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  • Offer Profile
  • SensoPart is one of the leading manufacturers of photoelectric sensors and image processing for factory automation. Our aim is to remain one step ahead to be able to offer our customers the most innovative products on the market. In this way we help them to pave the way to the digital factory. In order to maintain our ability to offer the latest technologies, we invest more than usual in research and development and work together with renowned universities and research institutes. Successful products, now considered indispensable for modern factory automation, have been created from the many futureoriented ideas of earlier days. But we do not simply rest on our laurels – because we still have many ideas for the future.
Product Portfolio
  • Detect the difference.

  • With our innovative sensors and vision cameras we accompany your transformation into a digital factory. Whether for the identification or inspection of objects, positioning tasks in the robotics industry or numerous other sensor tasks, we offer simple and reliable solutions using state-of-the-art technologies, designed with modern interfaces for the integration into future-oriented infrastructure.
      • VISOR® vision sensors for factory automation

      • Image processing can be so easy.


        • Perfectly in tune: A combination of sophisticated hardware and easily configurable software
        • Connectivity: Comprehensive protocols (e.g. PROFINET, Ethernet/IP) for seamless integration into your environment
        • Flexibility: One of the most extensive vision sensor families on the market offering solutions tailored to your applications
        • Scalability: Select your VISOR® to suit to your own requirements.

        Hardware + Software = VISOR®

        With our portfolio of vision solutions, we cover a wide spectrum of industrial image processing. A high-performance smart camera fitted in a compact and light-weight housing forms the heart of our VISOR® vision sensors. They feature innovative solutions, such as a target laser for simple mechanical alignment or motorised focus for automatic adjustment to your individual operating distance.

        The hardware is optimally enhanced by the VISOR® software, which enables the set up of applications in a few simple steps and the adjustment of process parameters. Thanks to the software, the process can also be continuously monitored.

        SensoPart vision sensors have proven themselves to be extremely flexible – the VISOR® comes with diverse resolutions of up to 5 megapixels and three different fields of view (narrow to wide). One variant for special applications allows the additional installation of an external lens.

        All VISOR® sensors are equipped with a universal interface for installation in your machine, which is further facilitated by integrated standardised transmission protocols (PROFINET, Ehternet/IP).

        SensoPart offers the VISOR® with a package of integrated detectors and functions tailored to the application:
        • Standard: To solve simple image processing tasks
        • Advanced: An extended scope of functions for more challenging applications
        • Professional: The complete detector package suited to even very complex tasks
          • VISOR® V50 - Clearly better

          • Superior vision sensing –
            leaves the rest in the dark

            Compact and easy to use, the VISOR® V50 delivers visionary optics where you need it most, with integrated lighting and a resolution ten times that of standard vision sensors.

            It achieves an image quality previously only available with expensive, complex vision systems, with a single-glance, high precision approach that considerably expands the potential applications.

            High performance and reduced installation costs
            The high performance offered by the VISOR® V50 expands the range of applications available, bringing added benefits to more end-users than ever before.

            Compact and easy to install, the sensor’s global shutter technology ensures even better results in certain applications – for example, when reading moving bar codes.

            The VISOR® V50’s large field of view means that fewer cameras are required, reducing installation costs.

            Get the benefits
            • High-performance sensing
              The VISOR® V50 delivers precise detection of the smallest details, with a 5-megapixel (2560 x 1936) resolution. That’s ten times greater than standard vision sensors, and provides image quality previously achievable only with expensive, complex systems.
            • An easy-to-use solution
              Designed to be user-friendly, the VISOR® V50’s integrated lens and lighting allows for automatic focus and brightness adjustments. Working distances and image settings can be changed with the click of a button.
            • Expanded range of applications
              The VISOR® V50’s field of view or operating distance can be flexibly adapted to the most diverse requirements by selecting a suitable C-mount lens. For example, switch from long-range code reading to inspecting an entire instrument panel just by swapping the lens.
          • VISOR® Code Reader

          • Reads whatever is printed, dot-peened and lasered.

