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  • Offer Profile
  • Lasers are employed over a wide range of applications from scientific research, biomedicine, and environmental sciences to industrial materials processing, microelectronics, avionics, and entertainment.
Product Portfolio
  • CO2 and CO Lasers

  • Family of sealed CO2 and CO Lasers, with power from Watts to Kilowatts for processing materials ranging from paper to metal. Coherent offers the broadest portfolio of completely sealed CO2 and CO laser products in the market.

    This family of sealed lasers is available in a wide range of models, with output powers ranging from 20W to 1000W. Their no-maintenance design makes them a robust and highly reliable ‘laser engine’. And, with market-proven Designed in Reliability at its foundation, Coherent’s CO2 and CO lasers offer the best power/performance/size ratio for a sealed laser.

    In addition to standard products, Coherent develops customized high and lower power CO2 and CO laser solutions for commercial, industrial, and military applications. With the extensive system and subsystem design and development capability, Coherent offers complete subsystem solutions to select customers. These solutions can include lasers, embedded controls, remote telemetry and diagnostics, as well as extensive optical, electronic and mechanical design expertise.
      • CO Laser - 5µm

      • CO Lasers Offer Enhanced Capabilities for Industrial and Medical Applications

        A new generation of carbon monoxide (CO) lasers from Coherent, promise enhanced processing characteristics in applications ranging from glass, ceramic and film cutting and drilling, through medical and aesthetics fractional skin resurfacing.
      • DIAMOND C-Series and Cx-Series

      • C-Series and Cx-Series CO2 lasers contain excellent beam quality and fast modulation response from 20 Watts to 120 Watts.
      • DIAMOND E-Series

      • E-Series CO2 lasers are sealed, pulsed lasers offering up to 1000 Watts of average power in a fully integrated compact package.
      • DIAMOND GEM-Series

      • Liquid-Cooled RF-Excited OEM Industrial CO2 Laser
        DIAMOND GEM-100 CO2 lasers are available as water-cooled and are delivered with a separate RF power supply. Overall, the GEM-100 low-power lasers deliver exceptional value, performance and reliability.

        The GEM-100 offers excellent power stability, a great mode, and fast rise and fall times in a very compact size. The GEM-100 is available in both elliptical and circular beam versions.

        Key applications for these lasers are marking i.e. of beverages, engraving and laser sintering. In addition, these lasers are used in converting applications like laser scoring of flexible packages.
      • DIAMOND J-Series

      • The J-Series CO2 lasers, built on a common platform, pack a host of high performance features ideal for high demanding materials processing applications.
      • DC Series

      • Highest Reliability – Lowest Maintenance Effort

        Laser cutting, laser welding or surface treatment – the diffusion-cooled CO2 Slab laser from Coherent-ROFIN is not only an excellent cutting laser but also the ideal tool for a wide variety of applications. The excellent beam quality of K = 0.95 ensures highest processing quality and increased productivity. With its wavelength of 10.6 µm in the far infrared range, the CO2 lasers are perfectly suitable not only for the processing of metals, but also of wood, plastics – also fiber-reinforced – glass, textiles or paper.

    • Industrial Fiber & Diode Lasers

    • The HighLight Series of direct-diode systems and fiber lasers are robust and easy-to-use. These systems have a proven track record in industrial materials processing applications.
        • HighLight FL-Series

        • All fiber lasers of the HighLight FL Series are characterized by maximum efficiency and service friendly, modular pumping units, helping to reduce operating and maintenance costs.

          Features & Benefits

          • Output powers: 500 W – 10 kW
          • Versatile production tool due to wide range of beam qualities
          • Field-proven “all fiber” technology
          • Back reflection safe
          • Long life diode pumping modules on T-bars
          • All fiber beam combiner for power scaling
          • Industry leading power control for high process consistency
          • Leading customer support
        • HighLight FL-1000P

        • All fiber lasers of the HighLight FL Series are characterized by maximum efficiency and service friendly, modular pumping units, helping to reduce operating and maintenance costs.

          Features & Benefits
          • Output power: 1 kW
          • High wall plug efficiency
          • Pulse energy of 100 mJ @ 10 kHz, P < 1.7 MW
          • 10 ns - 100 ns pulses selectable
          • 400 μm fiber for high beam quality (typ. 20 mm x mrad, round core output fiber)
          • Based on field-proven components and safety concept of high-power fiber laser series
          • Back reflection safe due to integrated isolator
          • Detachable fiber
        • HighLight™ FL-ARM

        • HighLight FL-ARM (Adjustable Ring Mode) laser is a unique fiber laser that delivers a significant advance in fiber laser processing by enabling unprecedented solutions, such as zero-gap welding of zinc coated steel and spatter-reduced welding of metals, to name a few.

          Features & Benefits
          • Dynamically adjusted beam profile to fit a variety of material processing requirements
          • Designed for processing of highly reflective materials such as stainless steel, copper, brass, and aluminum
          • Easy integration into existing systems
          • High output power
          • Based on up to 2 kW single oscillator
        • HighLight DD-Series

        • 5 kW and 10 kW Direct-Diode laser power with flexible beam shape, ideal for heat treating and cladding applications.
        • HighLight DL Series

        • Easily integrated into production lines and machines, our fiber-coupled, turn-key diode lasers are available in the kilowatt range. The HighLight DL Series are compact, extremely versatile and can be used for a host of materials processing applications.

          Features & Benefits
          • Output powers: 1000 W - 8000 W
          • Modular and mobile design
          • Diode laser technology with highest energy efficiency
          • Versatile and robust production tool due to wide range processing optics
          • Cooling with clean and filtered tap water
        • DIAMOND FLQ-Series

        • The Diamond FLQ fiber lasers enable faster, cleaner and more precise marking on a wide variety of materials. Suitable for 24/7 industrial and job shop applications worldwide.

          Features & Benefits
          • Fast turn-on time yields highest production throughput
          • Single-mode beam quality for ultra-fine, crisp marks
          • Gaussian pulse shape yields highest peak power, for more marking per output watt
          • Stable over a wide range of temperatures, along with industry leading pulse-to-pulse stability ensures the very best in process consistency
        • DIAMOND FLC Series

        • The Diamond FLC CW fiber laser enables fine welding, cutting and drilling with high quality results.

          Features and Benefits:

          • Excellent beam quality
          • Fast trigger to light
          • Highest maximum modulation frequency
          • Fast ramping of laser power
          • Fast parameter change
          • Fastest recovery time after interlock
          • Back reflection protection for processing of highly reflective materials
          • Linear power output
        • Corelase Fiber Lasers

        • ARM™ creates dynamic adjustable beam profile to the output of the laser that enables revolutionary benefits for materials processing.

          H-LASE and O-LASE are high power fiber laser modules that can be be integrated into cutting, welding and drilling systems.

          X-LASE is a fiber laser used in transparent material scribing and welding, thin film patterning/ablation, cutting, drilling and coating.
        • Lasag

        • Some Nd:YAG solid state lasers are still impeccably in operation for more than two decades with the combination of precision processing head together with the laser source enables the “application solution”.

          Research continuously develops new products like LLDROP or multi heads based on the existing portfolio of laser processing heads and depending on market and customer requirements.
      • Laser Tools and Systems

      • From Turnkey Laser Tools to Complete Laser Machines

        For decades Coherent has been developing not only laser sources but also specialized complete laser tools and laser systems for nearly every applications covering laser welding, laser cutting, laser marking & engraving, and various customized laser solutions.

        With field proven success, all Coherent products are backed by a worldwide application development and support team, allowing customers to achieve greater productivity, improved results, and reduced operation cost.
          • Multi-Axis Universal Workstations

          • The UW Series of modular workstations is available in 3 to 5 axis workstation for precision 2D and 3D laser processing. The UW Series offers significant advantages for marking, cutting, welding, and surface treatment applications.

            Every UW Series are built for easy installation and maintenance. The integrated laser is accessed for routine servicing via removable panels at the side, top and back of the enclosure. The parts processing chamber is accessed through a safety-interlocked sliding door or light-curtain.
          • Desktop Marking and Engraving Tools

          • EasyMark and EasyJewel are compact, space-saving desktop laser marking and engraving systems built with high precision mechanics and powerful software to deliver unmatched quality and consistency. Small footprint, integrated air-cooling, and a common power supply are the essential factors of these complete solutions for marking various workpieces and foils.
          • Manual Laser Welding Tools

          • A complete selection of manual laser welding systems produces quality laser welded joints with ease, unlike any traditional method. Spot and seam welds with micron range precision results. The compact and portable design enables users to optimize their space efficiently.
          • Modular Processing Systems

          • The MPS family of machines is ideal for a wide range of applications such as cutting, welding, structuring, drilling, and ablating. Each MPS system can be customized to your application by integrating Coherent’s selection of lasers sources, various modules, and multi-axis motion systems to match your requirement.
          • Laser Cutting & Machining Tools

          • Coherent laser cutter technology and laser cutting tools are flexible machines used to cut a wide range of materials from metals, plastics and composites to paper, ceramics and wood.

            Coherent’s META Laser Cutters are the most compact, flexible laser cutting tools available for any production shop. Every META tool uses computer generated cutting paths to make it incredibly easy and inexpensive for the laser cutter of jobs of any size. No dies or expensive re-tooling is necessary when laser cutting parts, meaning you can increase profits on short runs. With a faster turn-around and lower costs, you’ll be able to take on more jobs, be more competitive, and ultimately bring in more customers and generate new business.
          • Laser Marking Workstations

          • The LME-RM Class 1 laser marker workstation platform for both standard and custom applications provides an elegant and efficient solution for marking parts in a production environment. With a variety of standard and custom configurations, the LME-RM workstations can accommodate the most demanding applications.

            The LME-RM modular workstations offer rugged construction for long-term use, ergonomically correct design and conformance to applicable CDRH Standards for operational safety during use. All 19” components can be integrated into the support frame, and the laser controls are front-mounted for ease of operation. A laser-safe observation window allows monitoring of the marking progress. For easy job setup, the large access door can be configured with an optional pneumatic AutoDoor.
          • Tube Cutting Systems

          • Our StarCut Tube laser cutting systems comprise of very specialized solutions for cutting medical implants to highly flexible all-purpose platform solutions like the Cube. All systems (StarCut Tube / StarCut Tube SL) have a complete solution design. Depending on the application, you can choose from our wide range of laser sources to be integrated into the complete solution. High precision CNC controlled axes and a high performance, flexible control concept are the basis for customized optimized solutions for manual to fully automated manufacturing.

            Available as integration module with Autoloader StarFeed S and StarFeed L

            Typical applications for medical device technology such as laser cutting of stents & scaffolds, heart valves, endoscope & surgical instruments, hypotubes & guide wires
        • Continuous Wave (CW) Solid-State Lasers

        • A complete portfolio of continuous wave lasers ranging in wavelength from the deep UV to the far IR, and power levels from a few mW’s up to to multiple Watts.
          • OBIS Lasers - Compact UV, visible, and near-IR lasers with modulation features.
          • Sapphire Lasers - Continuous wave lasers available from 458 nm to 594 nm and ultra-narrow line width versions.
          • StingRay and BioRay Lasers - High-quality elliptical dot lasers or flat-top line generators.
          • Genesis Lasers - Continuous wave lasers available from 355 nm to 1154 nm with powers up to 10W.
          • Verdi Lasers - Powers up to 20W at 532 nm.
          • CUBE Lasers - Compact UV and visible lasers with a footprint of 40 mm x 100 mm.
          • Compass 115M - Continuous wave green lasers from 5 mW to 20 mW.
          • Miniature Diode Laser Modules - High-quality elliptical or circular beams. Also available in line generators.
            • Genesis Lasers

            • The Genesis family of high-power continuous wave lasers provides solutions to a broad set of markets, including life sciences, medical, holography/interferometry, defense, and light shows. With more than a dozen wavelengths available, Genesis covers the UV, visible, and invisible spectrum.

              The Genesis CX-Series offers up to hundreds of mW in the UV and up to 10W in the visible and is intended for life sciences, research, holographic and interferometric applications.

              The Genesis MX-Series offers up to 10W in the visible and invisible range for medical and defense applications, as well as up to 1W in the visible for life sciences and research applications.

              The Genesis Taipan-Series covers the visible range with a multi-watt performance for lightshow applications.
            • OBIS Lasers

            • OBIS is a portfolio of compact UV, Visible and Near-IR lasers. OBIS also includes beam combiners, miniaturized OEM laser formats, and accessories.
              • OBIS LX/LS - The smart laser platform, offering plug-and-play simplicity across the spectrum and optional fiber delivery
              • OBIS LX/LS FP - Fiber-pigtailed with single mode polarization maintaining fiber output
              • OBIS CORE LS - Miniaturized laser in OEM format
              • OBIS CellX - Laser beam combiner using four OBIS CORE LS lasers in a single integrated package
              • OBIS LG - 355 nm ultraviolet laser with an integrated controller
              • OBIS Galaxy - Fiber optic laser beam combiner for up to eight lasers
              • OBIS LX/LS Accessories - Remotes, laser box, power supply, and accessories
            • CUBE Lasers

            • An all-in-one diode laser system with a compact 40 mm by 100 mm footprint. Each CUBE laser system comes with a laser head, power supply, cable, and control box. The system is designed to be one of the easiest to set-up and use. The CUBE delivers the most power, stability, and performance—in the smallest package—with the best value.
              • Compact solid-state package
              • Superior beam quality with M2 ≤1.2
              • Minimal laser output RMS noise ≤0.1%
              • CDRH Class IIIb safety compliance
              • USB and RS-232 control
              • Continuous wave and pulsed up to 150 MHz
              • Analog and digital modulation
            • Sapphire Lasers

            • Sapphire lasers feature outstanding performance and reliability making them the ideal laser solution for life sciences, forensic, environmental protection and metrology applications. The unique wavelength and power scalability of its OPSL foundation allows for the most versatile laser portfolio available today.

              Sapphire FP (Fiber-Pigtailed) lasers are true fiber-pigtailed lasers ranging from deep blue (458 nm) to orange (594 nm) for life sciences, metrology and inspection applications.

              Sapphire LP (Low-Power) is a series of continuous wave (CW) lasers providing industry leading beam quality, power stability and low noise at 458 nm, 488 nm, 514 nm, 532 nm, 552 nm, 561 nm 568 nm, 588 nm and 594 nm. Their superior parameters, form/fit/function compatibility, proven reliability and low cost of ownership make Sapphire LP the ideal laser solution for a manifold of applications such as life sciences, environmental protection, electronics and metrology.
            • Verdi Lasers

            • Verdi is a family of optically pumped semiconductor lasers (OPSL) and diode-pumped solid-state (DPSS) lasers with continuous wave power up to 20W at 532 nm. Verdi is the preferred pump laser for Ti:Sapphire oscillators and amplifiers.

