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  • Wind energy – Solar energy – Bioenergy – Photovoltaic

    Eaton is ideally placed for renewable energies as a leading supplier of components and systems for energy distribution and automation. Our automation products already control and safely monitor many functions in systems and plants: For example, programmable logic controllers regulate photovoltaic power plants world-wide. In the field of power generation, such as wind energy plants, Eaton switchgear safely and reliably switches and protects the electrical power generation systems. Contactors are also a guarantor for malfunction-free connection to the power grid.
    Manufacturers, suppliers and installers of these systems already successfully use our products and put their trust in the proven and tested quality of Eaton products.
Product Portfolio
  • Solar products

  • Using free energy – safe for its consumers. The Sun provides 15,000 times more energy than consumed worldwide – reliably and free of charge. Modern photovoltaic installations harness this energy by using solar cells on  the roof, which convert the sunlight efficiently and sustainably into electric power. The generation of renewable electricity offers great potential  for the future, but means a special challenge, too. The irresistible power of the sun has to be restrained and professionally protected to  prevent dangerous situations. For this reason, Eaton provides a full range of high-quality components including inverters and switchgear for residential grid-connected and grid-independent photovoltaic applications.
  • The safety of Eaton

  • Safe disconnection:
    In case of fire or flooding, the current grid will be shut down by the regional electricity supplier or the fire brigade. Eaton provides you with extra safety: Remote controlled switch disconnectors ensure  the disconnection of the voltage producing modules from the grid.

    Safe maintenance:

    Whether the photovoltaic system has to be maintained or the panels cleaned up –  Eaton’s DC switch disconnectors disconnect the panels from the system and help to avoid  dangers while working on the roof. 

    Safe protection:
    Even if a lightning arrester  protects your home from lightning strikes, the induced overvoltages can damage the  photovoltaic system. To avoid such damage, Eaton offers a solution: the DC surge protection.

    Safe interaction:

    The photovoltaic system converts solar energy into electricity. Efficiency and safety are provided by Eaton. We offer a full product range of efficient and protective components, which work together, from one source.
  • Safe solutions for single-family houses

  • In addition to power inverters, switchgear and protective devices are required to safely feed the energy of the sun from domestic installations into the public grid.
    Eaton provides you with the complete package for safe operation of photovoltaic installations in single-family houses. Here you can find an overview of the most important components.
    • Power inverters

    • Efficient and reliable power inverters secure the yield
    • DC switch disconnectors

    • Compact switch-disconnectors for power inverters in switchgear systems or in separate enclosures with IP65 degree of protection
    • DC fireman’s switch

    • In hazardous situations, the house is remotely disconnected from the electrical supply to ensure that the fire services can offer assistance in safety
    • DC string circuit-breakers

      • Fuse switch-disconnector with integrated short-circuit protection
      • String circuit-breaker immediately ready for reactivation after a short circuit
    • DC overvoltage protection

    • The overvoltage protection prevents damage to the power inverter from overvoltages and protects the yield of your installation.
    • Comfort, safety and energy management

    • Wireless monitoring of the PV system & energy management for the building
  • Safe solutions for solar parks

  • In photovoltaic power stations, the energy is switched, protected and distributed from the string right up to medium-voltage. Eaton provides solutions for every task.
    • DC string circuit-breakers

    • DC string circuit-breakers with remote switching are immediately ready for reactivation after a short circuit
    • DC fireman’s switch

    • In hazardous situations, the installation is remotely disconnected from the electrical supply to ensure that the fire services can offer assistance in safety.
    • DC switch disconnectors

    • Special switch-disconnector versions for up to 1000 V DC comply with the isolation properties even for earthed IT networks.
    • DC overvoltage protection

    • The overvoltage protection protects the power inverter against damage from overvoltages and protects the yield of the installation.
    • Contactors DIL H

    • Contactors DILH switch the power inverter safely onto the grid.
    • Circuit-breakers NZM and IZM

    • Circuit-breakers NZM: A comprehensive range for energy distribution applications in the photovoltaic field up to 6300 A.
  • Tracking Systems

      • Eaton power units are equipped on tracking system to orient payloads, such as panels, reflectors, or lenses, toward the sun. The Eaton products help minimize the angle of incidence between the incoming light and the payload to ensure the most effective energy capture from the system.
        • Connectors
        • Cylinders
        • Filters
        • Fittings
        • Hose & Hose Fittings
        • Industrial Valves
        • Screw in Cartridge Valves
        • Standard Package Systems
  • Electrical Infrastructure Services - Wind Energy

  • Eaton's wind turbine electrical solutions are designed to meet UL and CSA standards and to withstand harsh climates. Eaton's components increase reliability in the nacelle's control systems and in the base of the turbine's tower. Eaton's Electrical Systems and Services engineers can assist you with installation, commissioning, maintenance, retrofit upgrades and turnkey substation construction.

    Wind energy is growing at a significant pace today in North America based on increased demand for power. At Eaton® we have leveraged our 100+ years of engineering expertise and service experience to develop modular electrical distribution infrastructure (i.e.  collector systems, collector substations and utility intertie substations). Our solution reduces our client’s time to market and guarantees flawless startup and commissioning.

    Eaton delivers turnkey electrical distribution solutions that bring substations online in half the time. We call it “speed to grid.”
    Our three-step approach delivers a safe, reliable and proven solution…
    • 1. Modular design and construction of electrical infrastructure

    • 2. Guaranteed system commissioning and
      project management

    • 3. Single point of contact backed by a national service network

  • Compact, globally certified circuit breakers for wind turbines and wind farms

  • Wind requires harsh-duty performance over a 20-year design life

    Eaton offers UL™ and IEC power protection that withstands the power surges and transients typically found in harsh-environment, high-altitude wind farms. Our compact protection components enable smaller equipment without compromising power distribution capability.
    • Air circuit breakers

    • • 800 to 4000 amperes
      • 480 to 690 Vac
      • Stored energy operation
      • 100% continuous current rated
      • Fixed or drawout construction
      • UL 1066, IEC C37.13
    • Molded case circuit breakers

    • Turbine solution
      • 15 to 2500 amperes
      • 480 to 690 Vac
      • Mechanically operated
      • Field-installable accessories for breaker indication or tripping
      • UL 489, IEC 60947-2
    • Molded case circuit breakers

    • Base of Tower Solution
      • Step-up transformer protection
      • Three-pole, 1600 to 2500 amperes
      • UL listed up to 65 kAIC at 600V
      • IEC 60947-2 up to 35 kA Icu at 690 Vac
      • Electronic trip units with long, short, instantaneous
      and ground fault protection
      • Cause-of-trip indication and current display
      • Optional Arcflash Reduction Maintenance System™

  • Eaton is an industry leader in electric vehicle (EV) and hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) components, including systems that provide fuel savings ranging from 30 to 60 percent. In addition, Eaton now provides the most robust, flexible offering of electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) on the market. Eaton's Pow-R-Station family of solutions is the electric transportation industry's premier EVSE.

  • Eaton provides the most robust, flexible offering of electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) on the market. Eaton’s Pow-R-Station family of solutions is the electric transportation industry’s premier EVSE.
      • DC Quick Charger

      • Eaton provides a solution for curbing range anxiety with the Pow-R-Station DC Quick charger. Eaton’s Pow-R-Station family of solutions is the electric transportation industry’s premier EVSE.
      • Level 2 Charging Station

      • Eaton's Level 2 Pow-R-Station electric vehicle charging stations supply the connection to the grid where vehicles park—street-side, garage or parking lot—and provide the car's onboard charger with the electricity it needs to refill the battery.
  • Renewable Energies

  • Rising energy prices and limited fossil fuel resources make the requirement for alternative solutions in the field of electric power generation world-wide essential. At the same time, demand is increasing for energy, particularly in regions with high levels of industrial growth. The industrialised countries are also seeking to lessen their dependence on imports of oil, gas, coal and uranium.

