Company Profile

Yesterday ELFIN (Elettroforniture industriali) was set up in 1967 as a manufacturer of electrical mechanical products. Shortly after, it began specialising in pushbutton panels (Electrical components for commands and signalling) and consolidated its position in the automation sector, primarily geared to auto-related industries. In 1985, the fast development of the market led to the split of the pushbutton panel sector from the mother company. Initially, it became an independent division and later, in 1989, a new company: NEW ELFIN. The aim of this new company was to technologically update its own product range to offer the market an increasingly evolved and up-to-the-minute product. In the early 90s this objective was quickly achieved and saw NEW ELFIN concentrate on the total renewal of equipment and infrastructure, with a view to the complete rationalisation of the production process and company logistics. A special line of products was designed and manufactured having the following characteristics: high technological content and rigorous cost management, to contrast the competition, and full compliance with sector regulations. In subsequent years the company was consolidated on both national and international markets. Today ELFIN employs more than 50 staff in its new 4,000 m² plant Manufacturing 8,000 basic products, which increase to 12,000 catalogued entries when assembled. The company enjoys a global sales network, communication with users occurs through the numerous international fairs and, above all, through the website in 15 languages.

Product Range

  • Controls: Field bus components
  • Controls: Handheld terminal
  • Controls: Programmable joystick
  • Controls: Safety relay
  • Machine casing
  • Machine casing: Machine enclosure
  • Safety system
  • Signal lights: Flash light
  • Signal lights: Signal column
  • Signal lights: Wall light