            • Reliably reads barcodes as well as printed and directly marked data matrix codes, and even several codes simultaneously and mixed 1D/2D codes
            • Supplementary object detection for characteristics other than codes
            • Evaluation of quality parameters according to ISO/IEC 15415 and AIM DPM 2006

            Typical VISOR® Code Reader
            The VISOR® Code Reader from SensoPart easily reads bar codes of numerous types as well as printed and direct marked data matrix codes according to the ECC 200 standard, regardless of the carrier materials (metal, plastic, paper, glass).

            The sensor even easily deciphers skewed or distorted codes, or those attached to convex, reflective or transparent surfaces.

            Built-in early warning system
            The VISOR® Code Reader evaluates the quality of your printed and direct marked data matrix codes on the basis of standardised quality parameters according to ISO and AIM standards.

            Scope of detectors according to the application:
            • Standard: Reliable reading of printed codes and labels
            • Advanced: Reading of printed and directly marked codes on all backgrounds
            • Professional: The complete package, including optical character recognition (OCR)
          • VISOR® Object

          • Detects the right part in the wrong place and vice versa

            • Detectors for presence and completeness checks, position control and simple measurement tasks
            • Precise position determination: x/y-position and orientation
            • Easy to use calibration for measuring tasks. Conversion into mm and correction of distortion and perspective

            Typical VISOR® Object
            Objects that sometimes appear in unexpected positions and have complex shapes and details – classic switching sensors would be completely overwhelmed by such detection tasks.
            Not the VISOR® Object from SensoPart: it always maintains its overview, detecting defective parts, parts in the wrong position,
            wrong orientation, wrong sequence or a combination of them all – in an instant. The comprehensive calibration functions range from a simple scaling factor to the correction of image and lens distortions at a mouse click. With its highly precise position and orientation detection, our VISOR® Object is one of the best in its class.

            An expansive range of detectors is available for inspection tasks and evaluations: pattern matching, contour detection, calliper, BLOB, brightness, grey threshold and contrast detection. Position tracking offers reliable detection of those features that do not repeatedly appear in the original position taught.
            All evaluations take place relative to the current part position and orientation, without them having to be defined for every possible position of an individual feature. The color version features detectors for color detection, enabling VISOR® to also distinguish between the finest nuances in shade. This powerful tool allows you to solve even demanding applications confidently!

            Scope of detectors according to the application:
            • Standard: Detectors for simple presence detection, measurement tasks and color identification
            • Advanced: Additional comprehensive preprocessing filters and enhanced position tracking for position control and completeness checks. Optional result calculation, and complete palette of tools for your color application
          • VISOR® Robotic

          • An eye on everything – the vision sensor for robotics applications

            • Calibration methods tailored to the application
            • Target Mark technology provides 3D object poses in no time Simplified installation through 3D grip point transformation

            Typical VISOR® Robotic
            Expectations of today’s robotics solutions are steadily rising in the context of Industry 4.0, paired with a simultaneous desire for greater ease-of-use. And this is precisely where the VISOR® Robotic demonstrates its outstanding ability. Available in several versions, it offers the perfect solution for a variety of automation tasks. Designed with integrated and standardised interfaces, VISOR® Robotic can be easily incorporated in existing installations and systems, and thanks to different calibration methods and flexible data structures, it is also suited to a diverse range of procedures.

            Scope of detectors according to the application:
            • Advanced: To solve common image-guided robotics applications
            • Professional: Extended scope of functions for identification, enhanced calibration methods and localisation in 3D
          • VISOR® Allround

          • Object detection in color plus identification united in one device
            • All detectors of VISOR® Object and VISOR® Code Reader united in one device
            • Multishot function reveals minimal height differences and suppresses printed markings
            • Calibration function for measurement tasks and robotics applications

            Typical VISOR® Allround
            The VISOR® Allround is the latest member in the VISOR® family and a real multi-talent among vision sensors. In the new allround version, the device unites the functions of the object sensor (i.a. calibration, pattern matching, contour, calliper, BLOB) with the powerful tools of the code reader (bar code, datamatrix and optical character recognition). When feeding parts in correct alignment or positioning components, additional data matrix codes for example can now also be read. With a resolution of up to 5 megapixel even the smallest details are reliably detected and evaluated.

