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  • Offer Profile
  • The focus of our production spectrum at ADE is on development, manufacturing and marketing linear electric actuators and lift platforms for a variety of areas of application. ADE lifting cylinders and ADE lift tables are used in industry and trade, in medicine, aeronautics, marine technology, packaging technology and conveyor technology, the automobile and aerospace industries as well as testing facilities, simulation plants and solar power systems.
Product Portfolio
  • ADE Drive Technology

  • ADE’s electric lifting actuator sets standards.
    At an ever increasing number of operation sites.

    Some technical developments which were developed many decades ago are still driving today’s progress. One such example is ADE’s screw-operated electric lifting actuator which the company developed in 1965 and which it has been manufacturing ever since. To the customer’s specific requirements and for a multitude of industrial applications. Always benefiting from these unrivalled properties: fast, easy commissioning, extremely unsusceptible to malfunctions, even in the harshest applications, superior environmental performance.

    This wealth of experience has formed the ideal basis for the ground-breaking success of ADE’s electric lifting actuator as a drive concept for lock and weir systems. In Europe alone, we have equipped an impressive 200+ lock and weir systems since 1995.

    This success is the ultimate driver for the future. In line with our motto: Full speed ahead for pioneering solutions for a wide range of applications.


      • Our products incorporate a number of solutions in connection with electric lifting actuators as standard.

        • Up to 2000 kN
        • Up to a stroke 12 m

        The constantly increasing pressure to rationalise and automatise has allowed the demand for reliable, low maintenance drives for linear movement to grow rapidly in recent years. The ADE electrical linear actuator which operates on the screw principle presents, in many cases, a technically and economically more favourable variant compared to the other drive systems, in particular due to the low susceptibility to failure and, therefore, offering greater operation security but also due to the low operation and maintenance costs arising from this.


      • Where the ADE electric linear actuators
        are declared standard.

        • Up to 2.000 kN
        • Up to a stroke 12 m

        ADE-WERK has been producing screw-driven electric linear actuators in special, customised applications, mainly for the multiple industrial use, since approx. 1965. The extensive experiences in this field of drive technology were the basis for the groundbreaking success of the ADE electric linear actuators as the drive concept for navigation locks and barrages since their first installation in 1995.


      • Mini lift gear load up to 1000 daN

        • Drive unit with a direct current gear motor for simple movements with low duty cycle. Duty cycle of max. 20%
        • performance with rotating trapezoid threaded drive screw (type "d") or with stationary trapezoid threaded drive screw (type "s").
        • Various sizes for different operation cases:
          - Mini Lift Gear MT-10-d
            12 Volts or 24 Volts closed design max. 120 daN
          - Mini Lift Gear MT-10-s
           12 Volts or 24 Volts open design max. 120 daN
          - Mini Lift Gear MT-16-d
            0-48 Volts closed design max. 1000 daN
          - Mini Lift Gear MT-16-s
            0-48 Volts open design max. 1000 daN

    • The following screws are used at ADE, depending on the request:
        • Linear actuator with trapezoidal screw

        • Linear Actuator with Trapezoidal Screw:
          • Screw: Rolled precision trapezoidal screw
          • Screw nut: Bronce screw nut
          • Self-locking effect: Yes
          • Robustness: Very high
          • Shock sensitivity: Very low
          • Speed range: Medium
          • Stick-Slip effect: Present
          • Carrying capacity: High
          • Sensitivity to icing: Yes
          • Wear: Yes
          • Positioning precision: Dependent on duration of operation
          • Degree of efficiency: Low
          • Lifespan: Medium
          • Reliability: Medium
        • Linear actuator with recirculating ball screw

        • Linear Actuator with Recirculating Ball Screw:
          • Screw: Rolled / smoothed threaded screw
          • Screw nut: Smoothed ball screw-nut
          • Self-locking effect: No
          • Robustness: High
          • Shock sensitivity: Medium
          • Speed range: High
          • Stick-Slip effect: Not present
          • Carrying capacity: Medium
          • Sensitivity to icing: No
          • Wear: No
          • Positioning precision: Nearly consistent
          • Degree of efficiency: Very high
          • Lifespan: High
          • Reliability: High
        • Linear actuator with planetary roller screw

        • Linear Actuator with Planetary Roller Screw:
          • Screw: Smoothed threaded screw
          • Screw nut: Planetary roller screw-nut
          • Self-locking effect: No
          • Robustness: Very high
          • Shock sensitivity: Very low
          • Speed range: Very high
          • Stick-Slip effect: Not present
          • Carrying capacity: Very high
          • Sensitivity to icing: No
          • Wear: No
          • Positioning precision: Nearly consistent
          • Degree of efficiency: High
          • Lifespan: Very high
          • Reliability: Very high
      • SERVICES

      • Compelling all-round support from ADE-WERK

        We are proud of our long-standing service experience in the drive technologie and are always available to support you all over the world with any issue. From electric linear actuators tests to complete overhauls, we can offer you customised solutions which ensure permanent operational readiness of your equipment.

        Our competent experts’ comprehensive know-how is the perfect foundation for any activities in connection with maintenance, repair, training and optimisation – enabling you to fully benefit from the safety and efficiency of your products.

      • Assembly and initial start-up: We will come to you and look after the assembly and organisation of cranes and other tools. Upon successful assembly, we will guide you through the initial start-up.
      • Repairs, modifications and overhauls: At our plant in Offenburg as well as at home and abroad, we carry out repairs, modifications based on our customers’ specifications as well as overhauls of our lifting and drive equipment.
      • Maintenance and testing: We will perform maintenance work, including functional tests, on electric linear actuators for hydraulic engineering applications to ensure a long operationalWe will advise you in selecting correct spare parts. We will train your staff on site to enable optimum operation of your equipment and upon request, we will also provide maintenance training. readiness
      • Spare parts service and training: