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  • Offer Profile
  • Deutsche Windtechnik is a specialist in the maintenance and repair of wind turbines on land and at sea. Our day-to-day business includes the planning and implementation of maintenance, repair, upgrading and inspection procedures.
Product Portfolio
  • Onshore service

  • It’s All About: Maintenance and Repair

    Together with onshore wind energy, we have become very strong over the last few decades. Take a look at our service network: In keeping with the plants, our growth has been decentralised; we are located where the wind parks are situated. We now even have sites beyond the country’s borders. We recognised the potential for professional maintenance and repair to ensure economical operation of wind parks on land and situated ourselves accordingly – we thus made our passion into a profession.

    Our unique service strategy has made us into a leader in Germany today, as our company figures show. Our leading edge is based, in particular, on our comprehensive service approach. We are the only service provider to master the complete onshore system technology. From A to Z, from the nacelle to the foundation, from head to toe.

    A real service provider from head to toe

    Whether it is the entire wind turbine, the controlling system, nacelle, rotor or the foundations, from large components through the smallest electronic components up to the substation – our team is made up of experts that understand your wind turbine portfolio and can provide economical benefits from a service point of view.

    Our range of services includes:
    • Full maintenance and basic maintenance
    • Reconditioning
    • Improvements to relevant components
    • Creation of expert reports for a range of scenarios
    • Safety inspections
    • Development and sale of spare parts
    • Repowering
    • Consultation on all things to do with maintenance and repairs

    The majority of our processes are certified pursuant to ISO 9001:2008.
      • Full Maintenance and Basic Maintenance

      • Individual Is the Name of the Right Maintenance Model

        As the wind turbines get older, we pick up speed. But of course, we also take a great interest in these young-at-heart candidates. Because we know: the right maintenance and repair strategy has a decisive influence on the success of the wind park project at every phase of its lifespan.

        Together with the customers, we decide what is advantageous or counterproductive. Because each operator has their own requirements, wishes and goals. Moreover, no wind turbine is like any other: What type of system, the size of the wind park portfolio and the individual locations with their special geographic and meteorological conditions have an influence on the right type of service concept.

        We are the maintenance and repair specialists

        The basic components of our service included the standard tasks: analysis, evaluation, spare parts management, repairs, improvements, and permanent monitoring.
      • Remote Data Monitoring

      • Onshore and Offshore 24/7

        For all technical equipment in operation, it is important to be continuously assured that everything is running smoothly. Whether wind turbines or substations, onshore or offshore or the relevant subsystems – you will be looked after by experts in our Ostenfeld control room.

        The remote data monitoring employees are on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It is also possible for customers to specify the intensity of collaboration and the degree of job sharing.

        Find faults proactively

        Our control room, completely refurbished in 2015, provides every technical and safety feature necessary for upcoming projects. This includes the integration, compatible in terms of safety technology, of offshore wind parks as well as the monitoring of onshore wind turbines, also ones installed beyond the borders of Europe.
      • Service on every aspect of rotor blades

      • Ten years eye to eye with rotor blades

        The rotor blades are among the most highly stressed components of the wind turbine. Depending on the intensity of the load and the procedures and quality of the manufacturing process, sooner or later signs of wear start to appear. Under certain conditions, design or manufacturing faults show up. Our experts have been involved with all services that have to do with the maintenance and repair of rotor blades for more than 10 years.

        Regular inspections, maintenance, preventative or, as applicable, spontaneous repairs are the core skills we offer for our rotor services. Our rotor blade team are out and about working on work platforms using cable-access technology or alternatives all over Germany.

        A keen eye for individual solutions

        Our maintenance and repair strategy is always based on technical and economical aspects, which always need to be realistically weighed up. We can find the best solution together.
      • Substations

      • The needle eye for feeding in clean electricity

        Substations act as the interface between the generation and the transmission/distribution of renewable energy. If the substation breaks down, the connected generating plants such as wind and solar parks or biogas plants are no longer able to feed into the electricity grid. Depending on the severity and duration of the fault, significant losses of earnings or other technical faults may be the result. Maintenance and repair of substations is thus essential to ensure the economic viability of the feed-in process for the producing systems.