            In addition to the monochrome version, the VISOR® Allround is also available as a color version with up to 5 megapixel. Thus additional “Detectors” are available for color evaluation. Even the subtlest nuances in shade can be reliably detected. The relevant object colors, for example, can be taught-in quite simply by push of a button or - thanks to the intuitive color histogram - set graphically for each channel in the colour space. The authorised color tolerances can be defined by the user.

            Scope of detectors according to the application:
            • Advanced: Color detection and object identification within in one device
            • Professional: To also solve robotics applications
          • VISOR® Solar

          • Vision sensor for automatic detection of wafer and cell geometry

            • Easy integration
            • Precise position detection
            • Detection of breakouts and holes

            Typical VISOR® Solar
            SensoPart has expanded its range of vision sensors with the VISOR® Solar in order to combat rising cost pressure in the production of solar cells. The compact sensor detects the position and any damage to wafers and cells. It allows robots to pick up and lay down wafers accurately. Wafers and solar cells with fine breakouts can be directly rejected during this step, before they can completely break up and damage other material.

            These sensors can also be integrated in existing lines – as easily as a light barrier. Before a cell is printed, the sensor checks it for damage that could lead to breakage during the print process, preventing costly machine breakdowns.
        • Optical sensors

            • Distance sensors

            • Accurate and non-contact distance measurement for automation technology

              • Fast and accurate measurement, precise positioning and detection of a wide range of materials
              • IO-Link sensors can be operated in IO-Link mode or standard I/O mode
              • Our distance sensors cover a wide range of applications:
                • Triangulation sensors for near-field applications
                • Time-of-flight sensors for long working distances

              Distance sensors for all operating ranges

              Triangulation for close range

              The measurement principle of optical triangulation is suitable for the precise determination of distances at close range. With the help of special receiver optics and a position-sensitive detector (e.g. a photodiode line), the sensor can determine the object distance regardless of its reflectivity (see illustration below). The color and surface properties (e.g. highly reflective) thus have practically no effect on measurement accuracy.

              Time-of-flight for long distances
              SensoPart uses time-of-flight technology to measure longer distances (up to 250 m). The sensor emits pulsed laser light that is reflected by the target object. The distance to the object is determined by the time taken between emission and reception of the light. The use of pulsed light provides reliable background suppression and very high immunity to ambient light.
            • Color & Contrast sensors

            • A broad spectrum

              • Efficient part detection Accurate and high-speed detection of the subtlest differences in color and grey values as well as non-colors Accurate and fast printing mark detection Numerous outputs and interfaces for easy integration in machine control systems IO-Link sensors can be operated in IO-Link mode or standard I/O mode

              Color & contrast sensors
              The attachment of color marks that are then evaluated with a color or contrast sensor is a proven method for identifying objects in industrial production. Even objects with differing shapes and surface properties can be very reliably detected in this way.

              Color sensors
              • Sorting packaging or checking different labels
              • Detecting colors and color ranges on packaging and film

              Contrast sensors
              • Detecting printing marks with the subtlest variations in grey values in the printing and packaging industry
              • Checking labels and stickers in the printing industry

              Luminescence sensors
              • Detecting labels on glass bottles
              • Detecting invisible printing marks for object alignment
            • Photoelectric sensors

            • By far the best object detection

              • Sophisticated laser technology - small, precise laser light spots for highly-accurate small-part detection
              • Wide variety of setting options: potentiometer, teach-in, external control cable or fixed pre-setting
              • Different transmission light sources for a wide range of requirements: laser, LED or infrared light transmitters
              • Intelligent mounting solutions for easy installation and adjustment