    These are the reasons why renewable energies are increasing in significance on the electricity market. They already contribute in many ways to the supply of energy and also make a significant contribution to climate protection. In particular, the diversity of useable raw materials guarantees the supply and contributes to the independence of states from fossil fuels. A further benefit: the plants and systems can be simply dismantled at the end of their service life and recycled.

    Renewable energies are primarily native energy sources. An increase in their use boosts the regional contribution to value generation – an aspect which should not be neglected. These forms of energy contribute significantly to countries with underdeveloped infrastructure: large segments of the population are supplied with energy for example, by rural electrification.
    Electricity generation from renewable energy sources – these are small, compact units which contrast with the large conventional power stations. This compact method of power generation is based on low-voltage technology.
  • Applications

    • Wind energy

    • Wind energy generators convert the kinetic energy of the wind into electrical energy. The rotary motion of the rotors generates mechanical energy in the process which the generators then convert into electrical power. Power generated in this manner is fed into the grids of electrical utility companies.

      High-power, industrial wind turbine generators (WTG) today have output powers in the megawatt range. Large plantsare generally installed in windy regions and wherever there is a higher demand for energy. Wind turbine generators consist of: the rotor, the rotor blades, the nacelle with generator and (frequently) a gearbox and the tower. Monitoring, regulation and control engineering technology – as well as the power feed to the grid – are decisive for the efficiency of these systems.

      Adaption to grid with frequency inverters

      Power should be generated at every wind speed and supplied to the grid. Frequency inverters assume this task. They match the power to the respective grid frequencies. Continuous correction to facilitate wind speeds and grid states requires frequent switching. Here the control and feedback systems optimise the operating parameters.

      Eaton products have long been tried and tested in this application field: such for example as the combination of DIL contactors up to 2,200 A (up to 2.500 A with the new DILH 2500) and compact circuit-breakers NZM, as well as the IZM series up to 6,300 A. Their compact and low-maintenance construction has convinced leading wind energy plant manufacturers.
      We have optimised our products in conjunction with the manufacturers of Wind energy generators to take their special requirements into consideration. They meet the challenges of high switching cycles and guarantee a long, maintenance-free operation.

      Rotor blade adjustment with xStart

      Rotor and generator speed must be adapted to the wind speed. Speed control systems assume this task. Variable speed controlled pitch systems are steadily increasing their market share. The pitch control adapts the angle of incidence of each rotor blade to the wind speeds. Should it prove necessary to suddenly aerodynamically brake the wind energy plant – for example in an emergency – the rotor blade pitch adjustment will rotate the rotor blades to take them fully out of the wind.

      These kinds of operating situations make very high demands on the functionality and operating safety. Motor starter combinations from Eaton have demonstrated consistent and sustained performance when switching and protecting the pitch controls and motors. The contactors and motor-protective circuit-breakers of the xStart series are not just ideally suited for pitch control applications, but also for wind direction tracking of the nacelle by means of azimuth drives.
      Arc-fault protection system ARCON®

      WEP manufacturers rightly demand high levels of performance in terms of malfunction-free operation and protection of the plant. The task involves mastery of high short circuit currents in electrical plants and systems. One of the greatest damage events results when an arc-fault occurs. This is a short circuit which results between active conductors of different potentials. An unobstructed arc occurs in the switchgear system. The disastrous effects result from the rapid rise in pressure and temperature. In extreme cases the complete switchgear system can catch fire resulting in a fire in the nacelle.

      In addition to special switching equipment for short circuits, we have developed the arc-fault protection system ARCON® for these extreme cases. ARCON® detects and quenches the arc before it even has the opportunity to develop its destructive effects. ARCON® is used in many Wind energy generators and has more than proven its effectiveness in these applications.

      Control of obstruction beacons with PLC

      Wind energy generators higher than 100 meters must be clearly visible for flight safety reasons. This is prescribed by current safety standards. In addition to coloured daytime and night-time marking systems, signalling beacons must be installed on the nacelle. A PLC controls the beacon management system to ensure operational safety. It takes the available visibility into consideration and controls the power supply to the beacons.