        To avoid standstills in the substations and to remedy them quickly, we assume full responsibility for performing all necessary measures: We provide 24/7 remote monitoring via a control room and on-site switching, fault clearance and regular inspection and maintenance or elementary components. Our specialists act immediately in the case of abnormalities. Correct documentation is obligatory. It also serves to ensure faultless operation of the substations we service for the long term.
      • References

      • Customers report about the cooperation with Deutsche Windtechnik

        “The turbines have to keep running” – only then is electricity efficiently fed into the grid. Our customers operate even more successfully by letting Deutsche Windtechnik service their wind turbine generators. Whether increasing profits, optimising turbine availability or ensuring efficient and fault-free work or repairs: our customers tell us about their positive experiences and are happy to share them with you. Click in and have a look!
    • The A-Z of Offshore Maintenance

    • Experience that pays off

      Deutsche Windtechnik has been actively involved in the international offshore business for over a decade. We were therefore among the very first offshore service providers in the industry.

      With this level of experience at our disposal, Deutsche Windtechnik Offshore und Consulting GmbH is in a position to offer our clients a wide spectrum of maritime services. Our staff, expertise and our well-established maritime network allow us to offer a full range of services for offshore wind farms – from rotor blades and the tower all the way to the transition piece and foundation, the substation and other structures.

      Specialists from all departments of Deutsche Windtecknik AG work together very closely in order to fulfil the special demands of the offshore wind energy industry. The experiences gained through the individual maintenance disciplines onshore are therefore continuously being integrated into the offshore working processes.

      Our services in the field of offshore maintenance have been certified by GL Systems Certification in accordance with ISO standard 9001:2008, OHSAS 18001, ISO 140001.
        • Offshore Wind Turbines

        • Where the power is generated

          The wind turbines are the heart of every offshore wind farm. In this field in particular we are able to utilise the full power of our strengths and expertise. Our range of services covers every type of support you might need for your facilities. We develop an appropriate concept for every technical and logical challenge we are given and implement this meticulously.

          The offshore wind energy industry it constantly expanding with the aim of producing ever-cheaper power from the wind at sea. However, the industry is well aware of the fact that it must continue to make technical progress in order to achieve this, which is why facilities are constantly growing in size. We accompany this rapid progress and grow with the tasks that this development involves.

          We have a profound respect for the rough conditions at sea and are very familiar with the huge amounts of stress that these conditions place on both people and machines. Our employees are thus equipped with the qualifications and experience which allow them to cope with the challenges faced offshore.
        • Service for offshore foundations

        • The foundation is the cornerstone of every wind turbine. Part of it is above water and part below water, and it needs to be able to withstand significant stresses from currents and waves. Driven by the wind, oxygen-rich surface water spray constantly lashes against the outer surface. The corrosive effect is increased in combination with sunlight. For this reason, the foundation requires special care. Preserving the integrity of its structure is crucial to the safety of the entire wind turbine.

          Deutsche Windtechnik provides all necessary services for a long and safe service life of the wind turbine. Our services not only include standard maintenance tasks, but also special test methods as well as corrosion protection. In addition to performing tasks above the waterline, our service teams are also highly skilled at the necessary underwater work. This includes maintenance work on components, special test procedures and services for the transition piece, such as the boat landing and cranes.

        • Offshore Substations

        • The eye of the needle for feeding into the grid

          The substation is the most important structure in an offshore wind farm. This is where all the energy produced by the wind turbines is brought together and converted by transformers to a high voltage transmission of 155kV. This is necessary to ensure that as little energy as possible is lost during transmission over long distances to the next onshore grid node.

          If a technical fault occurs on the substation platform then all wind turbines in the offshore wind farm will fail to function. This means that maintenance and repairs services must meet extremely meticulous and high quality standards.

          Both in terms of personnel and logistics, Deutsche Windtechnik is in a position to carry out virtually every task needed on the substation platform. Our service portfolio ranges from construction and production monitoring to all other maintenance measures, from a complete data monitoring system to essential testing and expert reports.
        • Technical Controlling

        • Keeping wind turbines going and going…

          Coordination is everything – and it is particularly challenging when taking place offshore because of the number of constraints, directives and participants involved. The technical controlling department ensures that everything runs smoothly at an offshore wind farm. Their services include inspecting and coordinating all service work, communicating and coordinating with authorities and distribution network operators, and reporting to investors.

          For everything to run smoothly, the team of experts keeps an eye on all organisational tasks. These include risk and asset management, availability evaluation and the coordination of distribution network operators, authorities and electricity suppliers.

