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Business Profile

We set our standards not by what is possible today but by what can be achieved in the future

We have followed this concept since our founding and have thus laid the foundation for customer satisfaction and continuous growth. Created in 1994, SensoPart is today one of the leading suppliers in industrial sensor technology. Our concept: speed, combined with ability for innovation, quality and customer orientation. For the following is as true as ever: it is not size that counts but speed.

SensoPart successfully invests in research and development at a level way above average for this branch.

The latest proof: the Dr. Rudolf Eberle Prize for Innovation for the worlds smallest colour sensor, which operates with white light and also detects moving objects at varying distances according to a patented process. A technological exception which does not confirm old rules but will be the herald of a new rule.

This is partly because the primary focus was the application possibilities, rather than merely the technology itself.

And this is the sole target of our innovations.