      The high-performance PLCs of the XC series from Eaton perform this task on a daily basis. The data is transmitted via fibre-optic cables to other WTG control systems.
    • Solar energy

    • Solar thermal power plants are an important technology in sunny regions for the environmentally-friendly and climate-friendly generation of power. Power generation with solar heat is based on a simple principle: mirrors (solar collectors) concentrate and bundle the suns rays and convert their power to thermal energy. The high resultant temperatures drive steam or gas turbines which generate electrical power using generators.

      In solar thermal power plants parabolic trough systems are mainly used to bundle the solar radiation. At the focal point, the solar energy is transferred to a steam or oil heat transfer medium circulation system. The cylindrical parabolic mirror whose axes track the sun ensures that sunlight is always bundled and concentrated on the heat transfer element. Solar power towers - also referred to as heliostat power plants - operate according to a similar principle. Mirrors which can move on two axes are controlled to ensure that the sunlight is always reflected to the top of the tower (collector).

      Control with easy, switching with motor starter combinations
      The alignment of the mirror determines the effectiveness and efficiency of the solar power plants. The local drives must be precisely controlled and switched. The control relays of the Eaton xControl family are ideally suited for this purpose: by utilising fieldbus communication technology they communicate reliably with the drives which are installed long distances away. The “actual” motor drive switches the tried-and-tested motor starter. The motor-protective circuit-breaker PKZ and the contactor DILM are an ideal combination especially because of their use of tool-less connection technology.
      In further processes, the heated steam or oil heat transfer media must be reliably pumped through the heat transfer pipes. Also a task predestined for the motor starters.

      Connection system SmartWire DT

      If several pumps are used, the combination of motor starters and the innovative SmartWire DT connection system is the ideal solution: the motor starters can be quickly and safety interconnected with one another using pluggable, pre-assembled connection cables. The wiring effort is reduced significantly.
      This approach ensures savings both in terms of mounting and troubleshooting during ongoing operation.
    • Bioenergy

    • Bioenergy is the generation of heat or power or the manufacture of fuel from biomass. A significant benefit of this technology is that energy can be generated on a demand-actuated basis. Biomass can have a liquid, gaseous or solid form. Only renewable, naturally-occurring sustainable organic materials are exclusively used here. Bioenergy plants process biomass. They use it for the generation of heat or electricity. Initially bioenergy plants were found almost exclusively in agriculturally-based enterprises, but today they are long established as industrial power plants in use with utility companies and industrial firms.

      Preparation of the biomass with easyControl

      Biogas is just one form of biomass. It is formed as organic substances are allowed to ferment when air or oxygen is excluded. The productivity of the biogas plant crucially depends on processes that are optimally matched to one another. The requirement for biotechnology know-how is just as important as process technology know-how: only the optimum interaction of feeder units, mixers, pre-heaters and pumps ensure high efficiency of the plant.

      Eaton automation systems guarantee a fully automatic, reliable and maintenance-friendly operation. Different performance classes and a range of additional modules of the easyControl and XC control families provide special automation solutions. Eaton controls have been used successfully for many years in biogas plants and other comparable plants and systems.

      Connection system SmartWire DT

      If a biogas plant utilising several pumps is in operation, the motor starters can be very effectively connected with SmartWire DT. For this purpose the control circuit wiring between the PLC and the switching devices is completely replaced by pluggable, pre-assembled connection cables. Even with just a few pump controls, SmartWire DT offers savings in installation, commissioning and troubleshooting in ongoing operation.

      Generator protection with compact circuit-breakers

      Electrical power should be efficiently generated from the processed biomass. For this purpose, the biomass can either be incinerated in order generate steam, or to drive the steam turbines or motors. In exactly the same way an internal combustion engine can be fuelled using biogas. Generators are required in both cases.
      Different parameters must be monitored to ensure a safe generation process: these include short circuits and overcurrents. The compact circuit-breakers NZM are specially designed these generator protection tasks. A combination of compact circuit-breaker and motor drive enables operation, even from larger distances. For this reason, the products are ideally suited for synchronization of the generator and power grid.
    • Photovoltaic

    • Photovoltaic power plants convert sunlight directly into electrical energy. Photovoltaic cells are used for this purpose. Photovoltaic power is a renewable energy source which is used preferentially in domestic and public buildings.