              The Verdi G-Series (OPSL technology) is available at 2W, 5W, 7W, 8W, 10W, 12W, 15W, 18W and 20W. For single frequency applications such as holography and atom cooling and trapping, the Verdi G-Series is offered at 2W and 5W,

              The Verdi V-Series (DPSS technology) is offered at 6W, 8W, 10W, 12W and 18W. All Verdi are specified with the lowest noise commercially available (<0.02% RMS) and are best suited for Carrier Envelope Phase Stabilization (CEPS).
            • Compass Lasers

            • Green (532 nm) DPSS CW lasers for life sciences, imaging and scientific applications.

              Compass (COMpact All Solid State lasers) is a family of solid-state lasers in the green (532 nm). They exhibit optical properties unmatched by other products and are known for their outstanding level of reliability and lifetime. This is the reason OEM customers have chosen to integrate Compass more than 65,000 times making Compass one of the most successful products in laser history.

              All Compass models utilize intra-cavity frequency-doubling to convert IR to green laser light. This is realized with Coherent’s unique, patented PermAlign technology: optical components are aligned to optimum and then permanently fixed by soldering making the lasers optimally aligned over their whole lifetime, insensitive to vibration and thermal cycles. The lasers are manufactured in controlled clean rooms and hermetically sealed before being end-tested extensively.
            • Custom OEM Subsystems

            • Integrated Solutions for Life Science Applications

              From flow cytometry to DNA sequencing and confocal microscopy, successful laser-based life science instrumentation requires precision beam delivery.
          • Diode Lasers

          • Offering diode lasers in a wide range of wavelengths, power, and package configurations. Providing optimum solutions for applications in laser pumping, materials processing, medical, defense, and instrumentation.

            Leveraging Coherent’s vertically integrated semiconductor manufacturing line and operational excellence, Coherent high power diode lasers set the standard for performance and reliability, while ensuring superior batch-to-batch consistency and overall quality. Our product offering includes unmounted bars and chips, packaged bars, horizontal arrays, vertical stacks, fiber coupled diodes, line sources, and full turnkey diode systems. Available wavelengths include 780-830nm, 880nm, 915-980nm, 1060nm, and 1400-1500nm. Customized options can also be developed meeting the unique requirements of our customers.
              • Conduction Cooled Package (CCP)

              • Conductively-cooled, single-bar diode laser packages from 780 nm to 1470 nm with powers up to 80W CW and 250W QCW.
              • Dilas Diode Lasers

              • Coherent | DILAS manufactures high-power diode lasers from single bar components and multi-bar sub-assemblies to high-brightness, fiber-coupled diode laser modules and complete turn-key high power laser diode systems from 5 Watts to kilowatt range and wavelengths from 405 nm to 2300 nm. With manufacturing and research / development facilities in Europe, North America, and Asia, Coherent | DILAS’ products are an essential part of business for defense, display and projection, laser pumping, materials processing, medical, printing, and scientific markets.
              • Fiber Coupled Laser Series

              • Fiber-coupled high-brightness diode laser bars with output power up to 70W.
              • G-Stack Diode Lasers

              • Conduction-cooled QCW arrays for pumping, illumination, and direct diode needs.
              • Horizontal Arrays

              • Diode laser arrays for side pumping, providing up to 50W/bar CW and 250W/bar QCW.
              • Micro Channel Cooled Package (MCCP)

              • Single bar packages and multi-bar stacks based on micro-channel cooling technology, with power levels up to and exceeding 100W/bar.
              • Single Emitter Diode Lasers

              • Packaged single emitter devices.
              • Unmounted Diode Laser Bars (UMB)

              • Unmounted semiconductor diode laser bars and chips based on Coherent’s industry-leading semiconductor device technology, at wavelengths from 780nm to 1470nm.
            • Diode-Pumped Solid-State Lasers

            • Solid-state lasers in IR, Green, and UV wavelengths offering ns, ps, fs pulses and powers up to 100 watts

              The Coherent diode-pumped solid-state (DPSS) portfolio includes pulsed and short-pulsed Q-switched, mode-locked, and CW lasers that enable a wide range of applications in materials processing, life sciences, and research.
                • Industrial Short-Pulse Lasers

                • Short-pulsed industrial lasers from nanosecond lasers with up to 1 Joule pulse energy, through picosecond lasers with up to 80 MHz repetition rates, to femtosecond lasers with up to 900 fs pulse widths.
                • Short-Pulse Lasers

                • Coherent’s short-pulse portfolio consists of nanosecond, sub-nanosecond and picosecond lasers in the IR, visible and UV, providing high peak power from a compact package with low cost of ownership.

