Company Profile

Every road to success always starts with the first step. In the beginning there were only three dreamers, now there are over 22.000 employees who are part of one of the largest manufacturers of electrical equipment in the world. WEG, you already know.
WEG has much to celebrate in these 50 years of experience. Our history is made of several achievements and numerous awards, but none is more important than being part of the growth of people and regions on five continents.
Growing with simplicity. Over the years, WEG’s mission has consolidated its position more and more each day. And even after 50 years, we realize that while nothing is so permanent as change, some things always retain the same simplicity and efficiency as when they were created.

Product Range

  • Bus system
  • Busbar system
  • Control equipment: PLC
  • Control equipment: Quality control
  • Control: Compact PLC
  • Control: Modular PLC
  • Controller: Standard controller
  • Drive: Frequency converter
  • Energy: Auxiliary generator
  • Energy: High-frequency converters
  • Energy: Power supplies
  • Energy: Safety devices
  • Energy: Servo Converter
  • Energy: Transformers
  • Frequency inverter
  • Frequency inverter: Frequency inverter single axis drive
  • Frequency inverter: Synchronous control frequency inverter drive
  • Fully controlled drive system
  • Motor control: Decentralised motor controls
  • Motor drive: Inverter
  • Motor drives
  • Motor drives: Compact drive
  • Motor starters
  • Motor starters: Compact starter
  • Motor starters: High-capacity compact starter
  • Serial bus system
  • Servo amplifier
  • Servo converter
  • Soft-starter
  • Switches
  • Variable speed drives