• Wind energy exhibition by EXPO21XX presents international manufacturers and suppliers of the wind energy industry.
  • A1: Wind Turbines

  • A2: Research & Media

  • A3: Technical Services & Construction

  • A4: Mechanical Components

    • 13
      • Rotor Blades

      • Special wind turbine rotors for on- and offshore use.
    • 14
      • Nacelle Components

      • Access and service hatch, cooling, air-conditioning, aluminium components...
    • 15
      • Mast and Foundations

      • Concretes, slab foundations, mono piles, gravity and tripod foundations, winch anchors, towers, mast bolts...
    • 18
      • Brakes

      • Electrical and mechanical braking, rotor lock, dynamic braking resistors...
    • 19
      • Bearings and Lubrication

      • Rotor shaft bearings, planet bearings for gearboxes and insulated bearings designed for the use in wind turbines.
    • 20
      • Hydraulics

      • Cylinders, motors and pumps used in wind turbines as well as hydraulic tools like torque wrenches.
    • 22
      • Maintenance Tools

      • Working platforms, rope teams, cranes, canvas products, chemicals, fiberglass repair, insulated tools...
  • A5: Electrical Components

    • 24
      • Controls

      • Strain control, communication, software, hardware, PLCs, modular control, WTG & CHP controls, remote operations...remote operations...
    • 25
      • Monitoring Systems

      • Wind SCADA, monitoring software, displays, diagnostic tools, remote systems, reporting...
    • 26
      • Sensors

      • Rotor blade positioning, encoders, safety sensors, proximity sensors, humidity and temperature sensors...
    • 29
      • Generators

      • Induction and synchronous generators for wind turbines.
    • 30
      • Cabinets and Switchboards

      • Enclosures, busbar systems and cabinet switchboards for installation inside the towers of wind turbines.
    • 32
      • Safety and Protection

      • High-voltage protection, hard hats, harnesses, lightning protection, EMC, navigation lights, safety equipment...
    •   News
    • wind energy
    vestas ocean race

    The Team Vestas joins the Volvo Ocean Race 2014-2015


    Starting in October, the Volvo Ocean Race will embark on its 12th edition, taking sailors on a 38,739-nautical-mile race around the world [...]

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    • wind energy
    rotor blade

    The "World Premiere for the 64.4-meter long rotor blade

    Nordex SE

    At WindEnergy Hamburg 2014 Nordex will present the 64.4-meter long rotor blade of the light wind turbine N131/3000 [...]

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    • wind power
    wind lens

    The "Wind Lens" - A new efficient wind power turbine

    Kyushu University

    Developed by Kyushu University, Japan, the Wind Lens can increase the energy output up to 2.5 times! [...]

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    • wind turbines
    2 MW wind turbine

    2.0 MW prototype wind turbine optimized for low wind areas


    The V110-2.0 MW is built from the proven technology of Vestas’ 2 MW platform and features a larger rotor using 55m blades [...]