Business Profile

SILOKING specialises in feed delivery, mixing and storage technology in all areas for cattle and for loading biogas installations. Every SILOKING innovation is designed with customer benefit in mind. We aim to provide a wide range of users with cost-effectiveness and efficiency. Innovative sales approaches are based on long-term working relationships.

SILOKING was established in 1983 and has always seen continuous healthy growth. This has always been focused on the development of new in-house production technologies.
Examples include the FLIXBOX calf hutch (1990), SILOKING Silokamm (1993), HAPPYCOW cow brush (1996), SILOKING Vertical Feed Mixers with turbo auger (1997), and the SILOKING Self-propelled Feed Mixer (2004) which was awarded the DLG Gold Medal in 2004 and is impressive confirmation of our dedication to perfect solutions carefully matched to the needs of farming today – and tomorrow.