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    For every industrial mixing process, we design, develop, deliver, install, modify, maintain and repair a wide variety of mixers. Both stand-alone units and turnkey installations. The applications and range of mixers apply to batch mixing.

    With our expertise and experience in mixing technology, we have been supplying many clients in various industries for decades. Among them are the food and feed, chemical, pharmaceutical, plastics, metals, and minerals industry. We know about the stringent demands these industries need to meet. For our mixing machines, we have been certified for their precise mixing accuracy.

    We gladly offer services:
    • engineering
    • manufacturing
    • pre-assembling
    • installation
    • stock of general spare-parts
    • technical assistance
    • service and maintenance
    • 24/7 emergency service
Product Portfolio


    Every industry requires a different industrial mixer or blender. However small the distinctions may be, the details of the design make them operable and profitable. At Heilig Mixing Technology, we have been supplying our clients in various industries for many years as a specialist in mixing technology. We know the stringent demands some industries need to meet. Also, more than often, we found that the ideal mixing solution is a customized one.

    We have the expertise to consider dimensions, mixing product properties, and branch requirements to create a design that provides the best throughput and highest purities. Whether you require a stand-alone unit or a complete configuration for your production process, please contact us with your mixing challenge at an early stage.

    Aside from the design and production, we offer our services in technical support, maintenance, and spare parts for both for mixers and full installations built by us or other existing mixing machines.


        For continuous operation of your mixing process, Heilig Mixing Technology offers a wide variety of machines and components. We can design and manufacture single units as well as complete installation applicable to many industries. Both standard and customized designs are available.
        • mixers conveyors
        • screens (sieves)
        • storage equipment
        • components

        This is just a sample of the units we can design and manufacture to offer you a customized mixing solution.

          • Every industry utilizes their particular type of mixers. Factors to consider in choosing the right mixing machine for your application are, among others, the type of material, batch size, and bulk density. Heilig Mixing Technology has been designing and manufacturing mixing machines for over 40 years. Our customers can be found in industries such as:
            • Food
            • Feed
            • Paint
            • Metals
            • Minerals
            • Plastics
            • Pharmaceutical
            • Chemical

            Thanks to our industry-based knowledge and experience in designing customized industrial mixers, we can supply a wide range of models and sizes for purposes of:
            • mixing and homogenizing sensitive powders
            • mixing pastes
            • cooling and heating powders
            • coating powders and granulates by applying liquids
            • storage of products that are difficult to discharge of products with bad flow characteristics
              • CONICAL MIXER (V-MIXER)

              • For high quality mixing and blending
                The conical mixer, or also referred to as V-mixer, conical screw mixer, Nauta mixer or Vrieco Nauta mixer, is recognized for its outstanding mixing quality and accuracy. The unit requires a small floor space only because of his conical shape. Other advantages comprise the total and fluid outflow, which leaves no residue in the machine, and the low shear, which enables fragile materials to be mixed.

                For mixing, homogenizing, cooling or heating of materials such as powders, grains, and pastes the conical mixer applies to many industries, among which food, feed, chemicals, plastics, and pharmaceutical.

                • Type PL: with a capacity of 100 up to 75,000 liters. This model is provided with a screw support at the bottom.
                • Type VD: with a capacity from 10 to 25,000 liters. This model has no bearing or support at the bottom of the cantilevered mixing screw. This offers benefits in cleaning the machine. This also provides the option to mount a bottom valve for a total outflow of mixed materials, leaving no residues.
                • Type VD2: with a capacity starting at 300 up to 35.000 liters, this cone blender is manufactured with 2 mixing screws for short blending processes and allows lower installation heights and the possibility to equip the machine with a large inspection door.

              • For short batch cycle times
                For the vertical ribbon mixer, Heilig Mixing Technology applies high grades of stainless steel and a specific limited height design. This mid shear mixer is commonly used in the food industry because of its easy cleanability. You may also come across the names vertical mixer, ribbon blade mixer or ribbon blender machine.

