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  • Future Technologies in Series. With the Right Partner.

    ElringKlinger Kunststofftechnik, as a leader in technology and
    system partner for the automotive industry, develops custom-made,
    innovative engineering solutions from high-performance plastics,
    such as PTFE, PTFE compounds, and PEEK, as well as the thermo-
    plastic material Moldflon®, which enables new, economical
    processing methods.

Product Portfolio
  • High-performance Plastics: Optimal Function and Cost Efficiency.

  • PTFE Seals Standard Products and Special Solutions

    In applications involving seals, friction bearings, engineered parts, and semifinished products made from high-performance plastics, ElringKlinger Engineered Plastics decades of experience

    Innovative engineering solutions made of high-performance plastics, such as PTFE, PTFE compounds, and PEEK, as well as the thermoplastic material Moldflon®:
    - Customized properties
    - For toughest requirements
    - For a longer service life in critical applications
    - More safety
    - Extremely resilient
    - Highly compression-proof
    - Broad thermal application range
    - Highly wear-proof
    - Outstanding sliding characteristics
    - Low friction coefficient
    - Almost universal chemical resistance

      • PTFE Rotary Shaft Seals

      • PTFE Rotary Shaft Seals - PTFE Lip Seals - Best Choice

        PTFE Rotary Shaft Seals (PTFE lip seals) are often used in applications where traditional elastomer solutions would be unable to deliver the required level of performance. 

        Equipment which is required to operate with high pressures, high speeds or that requires a dry running rotary seal, can often only be accommodated by using  products where the seal lips are manufactured from the latest filled PTFE polymer technology.  

        Several standard ranges of PTFE lip seals are  available to cover a broad range of applications.  In the case of very demanding or extreme applications, a custom designed solution may present the best opportunity to deliver the required level of performance.  

        Properties PTFE Rotary Shaft Seals - PTFE Lip Seals

        • Excellent chemical resistance
        • Suitable for applications with high thermal loads
          from –60°C to +200°C
        • Suitable in case of insufficient lubrication and dry runs
        • Also suitable for unhardened shafts
        • Highly wear-resistant sealing lip compound
        • Friction-optimized designs for minimum power loss
        • Suitable for high circumferential speeds
        • Low breakaway forces after prolonged downtimes (no stick-slip)
        • Antiadhesive behavior of the sealing lip
        • Special types available for the food processing and pharmaceutical industries

        PTFE Rotary Shaft Seals (PTFE Lip Seals) - Application Examples:

        • Mineral and synthetic lubricants
        • Pharmaceutical products and foodstuffs (FDA recommendations for certain PTFE compounds)
        • Chemical waste water and wash water
        • Corrosive, fluid, and gaseous media
        • Powders and granulates
        • Coolant and lubricant fluids
        • Water and steam
        • Resins, glues, and pastes
        • Air/oxygen (BAM tests for certain PTFE compounds)
        • Heat transfer oils
      • PTFE Piston Seals and Rod Seals

      • PTFE Piston Seals and Rod Seals - Long lasting, Low friction

        PTFE piston seals (PTFE rod seals) as Spring-energized seals and memory packings are always the ideal choice for sealing static or dynamic pistons and rods.

        ElringKlinger Engineered Plastics is manufacturer of PTFE seals and offers a broad range of standard PTFE piston seals and PTFE rod seals, supplemented by customer-specific special solutions.

        In this area, the focus is on modified PTFE materials and compounds with specifically adapted properties.


