Macpi Group

Company Profile

Since 1961 the Macpi Group story has been created through our close association with the Worlds Clothing Industry and it is built on a relationship based on high quality products and the best in customer service. Macpi has since 1961 worked closely with the Clothing Industry (particularly in Europe) to solve the many problems associated with the different sectors of garment construction and finishing. The growth of Macpi is the result of a permanent state of positive co-operation existing between the highly skilled Macpi group personnel and our customer’s owners, technicians and managers. THE STRONG TRADITION of the design and manufacturing of high technology machinery is the evident proof and it is well known that Macpi have contributed considerably to the development and improvement of the Spreading and Pressing technique revolution in two of the most complicated stages of garment production. Over the years the Macpi Group’s associated companies have accrued great knowledge and experience which has enabled us to produce Automatic units for Fabric Spreading and also for Fusing including the automatic feeding and unloading of garment parts. Machinery has been developed and perfected for Under-Pressing and Final Pressing together with Automatic Sewing units for Top Stitched seams in fact Macpi product range is so diverse as to be able to satisfy the needs of the whole manufacturing process enabling Macpi to supply complete "Turnkey" factories.