              Photoelectric sensors and diffuse sensors - Performance and quality made in Germany
              Photoelectric sensors and diffuse sensors are the standard sensors in automation technology. At SensoPart you will find the right sensor for almost every conceivable application. Our product portfolio offers a comprehensive selection of differing sizes, ranges and switching variants. Regardless of whether you choose a sub-miniature sensor for restricted machine conditions or a large housing with a particularly long range or scanning distance – all our sensors share excellent performance data, high reliability and solid workmanship “made in Germany”.

              Our photoelectric sensors and diffuse sensors offer, for example, precise background suppression, extremely accurate small-part detection or reliable detection of transparent objects. And they operate extremely reliably in harsh industrial conditions: our current sensor series have tightly sealed (IP 69 / IP 67) plastic housings and are immune to cleaning according to the Ecolab standard.
          • Optical sensors - Series

          • The right model for every application

              • F 10

              • Sub-miniature sensors
                • Sub-miniature sensor for installation in the smallest of spaces and in moving machine parts
                • The world’s smallest laser sensor with background suppression, adjustable via teach-in
                • Sensors as LED or laser versions
                • F 10 BlueLight: specially designed for scanning solar wafers and strongly light-absorbing objects
                • User-friendly set-up via electronic teach-in key or control line
                • Well thought-out mounting accessories for rapid and simple integration
              • F 25

              • Miniature sensors

                • Choice of LED or laser light (class 1)
                • Most comprehensive sensor family on the market
                • User-friendly teach-in key (alternative: fixed focus)
                • Best black/white shift on the market in this sensor class
                • Precise background suppression thanks to ASIC microchip
                • Auto-detect – automatic adjustment of the switching output (PNP/NPN)
                • Long ranges with compact miniature housing
                • Robust glass-fibre-reinforced plastic housing (IP 69 & IP 67, Ecolab)
                • Robust sensor design with metal connector, and mounting holes reinforced with metal inserts
              • F 55

              • Compact class

                • Precise laser distance sensors with operating ranges of up to 1 m for diverse applications
                • Time-of-flight sensors for distance measurement and reliable object detection in front of any background, with a range of up to 5 m
                • High-end color sensor FT 55-CM: high performance and ease of use
                • All laser versions are laser class 1 – for optimum safety
                • Precise background suppression and minimal black/whiteshift
                • User-friendly operation of all “energetic” variants via electronic teach-in key or control line
              • F 50

              • The reliable standard series

                • Universal use in numerous automation applications
                • Autocollimation variants with high precision and no blind zone
                • Precise background suppression
                • Laser, LED or infrared light transmitter options
                • Simple adjustment via potentiometer, with numeric display
                • Rotatable plug (270°)
                • Well thought-out mounting accessories
              • FR 85 RailPilot

              • Distance sensor for collision prevention
                • Measurement range: 0 … 6 m
                • Wide detection cone
                • 2x2 detection zones
                • 1 input
                • 2 PNP outputs
                • RS485 interface
                • Detection zone adjustable externally
                • Reliable suppression of foreign objects (girders, pillars)
              • Barrel type

              • All-round performance

                • Robust housings
                • Very easy installation
                • Straight or angled optics options
                • Metric threads in 5 sizes: 4, 5, 12, 18 or 30 mm
                • Red-light / infrared LED or laser light options
                • FMF 18 for detection of liquid limit levels
                • FT 04 and FT 05 the smallest sensors with IO-Link
              • Fiber-optic sensors

              • For a wide range of applications

                • Sub-miniature FL 20 housing for simple integration in machines
                • Powerful & variable FL 70 fibre-optic cable sensors
                • Powerful FMS series for extreme demands
                • Wide range of fibre-optic cables for standard applications or individual customer requirements
              • Fork sensors & optical windows

