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Sperotto Rimar

Company Profile

Sperotto Rimar is one of the World\'s leading manufacturer of textile finishing machinery. Our range of ISO 9001 high quality products cover the processing of woven and knitted fabrics as well as woollen, man-made and cotton fibre products. Sperotto Rimar offers to textile producers located all over the world its widest range of products, covering over twenty machines and plants subdivided into 5 main lines, each one including various versions of many different models. History: In 1980 Sperotto Rimar Ltd. originated from the merger of two well established companies: Sperotto Ltd. and Rimar Meccanica Ltd. Sperotto Ltd. started up in 1946 as a manufacturer of textile finishing machines. Its product range went gradually increasing from machines using steam processes to more technologically sophisticated wet and solvent processing plants. Sperotto\'s tradition for research and innovation earned the company a name among textile producers all over the world. Rimar Meccanica was born in 1960 with the purpose of carrying out research in the field of textile processing by means of organic chlorinated solvents. This led the company on to designing and manufacturing equipment for the application of acquired technologies, thus becoming a world leader in this very specific field. The merger of the two companies thus complimented Sperotto´s 34-year-long experience, commercial strength and production capacity with Rimar Meccanica\'s research and technological know-how.