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  • A close cooperation for us means to listen and meet our customers at eye level. HE-VA farm machines are developed with basis in the many different needs in agriculture - needs that vary from farmer to farmer and from country to country. We have developed a great selection of machines with a wide variety of extra equipment that makes it possible to adjust each machine to individual needs. This development happens in close cooperation with all of our collaborative partners and customers around the world to ensure that the machines are always updated.
Product Portfolio
  • Harrows

  • The HE-VA harrows are efficient for tillage. Find your harrow here.
      • Kulti-Dan

        Kulti-Dan seedbed harrow is a flexible three-point mounted harrow that can be adjusted to fit the individual farmer's needs and tractor through a wide selection of extra equipment.

        The Kulti-Dan seedbed harrow contains 4 rows of tines - all of which can be adjusted in 4 different angles depending on soil type and the specific harrowing job. This feature makes the Kulti-Dan harrow an efficient tool for even the hardest soil types.
      • Terra-Dan MKII

        The Terra-Dan MKII harrow is specifically designed for an accurate depth controlled consolidation combined with a completely uniform packing of the soil. This specific combination can be achived due to the unique design of the harrow that consists of 2 completely independent centre-pivoting wing sections making this particular harrow flexible and able to follow the contours of the field.

        The solid Spring-Board levels and ensures a clod-free surface and is accompanied by 4 rows of harrow tines, a long-finger after-harrow and, at the end, a roller that creates a uniform and airy surface.

        3 different roller types can be chosen for Terra-Dan MKII
        • ø550 mm square tube roller
        • ø550/410 mm double roller
        • ø600 mm V-profile roller
        • Twin U-profile roller (trailed models)
      • Euro-Dan Eco

        Euro-Dan Eco is easy both reliable and easy to operate. The big selection of extra equipment means that the harrow can be adjusted to fit the specific farm's soil types and needs. The weight and amount of equipment on this harrow makes it particularly good for seedbed creation for e.g. grain, beets, maize etc. in even the hardest soil types.

        Euro-Dan Eco contains 4 rows of harrow tines that ensure maximum harrowing of all soil types and the large wheels keep a constant working depth regardless of soil type.

      • Euro-Tiller

        The Euro-Tiller seedbed harrow differentiates from the other seedbed harrows in the assortment by its 7 rows of harrow tines. The strong frame construction and the wide 300 mm boogie wheels ensure great stability in the field and a precise harrowing depth throughout different soil types.
    • Rollers

    • Get a special-designed roller for your specific needs. See the selection of HE-VA rollers for tillage here
        • Lift-Roller

          HE-VA Lift-Roller is a quick and easy solution for a wide variety of packing and rolling tasks. The compact contruction with the weight close to the tractor, makes it easy to maneuver even by smaller tractors.

          The solid construction increases the liftetime of the roller and the fact that the bearings are placed alongside the wheels of the tractor enhances the construction and applies incredible strength to the roller.

          The drawbar that carries the weight of the roller, makes it easy to connect and disconnect and the movable drawbar makes the Lift-Roller flexible and able to follow the surface of the field.
        • Vip-Roller

          Vip-Roller is easy to operate, has very little requirement for power and the solid, strong construction ensures reliability along with a long liftetime.

          The roller is able to follow the contours of the field due to the moveable side sections. Also, it is safe to transport and keep stored due to the fact that the side sections are supported horizontally in a locking cradle, which keeps the roller automatically locked during transport and maximum relief of the hydraulic system is achieved.
        • Vip-Roller NG

          The roller, Vip-Roller NG, comes in working widths that match the needs of everyone who is packing large areas at a time. Combined with a world of extra equipment, you are able to design the Vip-Roller NG to match your specific needs.

          Vip-Roller NG comes with several different ring types, which makes it possible to get that particular ring that matches the specific soil conditions in your field. The ring types that include Cambridgerings, Crosskill and Star rings, are listed here

        • Tip-Roller

          The Tip-Roller roller comes in working widths of 4,5 m - 10,2 m. and contains centre-suspended side sections and is equipped with the unique HE-VA SAT-System - a Spring-Active-Weight-Transfer-System.

          The SAT-System trasfers the weight from the centre section to the side sections, which ensures uniform packing of the soil in the entire working width of the machine.
        • Tip-Roller XL

          Tip-Roller XL is more than just a big roller, it also comes with a wide variety of extra equipment. This way, it can easily be adjusted to every needs and soil type.