          Our expertise and proximity to a project allow us to work out the details of upgrades to offshore wind turbines for performance optimisation and enhancement. Working closely with the site management, control room, marine coordination and technical management, we are able to create the highest degree of transparency and synergy for efficient wind farm operations.
      • Additional Services

      • So that everything runs smoothly!

        Deutsche Windtechnik offers you full service for wind turbines under one roof. Both onshore and offshore, experienced experts are on hand for you for every discipline. Yet, for us, maintenance is not just the sum of individual component services: We are happy to work with you to develop the ideal maintenance concept and assist you in a comprehensive manner with our expertise and experience.

        Certain areas, such as research and development, expert reports, consulting, safety engineering, control electronics and repowering, require special knowledge that we bring together in our own business units. We not only offer the services of these departments to our customers – we also use them ourselves for the comprehensive mapping and optimisation of our maintenance processes.
          • Research & Development

          • Find new solutions to keep everything running smoothly

            We want to expand and advance our innovative strength. Technicians and engineers from all professional areas work on new and further development of our services. All the different areas need to perfectly mesh like the teeth of a gear-wheel.

            Our analysis is based on a stable and continuously growing database that now includes more than 2,600 wind turbines. More than 70 engineers, qualified tradepersons, technicians as well as skilled employees with practical experience work in this fundamental area. They use their specialist knowledge to link the wind turbine data with technical calculations, careful selection of material and then subsequently carry out a detailed evaluation. On top of this, current focus is also on the areas of wind turbine software and programming.

            Autonomy is essential for R&D

            Above all, a service portfolio that is independent of the manufacturer is the driving force for retrofits and improvements to the entire process of maintenance and repair.

            We are convinced that complete independence from the manufacture of the product can even be considered essential. After all, the manufacturer of the original equipment or the wind turbine is often trapped by their responsibility for the design fault.

            Independent companies such as Deutsche Windtechnik concentrate only on maintenance and repair and are therefore in the position of being able to evaluate the operating characteristics objectively and impartially. This drives the process of improvements at every point. And makes them genuine experts in the field. They are often the only company with qualified maintenance and repair personnel for the most diverse generations of wind turbines.
          • Repowering of Wind Turbines

          • We provide comprehensive support for your project

            For many years now, we have been supporting operators and investors in dismantling and recycling wind parks. More than 150 systems have already been disassembled and sold. We not only handle technical services and professional project management; we also place value on holding personal discussions with our customers to work out the chances of success of the repowering project. The goal is to achieve maximum added value as well as planning security with reference to the recycling of the plant.

            We plan the dismantling processes, organise the renaturation, the logistics and recycling of the old plant. Our project management also takes into account all required approvals as well as the regulations; we also have solutions for all safety issues.

            We take care of your old wind turbines

            Currently, the dismantling and sale of 40 other systems is underway or in the preparatory process. Our customers appreciate our reliable handling of their repowering process, all from one source – from dismantling to recycling. This ensures planning security and provides good results.

            An overview of our services
            • Project management
            • Purchase
            • Dismantling
            • Logistics
            • Recycling
            • Renaturing

            With numerous specialised company units, we have all the skill necessary to successfully handle the most diverse dismantling projects. This includes the specialised preparation, dismantling, storage and transport of all wind park components (wind turbine, rotor blade, tower, foundations, transformer stations, substations, cables and ducts, paths and roads). This can be evaluated even higher to ensure the system can be sold in a perfect technical condition and safely further operated.
          • Survey & inspection body

          • Our expertise for your onshore and offshore projects

            More than ever before, wind turbine generators are operated like large power stations. This applies to the onshore as well as for the offshore market.

            Our expertise opinions are required by public authorities, insurances and manufacturers. An important point is impartiality or independence. The inspection body of Deutsche Windtechnik was approved and recognized by the German Accreditation Body (Dakks) in accordance with DIN EN ISO / IEC 17020 in terms of quality, integrity and impartiality. We find out if industry standards are applied. Industry standards reduce production and maintenance costs. Only this makes wind energy comparable to other power plants.

          • Make Quality and Safety a Top Priority

          • Quality, health, safety and environment (QHSE)

            We provide consultation services in the area of QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety and Environment), both onshore and offshore, to help you achieve the highest possible quality and safety.

