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  • Offer Profile
  • EUCHNER is one of the leading specialists in safety engineering.

    EUCHNER offers a wide range of safety switches and accessories – devices which are used to monitor movable safety guards.
Product Portfolio
  • Safety

    • Non-Contact Safety Systems

    • Non-contact safety systems are interlocking devices which are designed to protect people and machines. Compared with electromechanical safety switches, they are used if:

      - a high level of protection against tampering must be achieved
      - extremely hygienic environmental conditions are required (e.g. in the food industry)
      - a precise door guide is not possible,
      - machine doors are subjected to heavy vibration
      - a high category according to EN 954-1 is stipulated during the risk analysis
    • Safety Switches

    • Safety switches have the task of preventing the operation of a machine in the case of a hazardous situation. For this purpose the safety circuit must be opened by the safety switch. Safety switches are therefore key elements of an interlocking device.
    • Emergency Stop Devices & Rope Pull Switches

    • E-stop devices and rope pull switches are intended to prevent arising hazards to persons or damage to machinery by a single human action.
    • Enabling Switches

    • Enabling switches are manually operated control devices that, together
      with other control switches, enable commands related to potentially
      hazardous conditions to be run, as long as the enabling switches are
      actuated continuously.
    • Safety Relays

    • Safety relays are converting the commands given by safety guards such as e-stop switching devices in the main circuit to the succeeding drive.