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FUJIFILM Electronic Imaging Europe
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  • Offer Profile
  • FUJIFILM Electronic Imaging Europe GmbH is responsible at its Kleve location for the sales, marketing and servicing of professional FUJINON lenses for TV and film productions, CCTV and Machine Vision as well as FUJINON Binoculars in Europe. For many years, FUJIFILM has been creating award- winning FUJINON lenses. It develops and produces innovative, cutting- edge solutions for almost every application in the entertainment industry, security systems and industrial image processing. The professional lenses for TV and film productions redefine the limits of high resolution, high contrast ratio and high dynamic range. They create the pin -sharp TV pictures and help camera operators film stunning, powerful scenes. Thanks to the Megapixel -Zoom lenses and the camera systems of the SX Series, CCTV systems are becoming high resolution. The steadily growing portfolio of precise FUJINON Machine Vision lenses for industrial image processing ensures minimal distortion for highest image quality, even under harsh conditions. FUJINON binoculars are known throughout the world. In particular, the binoculars are very much appreciated by users in professional and semi -professional areas.
Product Portfolio
  • Machine Vision Lenses - Fujinon Fixed Focal Length Lenses

  • Why people choose FUJINON lenses

    A wide range of product categories
    Fujifilm is the only comprehensive lens manufacturer handling lenses in a wide range of sizes, materials and shapes from large to super small aperture lenses, lenses for 8K and 4K high-definition TV broadcasting, interchangeable lenses and cinema lenses for digital cameras loved by professional photographers and creators all over the world, high brightness lenses for digital cinema projectors and small lenses for in-vehicle cameras. All lenses boast high performance and quality recognized by professionals. The FUJINON brand has won the Engineering Emmy Award several times in the past, which is one of the most prestigious awards in the broadcasting industry along with the Academy Award. The high quality undergirded by our technology has been highly recognized worldwide.

    Advanced technologies accumulated in the course of more than 80 years in the business
    The history of Fujifilm's lens manufacturing started in 1940 when it succeeded in the dissolution of 12 kinds of optical glasses. Manufacturing of high precision lenses requires expertise. Fujifilm has accumulated advanced technologies over the course of almost 80 years and it continues to provide numerous products that lead the world utilizing its manufacturing, processing, assembly and other technologies.

    Global network
    With sales/production bases in more than 30 countries worldwide, Fujifilm develops its logistic marketing from a global perspective and provides quick and carefully tailored local services at each base.

    More than 1.1 million Machine Vision Lenses have been produced
    The total produced number of FUJINON Machine Vision Lenses has reached more than 1.1 million, while technologically evolving the entire time. Fujifilm lenses manufactured by bringing together Fujifilm's state-of-the-art technologies are used at production and quality inspection sites all around the world. Fujifilm continues to address customer needs with a variety of products that deliver consistent high resolution performance in a wide range of installation environments.
      • CF-ZA series: 23 Megapixel - 1.1"~4/3” Lenses

      • "4D High Resolution" lenses

        Support 1.1" type large image sensor.
        Fujinon CF-ZA-1S series supports large high-resolution sensor of 1.1" type with 2.5µm pixel pitch (equivalent to 23 mega-pixel). The relative illumination reaches up to above 90%, and a clear image can be obtained from the image center to the peripheral area.

      • HF-12M series: 12 Megapixel - 2/3"~1" Lenses

      • "4D High Resolution" lenses

        Compatible with 2/3" to 1" (max.) image sensors
        HF-12M Series lenses standing upright and grouped together in a circle FUJINON HF-12M series is the world's smallest 12Megapixel lens with 2.1μm pixel pitch performance. All models are designed for "4DHR", Anti Shock & Vibration, and low-distortion.

      • HF-5M series: 5 Megapixel - 2/3"~1.1" Lenses

      • "4D High Resolution" lenses

        Compatible with 2/3" to 1.1" (max.) large image sensor cameras
        FUJINON HF-XA-5M series is designed for "4DHR" and compatible with IMX250 high performance CMOS image sensor (2/3", 5 megapixels, 3.45µm pixel pitch).

      • HF-XA-1F Series: rugged 5 Megapixel - 2/3"~1/1.2" Lenses

      • "4D High Resolution" lenses

        Compatible with 2/3" to 1/1.2" (max.) large image sensor cameras

        FUJINON HF-XA-1F series is designed for "4DHR" and compatible with IMX250 high performance CMOS image sensor (2/3", 5 megapixels, 3.45µm pixel pitch).

      • CF-HA series: 1.5 Megapixel - 1"

      • High resolution lenses

        FUJINON CF-HA series is compatible with large 1" image sensor cameras to realize high resolution up to 1.5 megapixels (7.4 pixel pitch).

      • HF-HA-1S series: 1.5 Megapixel - 2/3

      • High resolution lenses

        Fujinon HF-HA-1S Series offers a resolution of up to 6.2μm pixel pitch (equivalent to 1.5 megapixel) and is suitable for 2/3" sensors.