          The roller has been designed to fulfill big demands and consists of a strong frame construction and 5 sections. All 5 sections are centre-suspended and mutually independent and combined with the HE-VA SAT-System - a hydraulic weight transfer system that transfers the weight from the construction to all 5 sections - Tip-Roller XL ensures uniform packing of the soil in the entire working width of the roller.

        • Swing-Roller

          The Swing-Roller roller is a big, compact roller, that despite its size, is easy to use. It requires more than 145 HP and is designed for bigger farms.

          The roller is equipped with 5 sections that are all center-suspended, which ensures free movability and makes each section independent from the others. The roller is compact and low and is therefore safe and steady when working in the field.
        • Grass-Roller

          The Grass-Roller from HE-VA comes in working widths of 2,90 m til 9,50 m and thereby complies with the needs of both small and bigger farms. The Grass-Roller is a solid and heavy roller that efficiently rolls the grass fields. This, combined with hydraulic folding, ensures a safe and quick transition from transport to work in the field.
        • King-Roller

          This roller offers working widths from 12,3 m. to 20,3 m. and therefore ensures a particularly efficient soil packing. Alongside the wideness of the roller, it also comes with a great selection of extra equipment
          • Automatic locking system that ensures safe transport outside the field
          • Hydraulic support legs
          • LED lights
          • 200 degree over-centre folding
          • Support bearings on all sections
          • Radial tyres (on the following models, 16,3, 18.3 and 20.3 m. )
          King-Roller has been designed to resist great work loads and is therefore heavier than similar rollers. The weight guarantees a perfect packing of the soil.
      • Soil Packer

      • The soil packer, Twin Pakker, from HE-VA ensures an efficient packing of your fields.
            • Twin-Pakker

              Twin-Pakker is equipped with strong cleaning chains between the rings ensuring that soil doesn't stick to the rings. A special ring profile with shoulders prevents the Twin-pakker from working to deep in loose soil.
        • Subsoilers

        • Subsoilers from HE-VA combine efficient subsoiling with seeding, airing and packing of the soil
            • Combi-Tiller MKI

              The subsoiler, Combi-Tiller MKI from HE-VA, efficiently loosens the soil and is designed to be used both alone and in combination with another farm machines - for example stubble equipment.
            • Combi-Tiller MKII

            • Combi-Tiller MKII lifts the soil and efficiently breaks the hard layer while at the same time oxidating the soil without bringing large unwanted clods to the surface.

              Combi-Tiller MKII is a further development of the subsoiler, Combi-Tiller MKI, but contains more features and advantages for the choosy user. The staggered tines make the Combi-Tiller MKII easier to for the tractor to pull and the tines come in various numbers and types enabling the subsoiler to cultivate even the hardest of soils.
            • Combi-Tiller PTO

            • Combi-Tiller PTO has a strong frame construction and is delivered with 200 mm wing shares and the distance between the tines is fully adjustable.

              Combi-Tiller PTO can be adjusted to match individual conditions through the selection of extra equipment.
            • Sub-Tiller Eco

            • Sub-Tiller Eco is a low-cost subsoiler in the Sub-Tiller family and appeals to farmers, who need a subsoiler to loosen up tramlines and headlands. Sub-Tiller can be equipped with different types of tines and the tines are staggered on the solid frame construction.
            • Grass-Tiller

            • Grass-Tiller is especially suitable for soil loosening in grass fields and for loosing up structural damages from heavy tractors etc.

              This subsoiler has scalloped disc coulters in front of each tine, which cut up the grass effectively, before the tines loosen the soil in depth down to 50 cm. The accu discs ensure that the tines do not rip up the surface and the roller consolidates the soil afterwards.
            • Sub-Tiller

              HE-VA Sub-Tiller is a solid subsoiler and the special V-shape design reduces the power requirement and therefore, you get the chance to increase the working width of the machine, if needed.

              Sub-Tiller can easily be adjusted to local conditions and is designed so that the distance between the tines can be altered and you will be able to remove redundant tines when for example subsoiling wheel tracks.

              It is able to subsoil to a maximum of 600 mm down and the tines come standard with 200 mm wing shares that lift and loosen the soil in the chosen working depth. The design of each tine prevents the Sub-Tiller from bringing stones and unwanted clods to the surface.
            • Till-seeding

              Till-seeding created optimal growth conditions for rape and other cover crops. Seeding at the same time as soil loosening, the plow pan and other kind of structural damages are broken allowing for the roots to grow and develop to the deeper layers in the soil. This way, the plants gain free access to nutrients and water during dry periods.