                The top-driven mixing blade offers a three-dimensional mixing movement which guarantees a high accuracy over a short mixing time with both dry substances and pastes. As opposed to the conical mixer, the ribbon activates the full content rendering a more intensive mixing procedure. Mixing intensity starts at about 15 W per kg.

                The ribbon screw allows for a short mixing time cause of the intensive mixing process. In most cases a few minutes is sufficient. Materials that can be mixed in this particular blender include:
                • powders
                • liquids
                • pastes
                • doughs
                The conical bottom provides an excellent discharge of the mixed materials, and the extra large inspection hatch makes the vertical ribbon mixer easy to clean. We can also supply a cost-efficient ribbon mixer designed with a flat bottom. We have a stainless steel test mixer with a capacity of 200 liters with a mixing accuracy to a ration of 1:100,000 (quality assurance certification by notified body) available for you to try.
              • SILO MIXER

              • Homogenizes free-flowing products
                Heilig Mixing Technology can design a customized silo mixer according to requirements such as agglomerate sizes, bulk density, and volume. Silo mixers are manufactured to homogenize ‘free-flowing’ batches from 10,000 up to 150,000 liters for industries among others:
                • feed mixers (e.g. grain silo mixer)
                • food mixers
                • chemicals

                This type of mixer is otherwise referred to as batch mixer, feed mixer, blending silo and mixing silo. The main features of our blending silo designs include:
                • conical vessel to avoid product residue after discharging
                • diameters up to 3 meters
                • conveying screw in a vertical downpipe
                • produces mixtures without segregation
                • low energy consumption
                • low maintenance

                Aside from the mixing properties, silo mixers are also applied to prevent products from segregation during storage between different steps of a production process. Another application is to store hygroscopic materials. The silo mixer provides continuous motion restricting normally the materials to agglomerate.

                Every industry demands specific standards and requirements. Besides the overhauling or installation in existing hoppers or silos, for further branch-related modifications we offer optional:
                • top and side feeding plates
                • choice to load from top and/or bottom
                • fluidization bottom to prevent bridging
                • designs suitable for drying, cooling and degassing


              Customized conveyor engineering enhances the mixing process and efficiency of material transportation. Therefore, conveyors deserve a prominent place within the mixing installation. At Heilig Mixing Technology, we benefit from the expertise and experience within Heilig Group in designing customized conveyor designs according to our customers’ needs.

              We are aware that mixing materials within industries such as chemicals, feed and food, and pharmaceuticals need to meet stringent demands. As do the transportation devices in mixing technologies.

              TYPES OF CONVEYOR

              Providing continuous transportation, easy cleaning and low-maintenance, we offer high-quality types of conveyors that include:
              • screw conveyor
              • belt conveyor
              • aeromechanical conveyor
              • elevator conveyor

                • The screw conveyor or auger conveyor is designed in many variations and, subsequently, applicable to many mixing installations and techniques. The rotating helical blade transports powder or granular materials horizontally or upwards in the vessel for optimal mixing.

                  This type of conveyors is also referred to as auger screw conveyor, screw feeder, or auger feeder. Within our range, we distinguish trough screw conveyors, tubular screw conveyors, and shaftless or axis free screw.

                  Heilig Mixing Technology offers spiral screw conveyors both in open or closed systems varying in:
                  • length
                  • diameter
                  • single or double screw conveyor
                  • inclination
                  • steel alloys

                  Depending on your requirements such as capacity, transport height and bulk density, we customize screw conveyora to offer you the best possible solution.

                • The belt conveyor could be part of the total mixing process to convey materials. By implementing a belt system to your mixing installation, optimal transportation of materials to and from mixing machines can be achieved.

                  To transport the materials sensitive to damage, within the food, minerals, and chemical industries requires the finest high-quality conveyor systems. We manufacture both flat belt conveyors and trough-shaped designs for conveying bulk goods as well as finished mixed products.