        • Outstanding dry-running characteristics
        • Low wear
        • Low friction
        • Variable friction conditions through choice of spring characteristics
        • Extremely low breakaway forces even after prolonged downtimes
        • No stick-slip effect even at low sliding speeds
        • High dimensional stability
        • High chemical and thermal stability
        • No volumetric change by swelling or shrinkage
        • Compact seal, suitable for O-ring assembly spaces in acc. with ARP 568 A, DIN 3771, and ISO 3601/1
        • Good cost-benefit ratio
        • Dimensions from Ø 2 to 3,000 mm available
        • Very good wiping effect with abrasive media, such as paints and lacquers
        • Sterilizable
        • Easy to rinse

        Suitable for the Following Application Areas

        • Automotive industry, e.g., in gasoline direct injection and in headlight cleaning devices
        • General mechanical engineering, e.g., in valves, solenoid valves, CNC machines, compressors, and vacuum pumps as well as tank systems
        • Aerospace industry, e.g., in landing gear systems
        • Food processing industry, e.g., in filling machines and metering systems
        • Pneumatics, e.g., in cylinders and other pneumatic components
        • Medical engineering and analytics, e.g., in chromatography and endoscopy
        • Offshore technology, e.g., as petroleum and natural gas seals
        • Chemical plant and equipment technology, e.g., in apparatus and container engineering 
      • PTFE Piston Rings and Guide Rings for Reciprocating Compressors

      • PTFE Piston Rings - Environmentally Compatible Sealing even without Lubricant

        PTFE Piston Rings and Guide Rings (Rider rings) for dry-running applications are currently a focal point of technical development. 

        They significantly reduce a machine’s operating costs and, in today’s increasingly environmentally aware society, make it easier for operators to fulfill stricter environmental legislation.

        ElringKlinger Engineered Plastics offers a whole range of PTFE piston sealing rings (Guide rings or rider rings for reciprocating compressors).

        These products are made possible thanks to our comprehensive technological know-how and our many years of experience with countless customer projects. 

        We are able to create specially developed PTFE compounds, e.g., for dry-running seals and guides, such as those used in reciprocating compressors—with the help of innovative production processes. Thanks to their specifically adapted filler proportions, these compounds offer decisive advantages:


        • Exceptionally low friction coefficient in combination with metals and plastics
        • Antiadhesive behavior without any stick-slip effect
        • High elongation properties enabling easy fitting 
          of sealing and guide rings to one-piece pistons
        • Exceptionally large temperature range from –200°C to +260°C
        • Chemically resistant to almost all solid, liquid, and gaseous media
        • Ageing-resistant
        • Nonflammable
        • Physiologically neutral in the stated temperature range

        Suitable for the Following Application Areas

        • Compressors operating under full- and low-lube conditions
        • Gas rotary pumps
        • Expansion machinery
        • Liquid gas and vacuum pumps
        • Rocking piston pumps
        • Rotary compressors for loading/unloading of silos
        • Generation of oil-free compressed air for the 
          food processing industry, pharmaceutical industry, and dentistry
        • Compressed air for the craft and do-it-yourself market
        • Pneumatic hammer drills
        • Automotive technology, including ride leveling 
          and air-conditioning systems
      • PTFE Plain Bearings

      • PTFE Plain Bearings - Friction Bearings

        For plain or friction bearings an important prerequisite  is that they work reliably over a long period of time and do not fail even under low-lube or dry running conditions.

        Plain Bearings  made of MoldflonTM or highly wear-resistant PTFE compounds are the solution from ElringKlinger Engineered Plastics.

        They are particularly suitable for applications involving high p•v values and high thermal loads. This makes plain bearings (friction bearings) of ElringKlinger Engineered Plastics the ideal choice for use with aggressive media. 

        What’s more, our plain or friction bearings can be used with confidence in applications involving contact with food or pharmaceutical products.


        • Excellent chemical resistance
        • Large temperature range of –100°C to +250°C
        • Suitable for high circumferential speeds under dry running conditions
        • Suitable for high p•v values under dry running conditions
        • FDA-compliant materials for life science applications 

        Application Examples:

        • Elringplast plain bearings: very good chemical resistance and wear characteristics in industrial washing machines
        • MoldflonTM plain bearings: very high loads with damping properties for use in clutches
        • MoldflonTM plain bearings: approvals for use with food and temperature resistance for use in conveyor systems in the food industry
        • M-Liner dry plain bearings (wrapped bushes) : low friction and thin layers for use in actuator pins in electromagnets
      • PTFE Bellows

      • PTFE Bellows - Customized Design and Performance

        PTFE bellows are used, for example, as compensating elements between engineered parts. By specifically using different fold geometries, any combination of properties can be achieved as required—for example, high flexibility or compressive strength.

