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Company Profile

In future you will profit from our past.

Never standing still. That does not only apply to drives of CEDS Duradrive but also to CEDS as a company, operating since 1970. Because we always like to be on the move, preferably forwards. For instance in 1972, when we developed our first special drives. Or our customer-specific gear systems, already built and developed in 1985. And … of course there is a lot more but actually there is just one question: What can we do for you today? Consequently CEDS Duradrive is constantly moving forwards. After all, experience shows that most new ideas just lie around the corner.

We have a unique idea about quality: Your idea

You have your own requirements as regards the performance of a drive. And that is good. Because it provides us with the exact individual specifications for the development and construction of your very personal drive. As regards safety we do, however, have our own benchmarks. Because we are aware that our drives are a part if not the heart of systems sold to your customers for which you are responsible. We are happy to take on this responsibility. With drives, setting new benchmarks in durability and quality. You can thus rest assured that our drives will always deliver what they promise.

Product Range

  • Drive: Frequency converter
  • Electrical motor: Asynchronous motor
  • Electrical motor: Asyncronous three phase motor
  • Electrical motor: DC Motor
  • Electrical motor: General asyncronous motor
  • Electrical motor: Shunt motor
  • Electrical motor: Synchronous motor
  • Electrical motor: Synchronous motor, three-phase, geared
  • Energy: High-frequency converters
  • Energy: Servo Converter
  • Frequency inverter
  • Gear: Gearbox, bevel gear
  • Gear: Gearbox, helical worm gear
  • Gear: Gearbox, planetary gear
  • Gear: Gearbox, spur gears
  • Gear: Gearbox, worm gear
  • Gears: Bevel gears
  • Gears: cycloidal gears
  • Gears: Spur gears