              • Experts in small part detection and counting tasks

                • Simple and robust housing
                • Metal or plastic housing options (FGL) or robust metal housings (FG)
                • High resolution for precise small part detection
                • Easy, rapid mounting without complicated adjustment
            • Ultrasonic sensors

                • Reliable detection of objects with critical surfaces and highly transparent objects

                • Highlights
                  • Reliable detection of objects with critical surfaces and highly transparent objects
                  • Available in cubic (32 x 20 x 12 mm) or barrel type (M12/M18/M30) housing options
                  • Simple adjustment via teach-in, control input or display
                • Typical Ultrasonic sensors

                • Ultrasonic sensors may be a useful alternative where optical sensors come up against their physical limits. This applies, for example, for objects with uneven surfaces or under difficult ambient conditions, or with highly transparent media as well as moving, highly reflective liquid surfaces.

                  Typical uses of ultrasonic sensors are therefore checking the presence of highly transparent foils and measuring the filling levels in liquid containers. A major advantage of ultrasonic sensors is the absolutely reliable background suppression resulting from their sound time-of-flight measurement principle.
              • Inductive sensors

                  • The metal detectors

                  • Highlights
                    • Reliable detection of metallic objects
                    • Product versions for standard or increased switching distances
                    • Robust housing variants in metal, plastic or completely made of stainless steel
                    • Different designs for flush, quasi-flush and non-flush mounting
                    • Variants with IO-Link 1.1 or analog output – IO-Link sensors can be operated in IO-Link or standard I/O mode
                  • Typical inductive sensors

                  • Due to their functional principle, inductive sensors are exclusively suitable for detecting metal objects. But they do this extremely reliably and are also very robust and resistant (e.g. regarding environmental factors such as high pressure or contamination), which makes them interesting for numerous industrial applications. They are mainly used wherever the detection of uniform movements is involved – for example as proximity switches for determining the position of moving machine parts such as saddles or hydraulic cylinders, for measuring rotary speeds on vehicle crankshafts, or as pulse generators for motor ignition.

                    Inductive sensors are extremely precise due to their high repeatability levels. Their simple design and uncomplicated commissioning ensure minimal downtimes.

                    Communication via IO-Link 1.1 enables to parameterize these sensors individually and to teach-in SmartFunctions. With these functions, an optimum adaptation to the application requirements is achieved, which was previously only possible with significantly higher costs. Sensor diagnostic data such as switching cycles or sensor tempe-rature can be read out comfortably. This significantly increases the field of applications as well as the sensor reliability.

                    Whether in robotics, in assembly and handling, in factory automation or mechanical engineering: inductive sensors from SensoPart are reliable, require no maintenance, and offer versatile use thanks to the numerous housings and sizes available.
                • Accessories

                • Meeting all needs

                  A sensor rarely comes unaccompanied: accessories supporting their mounting, commissioning and use are of considerable importance for the reliable functioning of an automation solution. The characteristic practical orientation of SensoPart products is thus also evident in a particularly versatile and user-friendly range of accessories.
                    • Illumination

                    • Surface lights, ring lights, spot lights, light strips, coaxial lights, DOM, laser line
                    • Robotics

                    • Calibration plates and target marks for VISOR® vision sensors
                    • Cables

                    • Power supply cables, Ethernet cables, data cables, cables for illumination
                    • Mounting

                    • Brackets, mounting angles, mounting rods, clamps, mounting joints
                    • Optical accessories

                    • Lenses, intermediate rings for c-mount, filters, protective casing and polarizer glasses
                    • Peripherals

                    • Electrical accessories, Interfaces, Software, Switching devices
                    • SmartPlug

                    • SmartPlug saves you from using expensive timing elements or supplementary control elements because SmartPlug makes the sensor smarter. Connected with SmartPlug, your sensor takes over additional control functions. As a timer, counter or inverter, for monitoring frequency, or for on-delay or drop-out delay. Adjustment takes place using teach-in via a control line.