                  Helios, an Active Q-Switched picosecond laser
                  Flare NX, a Passively Q-Switched nanasecond laser
                  Staccato, an Ultra-short pulse picosecond laser
                • Pulsed Q-Switched

                • Coherent provides a complete portfolio of Q-switched DPSS lasers, available at wavelengths in the infrared, visible, and ultraviolet.

                  Across a broad range of average powers and repetition rates ranging from 1 to 350khz, with pulse energies ranging from a few uJ to in excess of 45 mJ/pulse.
                • Continuous-Wave (CW)

                • Coherent’s diode-pumped CW lasers are ideal for a wide variety of scientific and industrial applications. Output powers range from 10 mW to >10W, and wavelengths in the infrared, visible and ultraviolet are available. High-power models feature field-replaceable pump-diode bar modules.
              • Excimer Lasers & UV Beam Delivery

                  • Excimer Lasers

                  • Powerful and versatile light sources in the UV range of the electromagnetic spectrum. Because of their cold ablation and short wavelength, excimer lasers are used for countless applications.
                  • UV Processing Solutions

                  • Coherent develops, designs, and manufactures UV and VUV optical systems, modules, and components for Scientific, Medical, and Industrial applications. Sample preparation and job shop services are available for a wide variety of material processing using 351 nm, 308 nm, 248 nm, 193 nm, and 157 nm wavelengths.

                    Coherent’s optical systems, modules, and components are manufactured for use with excimer lasers with easy integration into new and existing micromachining workstations and production lines.
                • The High-Power Ion Laser Leader since 1969.

                • Noble gas ion lasers are among most mature of all laser technologies. Coherent has been in the high-power ion laser business from the very dawn of the laser industry.

                  With technological maturity comes performance and reliability that was unheard of when ion lasers first made their name in applications as diverse as ophthalmologic photocoagulation, laser pumping and holography. From flow cytometry to laser light shows, and everything in between, Coherent ion lasers have been there. We are the acknowledged leader, with the market position and installed base to prove it. That is why ion lasers are still the light source of choice for mission-critical applications in the semiconductor and microelectronics industries worldwide.
                    • INNOVA 70C

                    • I-70C is an ion laser pared to its essential functionality. It is an entry-level device ideally suited for light industrial and scientific applications such as flow visualization, microscopy, and spectroscopy.

                      I-70C features a compact laser head and an aluminum resonator for rapid warm-up and high stability in in single-wavelength operation. It incorporates the same metal-ceramic plasma tubes, linear passbank power supply/control unit, and digital remote control found on our more elaborate I-90C and I-300C models. I-70C is also offers a mixed gas (Ar+Kr) option for those looking to maximize their wavelength coverage in a single package.
                    • INNOVA FreD

                    • INNOVA FreD (Frequency Doubled) systems combine the best features of our standard ion laser product lines with wavelength coverage extended into the deep-UV.

                      FreD lasers use intra-cavity frequency doubling to produce continuous wave laser emission in the 229 to 264 nm wavelength range. This portion of the electromagnetic spectrum provides significant utility in a number of applications, such as fiber-grating manufacturing, UV resonance Raman spectroscopy, and semiconductor applications.
                    • INNOVA® ICE

                    • Key INNOVA ICE Features:
                      Protects and extends tube life by isolating the laser from fluctuations of water quality, flow, pressure, and temperature
                      Improves laser performance and stability
                      Powered and controlled by the laser power supply which eliminates the need for a separate electrical service
                      Self-priming pump for ease of maintenance
                    • INNOVA® 300C

                    • I-300C is ideal for scientific or commercial/ industrial/OEM use in applications and processes where higher UV or visible output is required.

                      For the ultimate in single-wavelength performance, I-300C adds additional performance enhancement for dedicated UV or visible operation, single-frequency operation, and optimized beam quality.
                    • INNOVA 90C

                    • INNOVA 90C Highlights:

                      SuperInvar resonator for superior passive stability
                      Single-frequency option for narrow linewidth and long coherence length
                      Intracavity aperture for precise mode control
                      Low-noise linear passbank power supply
                      Compact digital remote control
                      Innova Series V plasma tube for long trouble-free lifetime
                      The INNOVA 90C is an updated and improved version of the venerable INNOVA 90, which defined performance and reliability for a generation of laser users. It provides high levels of performance with long-term reliability, multiple operating configurations, and ease-of-use.
                    • INNOVA Sabre

                    • INNOVA Sabre provides the ultimate in high-power ion laser performance, combined with extraordinary ease-of-use.

                      A single digital remote module gives you access and control of all critical laser functions such as wavelength acquisition and tuning, automated TEM00-acquiring shutter, extra-cavity shutter, and system monitoring and diagnostics.

                      This was the first, and still only, large-frame ion laser to offer this level of control directly from the remote, or from a computer connection. Your application can literally drive the laser, right down to wavelength tuning.
                  • Laser Diode Modules

                  • Lasers that transform the familiar laser dot into a wide range of structured light patterns for alignment, inspection and machine vision applications.

