Business Profile

By end of the year 2009, LM Wind Power employed 4,676 people world-wide. It comprises three operations, blade manufacturing, brake manufacturing and service and logistics. The company is headquartered in Kolding, Denmark and has a global business office in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Its global manufacturing footprint has factories located on three continents in thirteen locations in: Canada, USA, Spain, Poland, Denmark, India and China – on or close to all key markets for wind power to better serve our customers. During 2009 we also reconfigured our service and logistics business, increasing support to our customers and further growing our revenue around the world.


The principal shareholders of LM Wind Power are the partnerships managed by Doughty Hanson & Co. Managers Ltd. Doughty Hanson & Co. Managers Ltd. is a company incorporated in England and Wales and headquartered in London. As an independent fund management company, Doughty Hanson & Co. has offices in London, New York, Frankfurt, Madrid, Milan, Munich, Paris, Prague and Stockholm. Doughty Hanson & Co.’s principals have many years of experience in the successful management of international private equity funds and have led and arranged a number of large acquisitions and sales. It is the intention of the shareholders towork towards a listing of the company on a stock exchange.


LM Wind Power has produced more than 130,300 blades in the course of more than 30 years corresponding to approximately 43 GW installed wind power capacity which can each year effectively replace approximately 74 million tons of CO2.

More than 46,000 wind turbines have been supplied with braking systems over the past 20 years and heavy duty braking systems have been supplied to a range of industrial applications.