                      SmartPlug is suitable for sensors from all producers with standardised M12 plugs; a special adapter cable is available for connection to an M8 plug. SmartPlug accommodates its refined electronics in a small, easy-to-handle 60 x 20 mm plug housing. With its maximum output current of 400 mA, the SmartPlug can also be used as a switching amplifier. SmartPlug: plug-in intelligence!
                  • Applications

                      • Detection & inspection

                      • Reliable detection in every situation
                        Is the object present? How is it lying on the belt? Is a detail missing or has it been incorrectly assembled? These and many other applications can be reliably automated with sensors from SensoPart.
                      • Identification

                      • Reliable differentiation and tracking of objects
                        The continuous tracking of parts and products with the aid of a code is of increasing importance in industrial processes. Parts are generally labelled with one-dimensional barcodes or two-dimensional data matrix codes, which are either printed or applied using dot-peen or laser marking technology (direct marking). Our VISOR® Code Readers reliably read all industry standard code types.
                      • Measurement

                      • Simple solutions for diverse measuring tasks
                        Many processes involve the measurement of analog values, such as the distance or thickness of an object. SensoPart distance sensors using triangulation or time-of-flight technology are ideally suited for such applications. If it is necessary to check specific geometrical characteristics of components, our vision sensors offer simple options for detecting the value in question, and thanks to simple calibration the result can be output in the required metric unit.
                      • Positioning

                      • Reliable detection in any position
                        The precise positioning of parts is a key process in industrial production. A targeted robot gripper is always necessary – whether a component has to be picked up, put down or processed. Our vision sensors always have an eye on the exact position, and supply the values in robot coordinates in a few simple steps. When detecting objects on different planes, the vision sensor can be optimally combined with a precise optical switching sensor, if necessary even with distance output.
                      • Detecting colors

                      • Reliable detection and differentiation of colors
                        Differences in color and contrast are important characteristics for the detection and differentiation of objects. Sensors from SensoPart reliably detect colored objects, prints and labels during production processes or quality assurance.

                        Our color and contrast sensors are suitable for almost every relevant automation task thanks to precise color evaluation and rapid cycle times. The compact FT 55-CM color sensor is particularly versatile, offering outstanding color detection and sorting even with challenging surfaces. Our portfolio also includes sensors suitable for special tasks, such as the identification of invisible, luminescent color markings. Our vision color sensors from the VISOR® Color series fulfil the highest requirements in terms of color detection. They offer very high color selectivity and can also detect active (self-illuminating) colors.
                    • Industries

                        • Automotive industry

                        • For the love of automation
                          The automotive industry has always placed extremely high demands on quality and process reliability, with automated tasks that are becoming more and more challenging. Sensors from SensoPart satisfy all the expectations of both manufacturers and suppliers.

                          Thus, the VISOR® Object is ideally suited to check components for completeness, for example, while the VISOR® Robotic acts as the "eye" of handling and assembly robots. The VISOR® Code Reader enables the identification of directly marked components such as car body sheets. Our optical sensors, especially our distance sensors such as the FT 55-RLAM, are also ubiquitous in automotive production processes, e.g. to control the position of parts.
                        • Assembly & handling

                        • Every part in the right place
                          There’s no-one in sight, everything is moving as if by magic: conveyor systems are rumbling, robot arms are gyrating, workpieces are being separated, picked up and put down, and then transported on conveyor belts and finally assembled. SensoPart sensors ensure that all these procedures are carried out seamlessly and without any human intervention.

