the cost-effective GO JERRYCAN version with a volume from 15-25 litres as well as the canister refilling aid based on our IMPACT 130 or IMPACT 90 model. The latter provides a wide range of options tailor-made to your needs.

                  If you want to place heavy canisters in a stationary filling station, then a Hovmand lifting trolley with a flexible crane arm system is a good solution in order to transport the canisters away from the storage location and move them into the filling station without any effort. A crane arm can be utilised to hold canisters by slings on the carrying handles and also to lift them on surfaces.




                For years, companies in the packaging, additive manufacturing and material handling industries have relied on our engineering skills in the field of mobile lifting trolleys. For this purpose, we develop lifting solutions in series that are tailored to your market and your products. Our modular lifters can supplement your own portfolio or optimise the workflow for your customers by eliminating manual or repetitive lifting during the application process.

                With lifting tools tailored specifically to your needs, you can successfully set yourself apart from the competition – whether in our name or in your name: from a certain quantity, we can also produce your solution in your corporate design.

                Our day-to-day business is to deliver your individual solutions on a ready-to-use basis within the shortest possible time.