Company Profile

First TUGE wind turbines were installed in 2012. Since then, we made multiple wind turbine installations in Estonia and neighboring countries and are looking for more.

While focused on small wind, our ambition to provide best value to our clients has resulted in complimentary solar and energy storage installations in addition to our wind turbines. Our expertise in the field and willingness to work only with the best partners has lead to the exceptional quality of our work.

Our mission is to help people and enterprises successfully invest in wind energy by installing small wind turbines and producing electricity, which raises the share of renewable power and promotes contact of ordinary people with green energy in their everyday lives.

We see our turbines as affordable investments both in financial and environmental well-being.

We are proud members of WWEA (World Wind Energy Association), STY (Finnish Wind Power Association), BVKW e.V. (German Small Wind Association), TTK (Estonian Wind Technology Cluster) and TTL (Estonian Wind Technology Association).