                          We have the right sensor for every task in our portfolio: our fork sensors in a robust plastic housing are suited for detecting small parts on vibrating conveyors; for applications in confined spaces, our F 10 series of sub-miniature laser sensors are the solution – these tiny sensors can even be fitted on a robot gripper arm. Our VISOR® Object vision sensors are ideal for complex inspections of the position and completeness of components, while our VISOR® Robotic is the best choice for seamless cooperation and communication with handling robots.
                        • Robotics

                        • The "eyes" of the robot
                          Automation is unimaginable without robots in many sectors of industry today: collaborative robot systems (cobots) in particular, which can work side by side with people, have become widely used over recent years. Vision sensors from SensoPart serve as the "eyes" of cobots.

                          Our robotics expert VISOR® Robotic supplies the robot with all the necessary information on the position of parts. This data is converted into robot coordinates within the sensor before transmission so that the robot can accurately seize the part. Special functions, such as gripper space check and gripper point offset, offer further safety for the automation of handling tasks. Distance sensors can be used in addition if necessary: Our range extends from the sub-miniature sensor FT 10-RLA – the smallest optical distance sensor in the world – to the particularly versatile model FT 55-RLAM. This ensures that the robot can always accurately grasp parts despite variations in shape and position.
                        • Electronics

                        • Reliable detection of small parts and colors
                          The handling and assembly of sensitive electronic components requires utmost precision. Switching sensors and vision sensors from SensoPart guarantee smooth procedures and error-free results.

                          We have a suitable sensor for every stage of production: A photoelectric proximity sensor from the F 10 sub-miniature series or a fork sensor from the FGL-RK series checks the presence of components that are supplied loose; an FT 25-C color sensor sorts them by color code; a VISOR® Robotic vision sensor supplies the necessary position information to the handling robot so that the latter can accurately grip each part and deposit it in a tray. Our vision sensors also prove valuable during quality control of electronic assemblies, as unlike standard color sensors, they can recognise active colors from fluorescent objects, such as LEDs.
                        • Food & beverages

                        • Clean and safe production
                          Is the right juice in the right bottle? Are the cookies the required shade of brown? Has the use-by date been added to the packaging? SensoPart sensors supply reliable answers to these and many other questions.

                          For example, when filling drink bottles: The laser scanners from the FT 25-RGO series are specially trained in the detection of (transparent) bottles, while the color sensor FT 55-CM or the vision sensor VISOR® Object Color unequivocally identify whether the bottle lid is in the right position and of the right color. At the end of the production chain, our VISOR® Code Reader scans the packaging and checks the codes and plain text information. Many of our sensors also come in a particularly robust and hermetically-sealed stainless steel housing (IP 69 K), perfect for use in hygiene environments: When an industrial meat processing plant is cleaned with a powerful steam jet at the end of a shift, the sensor can also enjoy a good wash.
                        • Plastics technology

                        • Higher quality, lower costs
                          Like many other sectors, the plastics processing industry is under growing cost pressure, while the trend for more frequent batch changes with smaller quantities is causing increasingly complex process cycles. SensoPart sensors enable widespread automation of production and quality assurance processes, and help sharpen a company’s competitive edge.

                          Applications in the plastics sector are diverse: BlueLight photoelectric proximity sensors reliably detect small black parts, such as transparent PET bottles; miniature color sensors from the FT 25-C series sort plastic parts on vibrating conveyors by color; and image-processing vision sensors from the VISOR® series identify manufacturing defects, such as short-filled moulds, burrs, color streaks, surface defects or faulty insert moulding. Early error detection during the manufacturing of injection moulded parts avoids complex reworking and costly rejects.
                        • Laboratory automation

                        • Precision and safety in all processes
                          Whether in the handling of liquids of any kind or the preparation and analysis of test tubes, SensoPart sensors help laboratories prevent errors and contribute to efficient processes.