                  We customize a belt conveyor according to your specifications such as required distance, location dimensions, material properties, and required capacities. This includes installations that feed, dis-charge, dose, accelerate or a combination of these. The advantages of our belt systems cover:
                  • durable and high-quality materials
                  • long-term maintenance free
                  • continuous operation with optimal throughput

                • For (delicate) granulates
                  Aeromechanical systems are commonly used method to convey granulated materials. An aero mechanical conveyor consists of a tubular design through which the product is transported. Inside the tube runs a wire rope with evenly mounted discs. These discs travel with a linear speed creating an airstream. Once the granulate is fed into the system, the stream of air fluidizes and, subsequently, transports the materials towards the outlet.

                  These types of conveyors are ideal for conveying powders and granulates with various densities and particle sizes, for industries including:
                  • Seed processing (grass seeds, beet seeds, etc)
                  • Food (salt, sugar, rice, cacao, coffee, etc.)
                  • Feed (grains, corn, etc.)
                  • Chemicals (pigments, ceramic powders, polymers, etc.)
                  • Plastics (PVC powders, etc.)
                  The advantages of a conveyor solution with aeromechanics are that they offer a high throughput with minimal damage to the materials and prevent particle separation. Depending on your requirements, we can design and manufacture a configuration that is vertical, horizontal, inclined or a combination of these. The lengths start at 3 meters and run up to 25 meters per unit. For food grade materials we also supply aero mechanical conveyors that can applied to the required process.
                • ELEVATOR CONVEYORS

                • For vertical material transport
                  Heilig Mixing Technology offers various elevator conveyor solutions for transporting material streams in a vertical direction. Depending on your particular application and material specifications, we can design a made-to-measure conveyor.

                  Think of a system that can be applied in the food sector and can be cleaned according to the Clean In Place (CIP) method, or a robust design that is heat-resistant and explosion-proof. Other options include a closed conveyor system for dust-control.

                  Aside from the options mentioned above, also speed and throughput capacity may be of significance to your optimal configuration.
              • SCREENING MACHINES


                Due to the need for high-quality materials at truly competitive costs nowadays, screening machines need to comply with stringent demands. Whether it concerns the food, feed, recycling or pharmaceutical industry, developments progress every year and so do requirements.

                Materials are being reclaimed and reused, or are subjected to advanced cultivation and production techniques to conserve energy, nature and the natural resources themselves. For that reason the quality requirements for sifting, sieving, screening, and separating materials become more and more significant.

                At Heilig Mixing Technology, we keep up with these trends by designing screening machines that meet today’s requirements on the one hand, but especially to listen closely to our clients. If we listen carefully and share our expertise, we can offer a solution that renders an optimal separation, classification, sieving and grading process at high capacity and throughput.
                  • TUMBLING SCREENS

                  • A paragmatic solution for accurate grading, scalping or sizing
                    At Heilig Mixing Technology, we supply two very different types of grading machines. On the one hand, we offer sieves where the product to be sieved is conveyed through the machine using vibrator motors. We also supply we offer tumbler screens where the product to be sieved is conveyed through the machine in a circular motion. This increases the opportunities for the material to pass through the various screen decks. The purity is of such high quality; it could be compared with handwork. Besides these products we also offer rectangular vibrating screens, which we manufacture in cooperation with our parent company N.M. Heilig B.V.

                    This type enables the machines to be built in a configured installation. A grading machine, however, is a stand-alone unit.

                    Bulk consisting of extreme lightweight and fine particle materials, either dry or moist, can be graded and dewatered into extremely fine fractions. Depending on your specifications, we can supply machines with single or multiple decks and with multiple cleaning options. The screens range in various diameters and mesh sizes.
                  • VIBRATING SCREEN

                  • For sifting, sieving and deagglomerating
                    A vibrating screen is ideal for sifting, sieving, and separating solids, such as granulates and powders, as well as separation liquids from solids. Heilig Mixing Technology can supply vibrating screens (or vibrating sieves) with a maximum of 4 sieving decks, offering 5 product fractions. These machines are also used as safety sieves or control sieves to remove potential presence of foreign matter or impurities.

