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  • Offer Profile
  • Following the founding of MTS Systems Corporation in 1951, the company rapidly developed into a leading supplier of intelligent hardware and software products in the fields of test and simulation systems and in measuring and automation technology. Today MTS has over 2300 employees worldwide – 400 of whom are employed by MTS Sensors at three sites in the USA (Cary, N.C.), Germany (Lüdenscheid) and Japan (Tokyo). At MTS, intensive basic research is efficiently merged with a consistent focus on practical requirements. The results are innovative solutions for a wide range of potential industrial and non-industrial applications.
Product Portfolio
  • Temposonics® R-Series Position Sensors

  • Optimum performance for industrial applications – this is what the Temposonics R-Series position sensors offer. As a high end product, this sensor series is the racehorse of MTS. Powerful electronics and unrivalled immunity against interference are a warranty of the transducer's high-accuracy measurement results.
    • RP / RH Position Sensor

    • RF Position Sensor

    • RD4 Position Sensor

    • RS IP68 / IP69K Position Sensor

  • Temposonics® G/GB-Series Position Sensors

  • Reliability is the feature which makes the G-Series smart sensors for industrial position measurement so convincing. G-Series transducers are available with analog or digital start/stop output and can be programmed very easily.
    • GP / GH Position Sensor

    • GT Position Sensor

    • GTE Position Sensor

    • GBF Position Sensor

    • GBS Position Sensor

  • Temposonics® E-Series Position Sensors

  • The E-Series is the basic sensor in the product range of magnetostrictive position sensors. Its excellent price-performance ratio is an unbeatable asset even for traditional users of different position measurement technologies.
    • EP and EL Position Sensor

    • ER Position Sensor

    • EH Position Sensor

    • EE Position Sensor

  • Temposonics® L-Series Position Sensors

      • LD Position Sensor

      • LH Position Sensor

  • ATEX - Explosion-Proof Position Sensors

      • 3D/3G Position Sensor

      • High Pressure Housing (HPH)

  • Temposonics® MH-Series Position Sensors

  • Integrated in the hydraulic cylinder, the compact Temposonics position sensors for mobile off-road agricultural and construction machinery measure displacement and velocity safely even in an extremely harsh environment.
    • MH Position Sensor

    • Standard in Mobile Hydraulics
    • MH Safety

    • SIL 2 certified applications of
      functional safety according to
      ISO 13849
    • MB Position Sensor

    • Compact Sensor for Mobile Hydraulics
    • MXR Position Sensor

    • For external mounting
      and retrofitting mobile applications
    • MH-Series Test Software

    • for MH-Series:
      • CANopen
      • CANopen Safety
      • SAE J1939
    • MH-Series Testkit (analog / PWM)

    • for MH-Series:
      • analog
      • PWM
  • MH5 - The new Generation

      • Tailored Position Sensor for Mobile Machines

        The Temposonics® MH5 is the new sensor generation for position measurment in mobile machinery!
        It is specially developed for large-scale applications. For high volume projects it offers all advantages of magnetostrictive sensor technology at a competitive rate. The new InterConnection Plug simplifies the cylinder installation and ensures the safe connection of the sensor.

        The MH5 perfectly fulfills the needs of mobile machinery for:
        • a position sensor for large-scale applications
        • at a competitive price
        • for direct, reliable and maintenance-free stroke measurement inside the hydraulic cylinder
        The main features are:
        • 12 / 24 VDC power supply
        • Current/voltage output
        • 125 up to 1450 mm stroke range
        • 10 mm pressure resistant rod
        • 350 bar operating pressure, 450 bar peak
        • 100 g single shock, 20 g vibration rating
        • EMC tested to ISO 14982
        • Temposonics® M12 connector system (IP69k) with the New InterConnection Plug
  • Temposonics® Connector System

      • Advantages
        • Easy and fast integration of position sensors into the hydraulic cylinder
        • Simple click-on mounting without the need of tool
        • Rugged metal housing protection IP69K
        • Prefabricated for high operating safety
        • Minimum construction height
        • Connection of the position sensor using M12x1 connector
  • Position Sensors for SIL2 Applications

      • Temposonics® position sensors meet the requirements of Safety Integrity Level 2 (SIL2) to EN 61508 and therewith also the requirements of Performance Level d to EN 13849-1. This means they are approved for safety functions on mobile and stationary machines. They support the functional safety and contribute to meeting the safety targets of the entire machine.
  • Hall-Effect Sensor

      • The new HE linear position sensor features hall-effect, non-contact technology and is designed to cover stroke length measurement ranges from 100 to 400 mm. Multiple mechanical packages are available to allow installation into the hydraulic cylinder through internal methods. When installed, there is virtually no dead zone and the full hydraulic stroke range will be shown completely as an electrical output. The M12 connection system (IP69K) simplifies installation and elimantes miswiring, while provided sealing and protection from high pressure spray. Ideal for maintenance free applications, the robust sensor delivers a stable output under the harshest EMI conditions and provides industry leading repeability to support critical control functions.
  • Light Industrial Sensors

  • Temposonics® C-Series Position Sensors

  • Compact construction, a reasonable price for large-series production, complete functionality and modularity: the C-Series position trandsducers provide persuading solutions for all requirements of the OEM-market.
    • C-Series OEM-Sensor

    • C-Series H2 Sensor

    • C-Series M1 Sensor

  • Liquid-Level Sensors

  • Level Plus® Liquid Level Gauges

  • Level Plus liquid level transmitters utilize the inherent advantages of magnetostrictive technology to provide the product level, interface level, and temperature measurement of a tank from one process opening. Accurately measuring multiple process variables from one opening lowers the installed costs of adding feedback to a storage tank or process vessel.
  • Magnetostrictive Linear Position Sensors for WIND ENERGY

  • Temposonics® Magnetostrictive Linear-Postion Sensors

  • Wind Energy Growth Market
    Wind energy is on the rise, reaching a power output of nearly 57,000 Megawatts in 2007 and continuing to increase. However, we must continue to focus on ways to build, test, deliver, and maintain wind turbines more effectively. MTS Systems can help by delivering position sensor technology that improves the energy efficiency of the turbines while providing greater safety and reducing maintenance costs.

    A Green Future...
    The call for reducing greenhouse gas emissions is growing throughout the world. Wind power has demonstrated great potential satisfying energy demand with a clean, safe and highly-efficient energy source. At the same time, there is increasing demand for reliable and rugged components because wind turbines are subjected to tremendous aerodynamic forces and continuously changing wind conditions.

    …with Temposonics
    Temposonics position sensors are reliable, non-contact and maintenance-free. The R-Series sensor, for example, measure position and velocity with high accuracy and speed thanks to:
    • High performance, integrated electronics
    • IP 67 sealing
    • Linearity <± 0.01% full stroke
    • Repeatability <± 0.001% full stroke
    • Resolution down to 1 micron
    • Update time up to 10 kHz
    • Operating temperature -40 °C (-40 °F) to 75 °C (167 °F)