                    Coherent Structured Light Lasers offer the Machine Vision market the highest quality performance with the proven reliability.
                    • Exceptional line uniformity
                    • Unique beam shaping capabilities
                    • Unmatched power ranges from 1 mW to 7 W
                    • Widest range for standard options
                    • Largest installed base of Machine Vision Lasers
                    • Highest reliability and best industry warranty - 24 months.
                    • Uniformity – Down to +/- 1%
                    • Straightness <= 0.1% of line length
                    • Relative Illumination limits >= 75% of normalized intensity
                    • Boresight <= 3 mrad, Pointing <= 10 urad/C
                      • StingRay and BioRay Laser Diode Modules

                      • Coherent’s high-performance laser diode modules, measuring only 19 mm in diameter, are the StingRay and BioRay product families.

                        Modular design using the industries’ premier laser diodes, the StingRay and BioRay deliver best-in-class performance. High-quality glass optics and sophisticated drive electronics deliver the power and control to your application to improve signal-to-noise and measurement speed. Features include elliptical beams or laser line generators to serve your application needs.

                        Available in wavelengths at 405, 450, 488, 520, 639, 640, 655, 660, 685, 785, and 830 nm with output powers including 1, 5, 10, 20, 35, 50, 75, 90, 100, 150 and 200 mW.

                        StingRay and BioRay also include the micro-focus (uFocus) and the BioRay FR (fiber-ready).
                      • Mini Laser

                      • A compact laser line generator with the smallest dimensions available on the market for a diode laser producing uniform intensity lines.
                        • Compact and lightweight
                        • 635 nm to 830 nm
                        • Wide range of powers, patterns, and fan angles
                        • Uniform intensity distribution with line generators
                        • Focusable
                        • ESD, over-temperature, and reverse-polarity protection
                        • 1D and 2D flat top compatible
                      • Ultra Low-Noise Laser Diode Modules

                      • Ultra low-noise laser diode modules are designed for applications that require particularly low noise or mode-hop, noise-free operation. Availble at 635 nm with output power of 5 mW.
                        • RMS noise <0.06% for bandwiths of 10 Hz to 10 MHz
                        • Circular beam
                        • No mode-hop noise, no warm-up period
                        • Long lifetime
                      • PowerLine Laser

                      • A laser line generator developed for demanding industrial machine vision and scientific applications.
                        • High-Power Structured Light Pattern Generating Laser
                        • High power laser in a compact package
                        • Uniform intensity distribution for laser line generators
                        • Focusable
                        • High pointing stability
                        • Over-voltage, reverse-polarity, over-heating and ESD protection
                        • Compatible with standard pattern generators
                      • Magnum II Laser

                      • A high power laser designed for the most demanding industrial applications with high intensity and a wide selection of fan angles.
                        • High-Power Structured Light Pattern Generating Laser
                        • Uniform, non-Gaussian intensity distribution along the line
                        • Power to 7W
                        • Wide range of powers and fan angles
                        • High pointing stability
                        • Focusable
                        • Protection against over-voltage, reverse polarity of power supply, overheating and ESD
                        • Rugged, industrial-grade design
                      • Visible Mini Diode Laser Modules

                      • Miniature diode laser modules that produce high quality elliptical or circular beams, featuring:
                        • VLM2 and VLM3-style packages
                        • High visibility 635 nm, 650 nm, and 670 nm
                        • Circular or elliptical beams
                        • Also available in line generators
                    • Industrial Ultra Short-Pulse Lasers

                    • Short-pulsed industrial lasers from nanosecond lasers with up to 1 Joule pulse energy, through picosecond lasers with up to 80 MHz repetition rates, to femtosecond lasers with up to 900 fs pulse widths.

                      Nanosecond Lasers - With pulsewidths of 10’s of nanoseconds and high power output, nanosecond lasers perform precision processing with excellent material removal rates for microelectronics, materials processing, solar and medical device manufacturing

                      Picosecond Lasers - With pulse durations typically around 10 ps, picosecond lasers offer the best mix of high quality results and reasonable process throughput for a wide range of precision processing applications, including cutting, drilling and marking.

                      Femtosecond Lasers - The ultrafast pulses delivered by femtosecond lasers enable the most demanding, high precision micro-structuring tasks in industrial and ophthalmic applications, and are employed when quality is of utmost importance.
                        • Femtosecond Lasers

                        • Femtosecond product families with wavelengths up to 1070 nm, repetition rates up to 80 MHz, and pulse widths up to 900 fs.
                          • Fidelity Femtosecond Fiber Lasers - Ultrafast Femtosecond Fiber Lasers.
                          • Monaco - A diode-pumped femtosecond industrial laser with a MOPA architecture designed for high-uptime, industrial applications.
                          • Opera-F - For the Monaco Family of optical parametric amplifiers (OPAs) that extend the performance of Coherent’s Monaco amplifier.
                          • RAPID FX - A diode-pumped chirped pulse amplified laser system.
                        • Picosecond Lasers

                        • Picosecond product families providing wavelengths up to 1064 nm, repetition rates up to 80 MHz, and pulse energy up to 200 µJ.