                    The central vibrating motor is equipped with adjustable counterweights causing the machine to move both vertically and horizontally. All movements can be easily adjusted. This way, the product is spread on the screens in a three-dimensional manner.

                    • high throughput and high purities
                    • robust construction
                    • low energy consumption
                    • easy change of sieves (mesh replacement)

                    Depending on your requirements, we can supply vibrating screens manufactured from various steel alloys and with multiple cleaning options, such as cleaners, balls, brushes or ultrasonic cleaning systems. We invite you to contact us for a tailor-made screening machine that meets your specifications.
                  • ROTARY SCREEN

                  • For perfect sifting and sieving
                    The centrifugal force of a rotary screen, or rotary sieve, offers perfect sifting, sieving, or separating of granulates and powders. Once the material enters the sieving compartment, the variable, rotational forces and sieve (deck) trays split the smaller fractions from the larger ones. Residue material or contaminants are conveyed through the system and disposed of separately.

                    Depending on your requirements, Heilig Mixing Technology can design and manufacture a centrifugal sieve in three (3) models in various capacity and dimensions. Both as a single unit or as part of a complete production installation with various feeding options. We customize our models for industries including:
                    • Food
                    • Feed
                    • Paint
                    • Metals
                    • Minerals
                    • Plastics
                    • Pharmaceutical
                    • Chemicals

                    We supply screens that are easy to clean and require low energy consumption during operation. Other main features comprise:
                    • output of 15 kg to 70 tons per hour high capacity and throughput
                    • silent operation and low vibration intensity
                    • fast exchanging of sieves
                    • low maintenance
                    • various feeding options


                  Heilig Mixing Technology offers mixing machine components for a wide range of industrial mixers. We supply from stock, or our production facility can design or copy a malfunctioning part of your particular blender or mixer regardless of the brand.

                  Aside from installing any spare part during a repair or maintenance check, we can help you with overhauling, optimization or upgrading your installation with components including:
                  • Steel structures
                  • Operating systems
                  • Segmented ball valves
                  • Lump breaker
                  • Big bag discharge system

                    • For your mixing installations, Heilig Mixing Technology can design and manufacture customized steel structures. Platforms, storage floors, and walkways, for instance. We can add stairs, handrails, loading openings, and tiltable railings.

                      Another option is to include a support construction that combines the support of various machines with a walkway and/or platform. This way, your machines are always safely and easily accessible during operation as well as inspection and maintenance.

                      We have experience in designing customized platforms from standard structures to massive constructions. At your choice, we can manufacture from steel as well as stainless steel.

                    • A tailor-made electrical operating system for mixing installations or process installations provides a smooth operation. The electrical system considers the best startup sequence of the machine parts to reduce mechanical stress and wear and tear.

                      An operating system may include a control cabinet, PLC hardware and software, visualization with SCADA, CCTV systems, lighting, low voltage distributors, cables, and cable support systems.

                      With adequate programming and automation of all other installation parts, you can operate your mixers maintaining a clear overview with a minimum of operating procedures. Another advantage entails a safer working environment for operational staff.

                      Together with the expertise of our sister company Beemster Electrical Solutions, we design a customized operating system for your installation by combining hardware and software.
                    • SEGMENTED BALL VALVE

                    • A segmented ball valve is one of the components Heilig Mixing Technology offers to customize your industrial mixing machine. A segmented ball valve are often applied in atmospheric conditions and in situations where the total outflow of mixed materials becomes critical. Compared to standard valves, these valves provide a minimal dead space between screw and valve, which result in a higher mixing accuracy and optimal possibilities for cleaning.

