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Company Profile

Because the product programmes complement to one another, m-tec developed to one of the world-market leaders for dry and wet finishing machinery, not only limited to pure wool fabrics. Furthermore, m-tec is one of the specialists for shearing and finishing of pile fabrics including carpets and a well known manufacturer of making-up machines for all kinds of textiles. Looking back on a company history of more than 100 years, m-tec now incorporates the product programmes of the former companies MENSCHNER, KETTLING & BRAUN, SISTIG and HEMMER. As a traditional textile machinery manufacturer and based on their long field experience m-tec is in a position to realize innovative machinery concepts and to satisfy highest quality demands. Service and consulting are a ruling maxim for m-tec. This finds expression in the in-house test and show room to which m-tec invites the customers for demonstrations of the regularly changing exhibits and where, besides the development work, practice-oriented trials with customer’s fabrics are carried out. m-tec the finishing concept.... Wet finishing (system HEMMER) Open-width scouring machines, rope scouring machines, milling-scouring machines, milling machines, wet-brushing, crabbing machines, scutchers. Napping and shearing (systems SISTIG and MENSCHNER Cloth shearing machines, pile shearing machines, carpet shearing machines, pile polisher, drum napper, tigering machines, sueding machines. Dry finishing (system KETTLING & BRAUN Pressing machines, kier decatizing, shrinking machines, decatizing machines, steaming and brushing machines, weft straighteners Making-up (systems MENSCHNER) Inspection and measuring machines, rolling machines, doubling-measuring-rolling machines, plaiting machines.