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  • Offer Profile
  • Salher is a company with more than 35 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of urban and industrial wastewater treatment plants, purification plants, grey water reuse systems, hydrocarbon separators, as well as accessories for wastewater treatment. Salher is one of the leading companies in the water sector in Europe.
Product Portfolio
  • Water Solutions Worldwide

      • Domestic wastewater and rainwater

      • Our projects in urban water facilities reach up to 2.000 m³/day.

        Our experience allows us to offer customized solutions which take into account consumption, inlet / outlet parameters and particularities: countries, population density, fluctuations in population number, seasonality.

        More than 3.000 WWTP have been installed worldwide.
      • Water recovery and recycling

      • Wastewaters were considered to be simple discharges, but have gained recognition as a valuable resource.
        SALHER has an experience in treatment of urban wastewater and industrial process water with the aim to allow a reuse or a human consumption.

        Nature of water:
        • Rainwater
        • Grey water (from sinks and showers)
        • Treated wastewater
        • Industrial wastewater including high contaminant load

        • Controlled landfilling
        • Reuse: gardens and green areas watering, agriculture, refills for domestic use, water for process, etc
        • Purification
      • Industrial water treatments

      • Salher provides water treatments relevant to various industry sectors, including food, automotive, petrochemical, etc.
        Industrial effluents are characterized by a number of factors. SALHER designs processing lines for industrial water.

        We offer to our customers any technological solutions from study and design to commissioning at national and international level.

        Our references
        • Dairy industry
        • Meat industry
        • Food industry: ice cream, salad, bread
        • Beverage industry: juices, wineries and breweries
        • Petrochemical sector
        • Leachate plants
      • Mineral grease and hydrocarbon

      • Salher® brand oil-water separators are installed worldwide.

        Their efficiency, quality and variety of models for water reuse are widely known:
        • mechanical workshops,
        • car washes,
        • supermarket parking,
        • highways and roads close to sensitive areas or national parks,
        • aircraft runways and aprons...
    • Industrial Water

        • Water management in the energy industry

        • Water usage and energy production have always been linked. Whether the method of production be coal, oil and gas, geothermal, hydroelectric, nuclear plants and to a lesser degree, solar and wind, the water consumption footprint is significant.
        • Wastewater solutions for the dairy industry

        • The dairy industry generates a large quantity of process water highly contaminated with organic matter (BOD and COD) that biodegrades slowly as well as nitrogen and phosphorus, detergents, acid, oils and greases.

          The range of water treatment solutions SALHER® enables endless options which adapt to any quality and innovation challenge.
        • Food water solutions

        • A relevant issue in the food industry is the discharge of wastewater, due to its large volume as well as its organic load of pollutants.
        • Water treatment in the beverage industry

        • In the beverage and spirit industry, the discharges show an extreme irregularity in terms of flows, wastewater composition, contaminants concentration and production (seasonality).
      • Urban Water

          • Small & Medium Population

          • We work primarily with small towns, cities with a size of less than 2.000 inhabitants, and those not exceeding 5.000 inhabitants.
          • Hotels & resorts water solutions

          • Large quantities of water are used in many parts of a touristic resort: kitchens, heating and air conditioning, toilet tanks, swimming pools, flushing water, gardens and laundry.
          • Hospitals and Healthcare centers

          • Hospitals, healthcare centers and clinics require specialized treatments for their discharges, due to the potentially dangerous nature of their effluent. As a result, hospitals’ wastewater treatment constitutes a higher priority than that of the average household consumption.
          • Remote Camp Installations

          • Salher® supplies equipment to treat effluent issued from hygienic and sanitary waste of camps. Consumption depends on seasonal, weekly, daily and hourly variations.

