Company Profile

It has been years lived with great enthusiasm and pioneeristic spirit, during which we have developed an industrial policy of challenge, progress and constant technological renewal so that, for several years, MECA has been the leader in the field. Progress and success are connected with our clients’ collaboration and we take advantage of this situation to thank our whole connection, assuring it that our first intention is to answer to the trust that the international market gives us. We will keep a renewed engagement in maintaining our prestige and the expectations that everyone places in us. With my sons, Guido, who has been engaged in the technical-commercial management for years and Alberto, manager of the inside organisation, I express my sincere thanks to all the skilled workers, past and present, for the efficacious collaboration that has so much contributed to the expansion and the success of our company. In the spirit of a further internalisation, we will try to increase the development and we will also strive to obtain a technological and social advancement. Giannino Landoni MECA's President