                          These lasers offer the best mix of high quality results and reasonable process throughput for a wide range of precision processing applications, including cutting, drilling and marking.
                          • RAPID NX - Picosecond laser system that is cost-effective and fit for demanding industrial applications. Rapid NX delivers 7W and 1 MHz at 1064 nm.
                          • HyperRapid NX - High-power industrial picosecond laser, combining cutting-edge specification with industrial reliability and user-friendliness.
                          • RAPID - Picosecond laser platform delivering up to 10W and 1MHz at 1064, also available at 532 nm and 355 nm.
                          • HELIOS - Family of picosecond lasers with pulse energies up to 100 µJ in the IR and up to 60 µJ in the Green.
                      • Ultrafast Laser Oscillators and Amplifiers

                      • The Coherent ultrafast laser portfolio is the most extensive available and offers industrial-grade reliability with repetition rates from 10 Hz to 100 MHz and pulse energies from nJ-level to 100 mJ.

                        Coherent ultrafast lasers are designed and manufactured to provide the best performance, portfolio and support in the industry. Their cutting-edge performance is easily accessible, even for users without expertise in lasers. The wide product portfolio provides broad expansion capabilities to enable new and more sophisticated experiments. The exceptional performance of our ultrafast laser products is backed by a highly specialized global support organization - always close to your laboratory.
                          • Ultrafast Oscillators

                          • Ultrafast oscillators designed to meet a wide range of applications and user requirements, from multi-photon excitation microscopy to time-resolved TeraHertz studies.
                            • Vitara Family - Hands-free, Ti:Sapphire computer controlled lasers with adjustable wavelength, bandwidth and pulse width.
                            • Chameleon Family - Fully automated lasers featuring the widest tuning range.
                            • Mira Family - Comprehensive family of flexible modelocked Ti:Sapphire oscillators.
                            • Fidelity Lasers - Powerful femtosecond fiber lasers with groundbreaking short pulse duration.
                          • Ultrafast Amplifiers

                          • Coherent’s ultrafast amplifier portfolio is the most extensive available offering amplified pulse energies from 4 µJ to 100 mJ and repetition-rates from 10 Hz to 500 kHz.

                            Coherent has a long and successful history of providing reliable, high-performance, ultrafast laser oscillators and amplifiers offering the widest range of ultrafast products available. Coherent can supply every component in your ultrafast laser system pump lasers, oscillators, amplifiers, tunable OPAs and accessories.
                            • Astrella - Next-generation, kHz amplifier combining leading-edge performance and industrialized durability
                            • Legend Elite - High power, kHz,Ti:Sapphire amplifiers with integrated pump laser
                            • Legend Elite Cryo PA - Cryogenically cooled single-pass Ti:Sapphire power amplifier.
                            • Libra - One-Box Ti:Sapphire amplifier
                            • Revolution - High power, kHz, pulsed green lasers
                            • Hidra - High energy, high peak power, 10Hz, Ti:sapphire amplifier
                            • RegA - High repetition rate, Ti:sapphire amplifier with repetition rate to 500 kHz
                            • Monaco - High power, MHz amplifier with fiber-based MOPA architecture
                        • Laser Measurement

                            • EnergyMax Sensors

                            • Coherent EnergyMax sensors enable laser pulse energy measurement over a broader range of wavelengths, repetition rates, pulse energies and beam diameters. Superior performance characteristics such as high damage resistance, and high repetition rates combined with large active areas, and low noise make EnergyMax sensor your best choice no matter what your particular laser energy measurement need.

                              EnergyMax sensors are compatible with:
                              • FieldMaxII-TOP
                              • FieldMaxII-P
                              • LabMax-TOP
                              • LabMax-Pro SSIM
                              • USB and RS232 models are also available
                            • EnergyMax-USB/RS Sensors

                            • A line of EnergyMax USB and RS232 enabled sensors in which the meter instrumentation has been miniaturized and integrated into the sensor head cable itself, offering the following additional benefits and capabilities:
                              • EnergyMax-RS/USB sensors provide RS-232 connectivity
                              • RS-232 for OEM embedded applications
                              • Low Cost of Ownership
                              • Lower initial cost compared to traditional meter + sensor systems
                              • Lower calibration cost (no separate meter to calibrate)
                              • Simple integration lowers implementation costs
                              • Fast 14-bit A/D converter supports measurement accuracy similar to that found in LabMAx-TOP meter
                              • Ability to log every pulse at a data rate sup to 10 kHz directly to a file (USB)
                              • Synchronized dual unit operation to support A/B ratiometry
                              • State-of-the-art EnergyMax Sensor Technology
                            • Quantum Series EnergyMax Sensors

                            • Quantum EnergyMax sensors enable low energy pulse measurement as well as average power of pulsed systems from the nW to mW level, across a broad range of wavelengths. These sensors have a removable light shield on the front used to block stray light.