            Moreover, these camps are usually located far away from cities without access to basic services.
        • Water Treatment

            • Water purification plants

            • Design, implementation and operation of purification systems to remove salts and pollutants from the surface, underground, brackish and seawater.
            • Wastewater reuse

            • In the context of water shortage and increasingly tough standards, low resource expenditure and energy consumption solutions are becoming more and more pertinent.
          • Hydrocarbon Separation

                • Automotive and oil industry

                • Salher® brand hydrocarbon separators are installed worldwide.
                  They have either an outlet efficiency of 5 ppm (Class I) or 100 ppm (Class II)
            • Pretreatments

                • Compact Pretreatment Plant

                • Automatic pre-treatment plant to remove grease and fine solids. Applications: Filtration or screening of solids through rotary drum sieve. Removal of fine solids with size comprised between 0.25 and 3 mm. Removal of sand and coarse solids. Removal of oil and grease.
                • Screening Systems

                • List of products for coarse and fine solids removal with manual, semi-automatic and automatic cleaning.
                • Grease Separators

                • Organic non-emulsified sand, oil and grease separation (vegetable or animal origin) from wastewater due to the density difference. System manufactured in GFRP for different population.
              • Primary treatments

                  • Lamella settler

                  • Equipment designed for continuous settling of suspended solids from water.
                  • Septic Tank

                  • Settling - Digestion
                    Conical septic tanks
                • Secondary treatments

                    • Activated Sludge Treatment Plants

                    • WWTP for small population
                      WWTP for small, medium and large population
                      WWTP with nitrification-denitrification
                    • Moving Bed Biological Reactor Plants (MBBR)

                    • List of products for organic matter removal through moving bed (MBBR system), as well as nitrogen and phosphorus removal.

                      WWTP with moving bed biological reactor, nitrogen and phosphorus removal
                    • WWTP with Biomembranes (MBR)

                    • List of products for organic matter removal through biological bioreactor with membranes (MBR system) for water reuse.

                      WWTP with biomembranes
                    • WWTP With Trickling Filters

                    • WWTP for small population
                      WWTP for small, medium and large population
                      WWTP with nitrification-denitrification
                  • Tertiary Treatments

                      • Grey & treated Water Reuse

                      • List of products for the removal of suspended solids, organic matter, intestinal nematodes, turbidity, free chlorine, and deodorization and discolouration of water for its reuse.
                      • Treated, rain and industrial water reuse

                      • Product that enables the water reuse through ultrafiltration technology, with tubular and hydrophilic membranes, with high quality water effluent.
                      • Treated and industrial water reuse for car wash

                      • Designed to treat water coming from car washes (manual, automatic, in boxes, washing tunnels, etc.) of personal, industrial and agricultural vehicles
                    • Water purification

                        • Disinfection and oxidation systems

                        • List of products for the disinfection of pretreated wastewater with high turbidity, for reuse in garden irrigation, golf courses, cistern refill, car washing, etc.
                        • Water Purification Treatment Plants

                        • Water purification plants for underground, above-ground and sea water, to meet the sanitary requirements for human consumption in small populations, industries and emergency situations.
                      • Hydrocarbon separators

                          • Class I oil separators by coalescence

                          • List of prefabricated products for mineral oils and hydrocarbon removal, by density difference and coalescence. It does not separate emulsified oils and hydrocarbon. Equipment designed and manufactured in accordance with EN 858 Standards.
                          • Class II oil separators

                          • List of prefabricated equipements for mineral oils and hydrocarbon removal, by density difference. It does not separate emulsified oils and hydrocarbon. Equipment designed and manufactured in accordance with EN 858 Standards.
                        • Pumping stations

                            • Customized pumping stations

                            • Salher develops customized solutions to meet our customer specific needs.

                              In order to manufacture a custome made waste water pump station according to your specifications, we require the following information:

                              Outlet collector depth and diameter.

                              Delivery collector diameter.

                              Design flow rate or data necessary for its calculation and number of pumps.

                              Data required to calculate the flow: pump station height, pumping distance, elbows, or if known, total dynamic (manometric) head.
                            • Pre-engineered pumping stations

                            • List of prefabricated products to treat wastewater and rainwater. Wide range of flows comprised between 5 and 200 m³/h.
                          • Tanks

                                • Prefabricated Tanks

                                • List of prefabricated tanks for the water and oil storage.
                            • Sludge Treatments

                                • Static Settling Tanks

                                • Dehydration or thickening of sludge from primary and secondary treatments.
                                • Gravity Sludge Tickener

                                • Open or closed sludge thickeners.
                                • Sludge Dewatering

                                • Removal and dehydration of sludge coming from small and medium WWTP.

                                  Sludge dehydration system with filter bags
                                  Sludge dehydration system through pressure