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  • Offer Profile
  • GUGLER Water Turbines is a global supplier of Kaplan-, Francis- and Pelton turbines as well as the complete electromechanical equipment required for the implementation of small hydropower plants on a turn-key basis.

    We supply all types of turbines up to an output of 10 MW.
    Starting with the selection of the ideal type of turbine, to the design, engineering and supply up to the installation, commissioning and after sales services of a small hydropower plant, you obtain everything from a single source.
Product Portfolio
  • Water Turbines


      • The classic for the low head ranges and high flow rates.
        Available up to an output of 5 MW.
        Standardized design, highest efficiency and precision workmanship guarantee exceptional profitability and a long lifetime.

        We offer the perfect solution for each application:
        - open flume, bulb and spiral turbines
        - double or single regulated
        - horizontal, inclined or vertical design
        - 3 to 8 blades

        Kaplan blades and guide vanes are manufactured on 5-axis CNC machines.

      • Available up to an output of 10 MW.
        Standardized design and highest efficiency guarantee exceptional profitability and a long lifetime.

        We offer the perfect solution for each application:
        - as open-flume turbine for low-head power plants
        - as spiral turbine for medium-head ranges
        - in both vertical and horizontal design

        Compact design due to direct mounting of runner onto the generator shaft.

      • GUGLER Water Turbines has also developed a programme for micro plants with an output range of 5 to 50 KW.

        - Pelton turbines, single and multi-jet
        - Francis spiral turbines, vertical
        - Kaplan bulb turbines
        - mobile and stationary design

        It is needless to say, that also in this category we offer our proven and renowned quality starting from the design to the manufacture.
        We are at your disposal for further detailed information.
      • Water Turbines Mechanical Components


            • GUGLER Water Turbines is also the right partner for hydraulic steel structures.
              Important auxiliary equipment such as trash racks, trash rake cleaning machines, gates and flaps round off our range of products.

              Everything of the highest quality - from the raw materials up to the manufacture.

            • GUGLER Water Turbines offers custom made upgrading and refurbishment solutions for existing hydropower plants.

              These offer substantial advantages in the long run:
              - increase in output and efficiency
              - improved automation
              - higher reliability
              - lower operating and maintenance costs
        • Water Turbines Controls


            • The heart of every modern hydropower plant is a high-performance, automatic control system.
              Process visualisation, monitoring and remote control systems offering the possibility for remote diagnostics and maintenance are gaining more and more in importance.

              We offer you:

              - digital governors and controls
              - governors and controls for micro turbines
              - low and medium voltage switchgears

              The control, monitoring and troubleshooting of the hydropower plants via a fixed or mobile telephone connection either from home or on the way have therefore become possible. Hence longer down-times and loss of production can be avoided effectively. We are in the position to carry out maintenance works on the control systems and to effect amendments and updates on the programme.
            • SERVICES

                  • Water Turbines

                  • GUGLER Water Turbines offers ample services. We take care of your plants from the planning phase through the entire lifetime of hydropower plant.

                    During the planning phase we advise you regarding the selection of the ideal type of turbine and the project planning of the hydropower plant.

                    Installation, training of the operating and maintenance personnel, commissioning, repair works and procurement of spare parts round off our supply programme.

                    We accompany our clients with help and advice during the entire lifespan of a hydropower plant.
              • TURN-KEY-PLANTS

              • All the electro-mechanical equipment from a single source:
                Apart from our water turbines, control systems and hydraulic steel structures we offer our clients the entire electro-mechanical equipment for small hydropower plants such as valves, generators, low- and medium voltage switchgears, transformers and auxiliary devices - everything on a turn-key basis from a single source.

                This ensures an optimal adjustment of each component and unnecessary interfaces are avoided. We co-ordinate and supervise the timely delivery, the installation and commissioning of the hydropower plants.

                Our clients benefit from the high availability and profitability of the plants.