            Our work is based on understanding the QHSE requirements of our customers and jointly implementing measures to fulfil them. Precisely analysing these requirements in the areas of occupational safety, quality and environmental management allows us to develop reliable concepts and processes. In addition to consulting services, we will gladly put our competence and experience at your disposal to assist with operational implementation at your company.

            GL Systems Certification has certified our services in accordance with ISO standard 9001:2008, BS OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001.
          • Training Center for occupational health and safety

          • Realistic and practice-oriented

            Many workplaces, for example at heights, in confined spaces or in places with a fire hazard, are associated with risks and dangers. In order to ensure safe working conditions, companies in certain industries are obliged to train their employees in the field of occupational safety.

            Theoretical and practical knowledge and skills must be learned and regularly refreshed. Preventive measures and training are essential to prevent accidents. In order to develop safe working habits, a person needs to be able to gain confidence in their protective equipment and their own abilities. We have developed training concepts that convey all relevant safety aspects in a realistic environment and in a short time, and training takes place under the supervision of our experienced trainers.

            Each successful participant receives a certificate. Our training courses are officially certified in accordance with GWO standards.

          • Control and power electronics

          • It is not uncommon for wind turbines failures to be caused by electronic faults. It is often necessary to replace components of the electronic system before the plant can be reconnected to the grid network.

            Our experts in controlling and power electronics are specialised in the maintenance and repair of the electronics in wind turbines. The general overhauls they perform on electronic assemblies represent an economical and reliable alternative to new parts all over the world.

            To keep our delivery times short and ensure we are able to work independently of third-party providers, we overhaul subassemblies and produce them ourselves. Moreover, we develop technical upgrades to counter weaknesses in the design process. This allows us to work independently and results in cost reductions.

            An overview of Deutsche Windtechnik services in the area of control systems:
            • General overhaul work and inspection of electronic component assemblies according to industry standards. All processes are certified pursuant to ISO 9001:2008.
            • Including improvements and upgrades
            • After maintenance and repairs, every component assembly is tested in a simulation environment under realistic conditions.
            • We provide a two-year guarantee for all component assemblies that have undergone a general overhaul.
          • Safety Engineering

          • Safety as a top priority – We know how

            The professionalisation of the wind energy industry is well advanced: laws, regulations, standards and guidelines have been standardised and made compulsory to the greatest possible extent. This has resulted in a whole range of specifications for which the operators of the wind turbines are responsible.

            Only through regular inspection of the safety equipment and annually performed inspections that conform to the regulations of the DGUV (German statutory accident insurance institute, previously the UVV) can faults to the safety equipment be remedied in good time to ensure accidents are avoided. Deutsche Windtechnik offers the performance of all inspections, general overhaul work and/or repairs, from one source. We are happy to advise you on subjects related to occupational and equipment safety.

            The inspections are based on the German Occupational Safety and Health Act, the Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health and the regulations of the BG expert committee. For the operator, regular inspections ensure ongoing operation of the wind turbines and their legal compliance.
          • Upgrades

          • Service

            Maintenance and repair is and remains a dynamic subject. This can be clearly seen by the number of upgrades that we have developed to optimise the operation of wind turbines. Whether complex or surprisingly simple solutions – every upgrade is the result of our education, research and development processes driven by our passion for servicing and the agility of our company processes.

            The exchanges between the specialist areas of the Deutsche Windtechnik and our subsidiary network ensures that the improvements are developed and applied to the right extent. In order to always maintain an overview of the desired economic effects, the technicians work closely together with the sales department and management.
          • Spare parts sales for wind turbines

          • We operate worldwide

            We deliver all spare parts for wind turbines, as main components - plug and play if wanted, yaw gears, pitch cylinders, prop valves, motors, filters, grease, hoses, electronical parts - especially refurbished and own developed electronic components.

          • Additional services

          • So that everything runs smoothly!

            Deutsche Windtechnik offers you full service for wind turbines under one roof. Both onshore and offshore, experienced experts are on hand for you for every discipline. Yet, for us, maintenance is not just the sum of individual component services: We are happy to work with you to develop the ideal maintenance concept and assist you in a comprehensive manner with our expertise and experience.

            Certain areas, such as research and development, expert reports, consulting, safety engineering, control electronics and repowering, require special knowledge that we bring together in our own business units. We not only offer the services of these departments to our customers – we also use them ourselves for the comprehensive mapping and optimisation of our maintenance processes.