                              • Pulse energy measurement down to 750 pJ
                              • Average power measurement of pulsed sources from nW to mW level signal-to-noise characteristics
                              • Measures every pulse to 10,000 Hz
                              • Accurate spectral compensation (325 nm to 900 nm / 800nm to 1700 nm)
                            • Laser Beam Diagnostics

                            • Laser Beam Profiler, Laser Beam Analyzer and Laser Beam Propagation.
                              • ModeMaster PC M-Squared (M2) Beam Propagation Analyzer - For measuring M2 and other beam analysis functions for CW lasers.
                              • LaserCam-HR Family - Two New LaserCam products joining an already successful LaserCam-HR camera.
                              • BeamMaster USB Knife-Edge Based Beam Profilers - Cross-sectional profiles or 2D/3D image plots in real time up to 5 Hz.
                              • ModeMaster PC Scan Head Modular Components - Allow quick changes to other wavelengths or divergences
                              • WaveMaster Wavelength Meter - Measures the wavelength of both CW and pulsed lasers of any repetition rate.
                            • Laser Power and Energy Meters

                            • Coherent offers a broad line of laser power and energy meters to suit the needs of numerous different types of customers with work environments ranging from R&D and manufacturing to universities and field service. No matter what your work environment or application is, Coherent has a meter that will fit your needs.
                            • Sensors - Laser Power

                            • A diverse portfolio of nearly 100 different standard laser power sensors over a broad range of laser output characteristics allowing you to select a system to best meet your particular needs.

                              This diversity enables laser power measurement over an extremely broad range of laser output characteristics, and will allow you to select a system that meets your particular requirements in terms of performance, accuracy and cost. Coherent can also engineer custom OEM sensor solutions; please contact us to discuss your volume needs.
                            • PowerMax-Pro Sensor

                            • PowerMax-Pro (Patent #9,059,346) represents a dramatic technological advancement in laser power sensing that combines the broad wavelength sensitivity, dynamic range and laser damage resistance of a thermopile with the response speed of a semiconductor photodiode. This high-speed, thin film sensor technology for laser power measurement (50 mW to 15 kW). Its unique thermal flow design enables fast, high power measurmeent, with high damage resistance. The sensor is so fast, less than ten microseconds in the case of the “HD” version, that users can trace the pulse shape of modulated lasers at pulse repetition frequencies up to 25 kHz.
                            • PowerMax-Pro USB/RS Sensors

                            • New PowerMax-Pro incorporating LabMax-Pro instrumentation directly within the sensor cable.

                              PowerMax-Pro USB and RS sensors incorporate LabMax-Pro instrumentation directly within the sensor cable. Similar to other Coherent USB and RS sensors, this configuration offers a smaller form factor for use inside laser processing systems or production lines. Additionally, the cost of annual calibration is half that of a separate meter and sensor system. The PowerMax-Pro USB and RS sensors operate with LabMax-Pro PC applications software (included).
                            • kW PowerMax-Pro Sensor

                            • Kilowatt class power measurement with extended average power handling capability up to 3 kW with a 30 microsecond rise time and utilizing the same transverse thermoelectric thin-film HD sensor technology as our standard PowerMax-Pro sensor.

                              • Very Fast 30 μsec response time
                              • Measures high average power to 3 kW
                              • Large 30 mm active area
                              • Less than 1% back reflection
                              • QBH adapter available for Class 1 measurement
                            • PowerMax-USB/RS Sensors

                            • Laser power measurement with state-of-the-art microelectronics miniaturization techniques, integrated in an entire instrument within a USB 2.0 or RS-232 cable connector.

                              Key Features:
                              • PowerMax-RS provides RS-232 connectivity. Power input provided via +5 VDC input from external power supply or through Pin 1 on RS-232 connector.
                              • Instrumentation platform is compatible with thermopiles and optical sensors and can be adapted to most power sensors that Coherent manufactures.
                              • Displays beam position with position-sensing quadrant thermopiles (with LM-model sensors like LM-10).
                              • High resolution 24-bit A/D converter supports four digits of resolution and measurement accuracy equivalent to that found in Coherent’s LabMax meters.
                              • Spectral compensation is unique to each device for improved accuracy.
                              • Long-pulse joules capability with thermopile sensors.
                              • NIST traceable measurements.
                            • LabMax-Pro Mobile App

                            • The new LabMax-Pro Mobile app enables wireless operation of laser power and energy sensors using an off-the-shelf mobile device. By leveraging the existing high quality, yet economical, touchscreen displays currently available on the market, Coherent can deliver a powerful and easy-to-use laser measurement solution at a reduced cost and in a more compact and portable form factor. In addition to this improved mobility, the LabMax-Pro Mobile App provides the ability to save and export data that can be sent to collegues and imported into the desktop application for more in-depth analysis and reporting.
                            • LMC System Kits

                            • Laser measurement kits bundled together for extra savings.