      A differentiation is made grid-independent systems and systems coupled to the power grid.
      Power grid coupled photovoltaic systems feed the generated power directly into the electrical power grid. There is no need for sophisticated intermediate storage. A system of this type consists of photovoltaic cells, one or more power inverters and protection equipment to automatically shutdown the system with electrical network malfunctions. This is why photovoltaic systems coupled to the grid require very reliable and safe individual components.

      Reliable grid disconnection devices

      Function: the inverter converts the DC current from the photovoltaic cells to AC current. The power and voltage characteristics are adapted to those of the public power grid. The inverter must control the photovoltaic system so that it can be operated at the maximum level of output performance: only then can optimum current and voltage be generated.
      Reliable mains switches provide safety for the inverters. Eaton offers the right solutions here: for integrated or external mains switches on the DC current as well as on the AC current levels.

      Safe protection: the Xpole installation products

      Individual solar cells are interconnected by so-called strings. The strings must be protected against short circuits and overvoltage. The standard stipulates that a disconnector switch must be connected between the solar modules and inverters.

      We have developed DC circuit-breakers such as the NZM for this purpose. For other protective features the Xpole installation product range offers further protective functions. Our insulated distribution boards CI safely and effectively protect your components.

      The overall performance of energy distribution systems must be scaled to suit the application. It is therefore decisive whether the photovoltaic system is to be installed in a private domestic dwelling or in a purpose-built industrial building. Here Eaton can offer the right solutions for every performance range with installations for the typical residential building from the Xboard distribution board range, and up to 4,000 A switchboard systems from the xEnergy range.
    • Grid connection

    • Small, local energy generation plants such as photovoltaic, wind or bioenergy plants offer an ever increasing contribution to the general energy supply. The power generated here is often fed into the local grid. However, compliance to the grid connection guidelines of the utility company must be observed, as the reliability of the grid and a high-quality energy supply are of primary importance.

      Local energy generation plants also contribute to the stabilisation of the public electricity supply. Active-power controls for frequency stability or reactive power compensation also produce power using renewable energies. Their systems today remain connected to the public electricity supply during grid faults or voltage dips. Only switches or disconnectors connect or disconnect the plant to or from the grid to feed or draw power. This applies particularly in hazardous situations. The connect/disconnect is issued by a remote command to a motor-operated circuit-breaker.

      Circuit-breaker for disconnection from the grid

      In this field circuit-breakers NZM and IZM (up to 6,300 A) are used. In conjunction with contactors DIL H (up to 2,200 A – up to 2,500 A with the new DIL H 2500), they guarantee reliability, safety and simple maintenance – even at higher switch operation frequency. A higher level of international service is a matter fact for Eaton.

      xEnergy – complete solution for panel builders

      At Eaton, panel builders will find a complete enclosure and switchboard system range for energy distribution up to 4,000 A. xEnergy – stands for complete solutions in energy distribution: from switching and protection devices, to mounting technology control panel housings, to planning tools which can consider special local conditions during installation.

      Contactors for capacitors, approved quality

      Should reactive power need to be restricted or fully compensated, reactive current compensation systems must be installed. They are situated directly at the feeder point to the grid. The capacitor performance is available in several stages. It can be adapted using a reactive-power compensation system – incorporating the special capacitor contactors DIL K – to the respective load conditions. The capacitor contactor series DIL K features series resistors in addition to special, weld-free contact material. They pre-charge the capacitors. Only then do the main contacts switch and establish the continuous flow of current.

      Eaton has equipped thousands of power feeder points with DIL K contactors world-wide. Trust in our experience and our intelligent innovation.