        The outstanding material properties of PTFE allow bellows to be used increasingly in the medical and food sectors, as well as in general industry.

        PTFE Bellows Properties

        • Almost universal chemical resistance
        • FDA conformity for food and pharmaceutical products
        • Highly suitable for sterilization
        • Antiadhesive behavior
        • Large temperature range of –60°C to +200°C
        • Cost-effective series production from semifinished product to final product
        • High reverse bending strength
        • Good dimensional stability
        • Low tooling costs
        • Freedom of design

        PTFE Bellows Application Areas

        • As compensation for expansion in pipe systems
        • For shielding sterile areas
        • Filling lines
        • Aseptic valves
        • Solenoid valves
        • Metering devices
        • Pumps and valves, coating technology, steel mills, fitting industry
      • PTFE Diaphragms

      • PTFE Diaphragms - Reliable Media Separation

        A diaphragm is normally used to reliably separate different media or spaces with different pressures. One of the main requirements is chemical resistance to aggressive media. Precisely defined flexibility and a long service life are also important criteria.

        ElringKlinger Engineered Plastics has a wealth of experience in this field. We are able to fulfill precisely defined sets of requirements by tailoring the material and design of the diaphragms exactly to the relevant application. PTFE or filled PTFE offer just the right combination of mechanical, thermal, and physiological properties for this range of applications.

        PTFE Diaphragms Properties

        • Good reverse bending strength
        • Almost universal chemical resistance
        • Highly suitable for sterilization
        • Temperature resistance –60°C to +200°C
        • FDA-approved and therefore suitable for contact with 
          food and pharmaceutical products
        • Freedom of design
        • Homogeneous material structure
      • Tubes

      • PTFE Tubes - Optimal Properties for Critical Media

        PTFE tubes offer the ideal properties for transporting liquid foodstuffs as well as pharmaceutical products and aggressive chemical liquids. ElringKlinger Engineered Plastics has established itself as a specialist for tubes based on PTFE, a product increasingly used in medical engineering, the chemical industry, and mechanical and electrical engineering.

        Besides solutions using pure PTFE, compounds featuring carbon, glass, bronze, or graphite are also used in order to achieve exactly the right material properties required for a particular application.


        • Exceptional thermal loadability from –260°C to +300°C (no embrittlement in boiling helium at –269°C)
        • Functional temperature range in case of moderate mechanical stress of –200°C to +260°C
        • Physiologically neutral
        • Approved for food use in accordance with FDA requirements
        • Highly resistant to hot vapor
        • Suitable for repeated sterilization
        • Certificates of conformity available for various pigmented tubes
      • Heat Exchangers

      • Plastic Heat Exchangers from Moldflon™

        Heat Exchangers made from Moldflon™ PFA - ECTFE - PVDF - PP or PE have been manufactured by ElringKlinger Engineered Plastics for many decades. Standard solutions as well as custom designs are available and supplied across a wide spectrum of global industries.

        The Heat Exchangers are designed using computer models based on customer-specific process data. Apart from the process-related design, the Heat Exchanger is also classified according to the categories and modules of the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU.
        This includes the strength analysis, design and manufacturing documentation as well as the final pressure test.
        Each Heat Exchanger comes with an inspection certificate and a declaration of conformity.

      • Engineered Parts

      • Individual Components with Specific Properties

        High-performance plastics based on PTFE are an extremely versatile material that can be given precisely defined properties and allows engineered parts with complex shapes to be produced. ElringKlinger Engineered Plastics has the necessary expertise to offer a comprehensive range of services in this area and can create the optimal solution for every requirement.