                      The main features of a segmented ball valve include:
                      • robust and high-quality build
                      • hassle-free opening and closing
                      • allows full bore, non-obstructive product flow
                      • provides easy access for manual cleaning
                    • LUMP BREAKER

                    • A lump breaker can be installed at the bottom of your mixing machines. This device crushes or breaks the lumps in materials that agglomerate quickly. The breaker pulverizes harder agglomerates, lumps and large pieces in bulk powders, pastes or aggregates.
                    • BIG BAG DISCHARGE STATION

                    • A bulk bag discharger, also referred to as big bag dispenser or bulk bag unloader, allows a controlled discharge of bulk materials into a mixing machine. The applications we supply at Heilig Mixing Technology are robustly built and can be suitable to handle various types of big bags.

                      Depending on your specific need of a mixer, we can adjust the height for the most basic designs with a single discharge as well as the more sophisticated units with options including:
                      • dust-free discharge to minimize material waste and spillage
                      • controls for material flow
                      • various hopper designs to fit customized mixing machines and material flow
                      • steel alloy of your choice
                  • MIXING SOLUTIONS


                    The mixing solutions Heilig Mixing Technology has supplied over the past decades found their application in many industries. Both as standalone units or as complete installations for production processes. We offer our expertise and services to clients in the:
                    • Food industry
                    • Confectionery industry
                    • Veterinary products
                    • Bakery industry
                    • Paint industry
                    • Metals industry
                    • Minerals industry
                    • Plastics industry
                    • Pharmaceutical industry
                    • Chemical products
                    • Recycling industry

                    When designing a mixing solution, we understand that the requirements for each client are different. We always consider various factors and essential standards.

                    We offer solutions for powders, liquids and granulates that may be abrasive, explosive, hygroscopic, coarse, etc. We adhere to your branch standards and certifications (e.g. food industry). Another factor is the location of your mixing facility and the desired dimensions of a unit or configuration. Also, we would like to know precisely how your production process operates, whether you require batch mixing, product feed, conveyors, etc.

                      • Mixers and other machinery of your mixing installations require periodic inspection and maintenance. This guarantees an optimal, reliable, and continuous production process and reduces downtimes. The experts of Heilig Mixing Technology are qualified and experienced to execute technical inspections and repairs on any installation, regardless of the brand. Based on your requirements, we offer the following agreements:

                        MAINTENANCE & REPAIRS

                        Timely maintenance and/or well-executed repairs with new parts keeps your installations up-and-running in perfect condition. Besides equipment examinations, also lubrication and overhauls of machine components or units can be included.


                        For upgrading, overhauling, and relocation of full installations or single units, Heilig Mixing Technology offers their consulting, engineering, and manufacturing services to improve your mixing process.

                        INSPECTIONS & RISK INVENTORY

                        Regular inspections decrease unexpected repairs and expenses and reduce downtime. Our field service engineers check your installations on a standard number of points, e.g. operational safety, wear and tear, and mechanical controls.

                        SERVICE LEVEL

                        According to a mutually agreed and predetermined checklist, our experts check your installations on the machine’s operational use and safety, and the wear and tear. The service guarantees and ensures the continuous operation of your overall installation and prevents unplanned downtime. Heilig Mixing Technology distinguishes:
                        • Service Level Agreement Inspections: agreement for periodical inspection to maximize and optimize the performance of your equipment and recording of spare parts to reduce downtime.
                        • Service Level Agreement Preventive Maintenance: agreement for periodical inspection and maintenance to prevent unplanned downtime and maintain and maximize your equipment’s reliability.


                        • We keep stock of spare parts for many types of mixers (e.g., Nauta, Vrieco, and V-Mix) to ensure quick repairs, offer maximum installation performance, and reduce your downtime.
                        • In some cases with older machinery, spare parts are unobtainable. We reconstruct spare parts or unit parts ourselves regardless of the brand or make of your installation.
                        • Up-to-date inspection, repair and maintenance reports
                        • No unplanned expenses for emergency inspections
                        • Customized offers for repairs and spare parts
                        • Customized maintenance agreements based on your requirements
                        • Installation in perfect condition
                        • Reduced scheduled and unscheduled downtime