                          Precise measurement of fill levels in microtiter plates is essential in many applications, e.g. when analysing blood samples or dispensing chemical substances. This is where our BlueLight photoelectric proximity sensors from the F 10 series or our UT 20 Soundpipe ultrasonic sensors prove their worth. The size, shape and color of a test tube cap play an important role in the subsequent analysis process – vision sensors from our VISOR® series can inspect these characteristics in one image. Finally, the VISOR® Code Reader can reliably identify and track every sample in an analysis process due to its ability to interpret all standard one- and two-dimensional codes as well as plain text. Errors can be excluded almost entirely.
                        • Pharmaceuticals & cosmetics

                        • Flawless products
                          The production of pharmaceuticals is a sensitive matter, as people’s health is at stake. SensoPart sensors conscientiously check contents and packaging.

                          An identifying feature frequently used for correct placement and packaging is color: Our vision sensor VISOR® Object Color can reliably detect whether a tablet of incorrect color has found its way into the blister pack. And our FT 50 UV luminescence sensor will spot if an information leaflet is missing. With cosmetics, it might be less dramatic if a bottle does not contain the correct shampoo, but this can be avoided by inspecting the bottle lid and/or product color with the aid of our color sensors FT 25-C or FT 55-CM. For use in hygiene environments, many of our sensors also come in a robust, hermetically sealed stainless-steel housing (IP 69 K) specially designed to withstand water jets or chemicals.
                        • Solar industry

                        • Fully automatic and error-free
                          Production and quality assurance of solar cells is largely automated for reasons of cost efficiency, and switching sensors and vision sensors from SensoPart play an important role.

                          The presence of wafers or wafer boxes must be registered at numerous stages in the production of solar panels. Our laser photoelectric proximity sensors from the sub-miniature series F 10 are perfectly suited for this type of application and can be easily integrated in installations, even in cramped spaces. Position detection requires that robots pick up and put down wafers or cells with utmost precision – a task for the VISOR® Solar vision sensor, which can detect the position of wafers with ± 50 µm accuracy. In addition, the sensor can also identify even the smallest of damage, such as edge breakouts, thereby avoiding the possible breakage of wafers further down the production line, and any subsequent related contamination or costly machine downtimes.
                        • Packaging technology

                        • The right sensor for every task
                          Numerous production steps are necessary before merchandise is packed ready for shipment – involving just as many different detection tasks along the packaging line. Sensors from SensoPart guarantee the smooth overall functioning.

                          One typical example is chocolate bars: They are usually packed in flow pack wrappers that are supplied from a coil in the form of an endless tube. FT 55-RLAM laser distance sensors continually monitor the thickness of the coil, and the tension of the material, to ensure a seamless feeding process. A multi-color contrast sensor from the FT 25-RGB series uses registration marks to identify where the coil has to be cut into single packs, while an FT 25 RH photoelectric proximity sensor detects the precise position of the individual wrappers before they are filled. Thanks to high-precision background suppression, reliable results are guaranteed regardless of extraneous light and reflections.
                      • In focus

                          • Distance sensors

                          • Accurate and non-contact distance measurement for automation technology


                            • Fast and accurate measurement, precise positioning and detection of a wide range of materials
                            • IO-Link sensors can be operated in IO-Link mode or standard I/O mode
                            • Our distance sensors cover a wide range of applications:
                              • Triangulation sensors for near-field applications
                              • Time-of-flight sensors for long working distances
                          • BlueLight Technology

                          • Blue misses nothing

                            Developed specifically for recognising objects that are difficult to detect, BlueLight sensors are true all-rounders. The BlueLight series offers much greater detection efficiency than standard optical sensors in challenging applications – whether with extremely shiny, strongly light-absorbing or highly transparent objects.

                          • e-Mobility

                          • Efforts to reduce fossil fuel consumption are leading to a rapid rise in e-mobility. Electrically powered cars, bicycles and even scooters are becoming increasingly popular.

                            These modes of transportation all require battery power, which means the market for battery pack manufacturing is growing alongside the e-mobility sector.

                            As with any assembly line, there are various challenges in battery pack manufacturing, especially with automated processes in production. Sensors, such as vision or distance sensors, play a crucial role here. Be it in the context of object inspection, reading individual component serial numbers before assembly or guiding robots.