        These include, for example, combinations of PTFE and metals, elastomers, and other plastics. Various additives can also be used with PTFE in order to achieve precisely tailored material properties.

        Besides PTFE and PTFE compounds, ElringKlinger Engineered Plastics also uses other high-performance plastics and a wide variety of processing technologies. This leads to the creation of innovative design elements that open up new application areas and make a vital contribution to reducing costs and improving competitiveness.


        • PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene)
        • PTFE compounds
        • PE-UHMW (ultrahigh-molecular-weight polyethylene)
        • POM (polyoxymethylene)
        • PA (polyamide)
        • PEEK (polyetheretherketone) 
      • PTFE Laminates

      • Laminates Based on PTFE and Modified PTFE

        Laminates are reinforced PTFE, consisting of a PTFE film or plate on the one hand and a substrate on the other. The layers of material are firmly bonded to each other. 

        Possible substrates include fabrics, fibers, or knitted fabrics as well as films. They consist, for example, of glass, metal, ceramics, elastomers, or high-performance polymers. 
        The structure may comprise two or more layers, and constructions with up to 7 layers are not uncommon.

        Furthermore we assemle PTFE coated glass cloth to cut length or stamped parts, specially to PTFE coated glass cloth conveoyer belts.


        • Outstanding resistance to a wide range of chemicals
        • Very broad functional temperature range, only limited at the upper end by resistance of the adhesive used
        • Very good antiadhesive properties
        • Dimensional stability and resistance to stress cracking
        • No embrittlement, no ageing

        When modified PTFE is used as a film material, these properties are enhanced further by:

        • Polymer structure with higher density and fewer pores
        • Lower permeability
        • Better weldability

        Application Areas

        • Linings in plant engineering
        • Components for electrical and electronic applications
        • Diaphragms in pump or sensor construction
        • Optically transparent compounds for textile construction
      • Semifinished Products

      • PTFE Foil, PTFE Sheets, PTFE Rods, PTFE Pipes

        A complex solution or a component with specific geometries is not always required. Sometimes all that is needed is a material with very specific properties to fulfill a certain task.

        Besides individual solutions and a broad range of standard products, ElringKlinger Engineered Plastics also offers semifinished products in the form of  foils, films, plates, rings, rods, and hoses. The available material versions are virgin PTFE, modified PTFE, porous PTFE, or a PTFE compound with specific fillers. These can be tailored to your requirements in order to precisely fit your application.

        Shapes and Dimensions On Demand

        All semifinished products made by ElringKlinger Kunststofftechnik are available in the typical standard sizes:

        • PTFE Foil and Films with thicknesses of 0.03 to 5.0 mm
        • PTFE rods or cylindrical hoses with a diameter of up to 500 mm and a length of up to 300 mm
        • PTFE Sheets or PTFE Plates in standard sizes up to 3,000 x 1,000 mm and thicknesses of 6 to 150 mm
        • PTFE Rings with a diameter of up to 3,000 mm

        Alternatively, customer-specific sizes and geometries within the given maximum dimensions can be produced. This is done using a machining process, for example.

      • Heat shrink tubing

      • PTFE, FEP, PFA and PVDF High temperature heat shrink tubings

        ElringKlinger Engineered Plastics is  manufacturer of Heat shrink tubing made from Polytetraflon™-PTFE or Moldflon™-FEP, -PFA and -PVDF.

        Our heat shrink tubing from PTFE, FEP, PFA and PVDF is manufactured from selected raw materials. The tubing, which is expanded by a special heat treatment, shrinks back almost to the original diameter when subjected to heat treatment once again.

      • Assemblies

      • Assemblies integrate a variety of technical requirements in a single component. They increase our customers’ vertical integration, thereby optimizing logistics processes by reducing the number of parts of suppliers and of parts to be purchased. 

        A component from a single-source minimizes the complexity involved with parts assembly and streamlines the customer’s supply chain. ElringKlinger Engineered Plastics helps you combine, manufacture, and supply assemblies made of complex plastic components, metal parts, and sealing elements.