      • HF-SA series: 5 Megapixel - 2/3"

      • High resolution lenses

        FUJINON HF-SA series is designed to achieve high resolution up to 5 megapixels (3.45µm pixel pitch) compatible with 2/3" sensors.

      • FE185 Series - Fish-Eye Lenses

      • Fisheye lenses

        Super wide-angle lenses with a 185° field of view compatible with 5-megapixel high resolution sensors

    • Long Range Surveillance Camera SX Series

    • With the new SX800 & SX801, Fujinon combines both in one for the first time: camera and lens. For long range surveillance at the highest level with 40 optical magnification and constantly sharp images thanks to high-speed autofocus and an evolved image stabilisation system.
        • Long-range surveillance

        • 40x optical zoom
          The SX800 is equipped with a 40x optical zoom lens that covers a broad range of focal lengths from 20mm on the wide angle end to 800mm on the telephoto end. It is complemented with 1.25x digital zoom to achieve long-range surveillance equivalent to 1000m in focal length.
        • High-performance image stabilization

        • New image stabilization system
          The SX800 combines optical image stabilization (OIS) and electronic image stabilization (EIS) to accurately compensate for camera shake, typically caused by gusts and footing vibrations at the site of camera installation. The system is particularly effective when shooting in the ultra-telephoto range, which is susceptible to even the slightest of shakes. ´

          High-performance EIS
          In the EIS mode, the SX800 uses a sensor large enough for its lens’s effective diameter to secure full HD resolution (1920 x 1080), thereby delivering footage of premium quality. The combined use with OIS also improves the durability of the image stabilization system substantially.
        • Use of new devices

        • The SX800 sports high-precision gyro sensors to accurately detect minute vibrations that could not be detected previously. The use of newly-developed high-thrust linear motor delivers an advanced level of accuracy and tracking performance.
        • New ceramic bead roller system

        • The SX800 sports high-precision gyro sensors to accurately detect minute vibrations that could not be detected previously. The use of newly-developed high-thrust linear motor delivers an advanced level of accuracy and tracking performance.
        • High-speed AF system

        • On-sensor phase detection AF
          The on-sensor phase detection AF uses phase detection pixels across the sensor to instantaneously measure distance according to the displacement of incident lights. The SX800 also offers “contrast AF,” which detects areas of high contrast in images at high accuracy, and automatically switches to the optimum AF setting.

          Rear Focus mechanism
          The use of the Rear Focus mechanism has significantly reduced the weight of the focusing lens group. This has also dramatically increased the focus drive speed to enable “continuous AF.” Users can choose between “Continuous AF,” “Quick AF” and “Manual Focus” according to the conditions where the camera is used.
        • Image processing technology

        • Low light conditions
          The use of the highly sensitive sensor and the effect of advanced noise reduction mean the SX800 can shoot clear footage with minimal noise even in low light conditions.

          Fog reduction
          The SX800 uses a unique imaging technology to bring vivid clarity to hazy images caused by light diffusion with airborne mist droplets and dust.

          Heat Haze reduction
          The SX800 uses a unique image processing technology to reduce the shimmering effect of heat haze, caused by large difference in atmospheric temperatures, to make the entire images easier to see.
        • Simplified setup

        • Cameras with built-in lens
          Conventional surveillance systems require the adjustment of optical axis and flange focal length when mounting a lens on a camera. The SX800, which carries a built-in lens, is shipped with such settings optimally adjusted to bring out maximum performance. The design also eliminates the need for complicated wiring, thereby significantly reducing man-hours at the time of installation.
        • Robustness

        • New design with advanced rigidity and portability
          The SX800’s aluminum extrusion body is highly rigid and exceptionally robust. A carrying handle* may be attached to the body, using screw holes at the top, for transporting convenience.

          * FUJIFILM does not offer a carrying handle.
      • Zoom Lenses

          • 60x Full HD Zoom Lenses

          • A compact and lightweight 60x zoom model featuring optical anti-vibration*1, autofocus*2 and compatibility with full-HD cameras

            This is a 60x zoom security camera lens, equipped with the world’s first optical anti-vibration function, and compatible with full-HD cameras.

            It supports full-HD cameras and sports a compact and lightweight body despite its focal length range reaching 1,000mm.

            The lens enables a compact long-range security system, ideal for the surveillance of remote locations such as ports, harbors, airports and national borders, or for monitoring dams, rivers, etc. for disaster prevention.

            *1 Featured in D60x16.7SR4FE-ZP1C
            *2 Featured in D60x16.7SR4DE-ZP1A and D60x16.7SR4FE-ZP1C
          • 32x Full HD Zoom Lenses

          • These are zoom lenses with long focal range, supporting large 1/1.8-inch (FD32x12.5) and 2/3-inch(FH32x15.6) sensors to deliver full-HD resolution.

            They are about 20% smaller in height, compared to previous models, to enable combination with wide range of housing units.