Business Profile

BLOCK has been a powerful global partner to trade and industry in the field of coiled products for decades. Everyone working in the electronics sector appreciates the reliability and on-time delivery our brand stands for, especially following the introduction of our blue PCB Transformers. To ensure that it remains this way, BLOCK continues to invest in controllable, rapid and above all reliable in-house production facilities. Together with its increasingly powerful development centre, BLOCK offers a fast customisation and product redevelopment service alongside its large off-the-shelf product range. This enables tailor-made BLOCK products to be certified and ready for shipping from the production sites in Verden within just three weeks.

Get everything from a single source
BLOCK brings together research, development and production under one roof. From coiled goods, right up to electronic switched mode Power supplies, software development and cast resin optimisation, our company’s genes flow into every single wire. In Verden, plastic parts are cast, sheet metal punched and machined, PCBs equipped and large Transformers wound, tested, inspected and EMC certified.