              Seeding, spreading snail poison and soil loosening can be done in only one pass by mounting snail- and fertilizing equipment along with a Multi-Seeder. The result is considerable time savings.
          • Stubble equipment

          • Stubble equipment from HE-VA offers a wide selection of cultivators.
              • Combi-Disc

                HE-VA Combi-Disc is a multi-functional cultivator designed for in-depth soil loosening, surface treatment as well as consolidation - all in one pass.

                Combi-Disc is a versatile tool for smaller farms, because of the fact that it can do everything from primary to secondary tillage and from in-depth soil loosening to surface treatment.
              • Disc-Roller Classic

              • HE-VA Disc-Roller Classic has been developed and tested in close cooperation with the end users and the combination of the right angle of the discs and a roller gives a perfect cultivation, mixing and consolidation in one fast movement.

                Disc-Roller Classic is easy to operate in the field as well as on the road and is characterised by being a very versatile cultivator. It can be used to mix stubble material and other crop residues just as it can be used to process already ploughed soil before sowing. The weight of app. 1 ton per metre contributes with an efficient intersection and subsequent consolidation of the processed soil.
              • Disc-Roller Contour

                Using a Disc-Roller Contour makes you capable of working near the surface in order to create a stale seedbed of 2-5 cm and also incorporating crop residues when working deeply in heavy soil types.

                The automatic setting of an aggressive angle of the discs enables you to go from surface treatment to deeper processing by simple use of the tractor's hydraulic system.
              • Disc-Roller XL Contour

                Disc-Roller XL Contour has grown in more than one place compared to traditional disc cultivators. Among other things, it has been equipped with Ø610 mm discs, whereas many traditional disc rollers are equipped with smaller discs. This provides the following benefits:
                • The discs can go deeper into the soil and are thus able to process the soil better without getting stuck
                • The discs can incorporate larger quantities of crop residue in fields with corn stalks or cover crops
              • Mega-Dan MKII

                Mega-Dan is the ideal stubble incorporator whether your are mixing before ploughing or preparing a no-till seedbed. With working widths from fra 3 - 4,7 m. and working speeds up to 15 km/h, Mega-Dan will fit perfectly into any farm regardless of size.
              • Triple-Tiller

                Triple-Tiller - the ideal stubble cultivator for farmers, who need a versatile machine for traditional stubble cultivation as well as for in-depth tillage. Triple-Tiller has been designed to solve different kinds of tasks all in one machine.

                The 3 rows of harrow tines ensure perfect harrowing and soil loosening in alle types of soil and the eradicator discs provide an even surface - ready for consolidation by the roller. Consolidating the soil efter tillage ensures optimal conditions for the germination process of the weed seeds
              • Triple-Tiller Airy

                Triple-Tiller Airy is ideal for stubble cultivation as it leaves the soil aerated - an advantage in stiff clay during the winter season. Efficient harrowing and effective soil loosening is secured by the 3 rows of harrow tines that are followed by the eradicator discs. The long-finger after-harrow leaves the field even and levelled regardless of depth and speed.
              • Master-Tiller

                Master-Tiller is ideal for heavy soil types, where considerable amount of weight is required. It has extra space between the tines, compared to other stubble cultivators, which will ensure a complete incorporation of the stubble material without the material getting stuck. Master-Tiller especially proves efficient in maize stubble, where the conditions require a big and robust cultivator that is able to incorporate the big roots properly into the soil.
            • Weeders

            • Efficient weeding and grass maintenance with a wide selection of weeders from HE-VA.
                • Top-Strigle

                  HE-VA Top-Strigle can be used both before and after harvest to divide stubble and straw leftovers and also to freshen up the grass field after the winter season.

                  It can be mounted in the front as well as in the back of the tractor and has either 2, 3 or 4 rows of tines.
                • Weeder

                  HE-VA Weeder is a user-friendly and solid weeder, that fulfills the modern farmer's needs for efficient weeding in grain as well as in grass fields.

                  Weeder is especially efficient for the following crops
                  • grain
                  • rape
                  • beets
                  • potatoes
                  and can with great advantage be used for aerating grasslands. The 5 rows of double tines of Ø7 mm x 600 mm makes the Weeder suitable for row sowing of e.g. wheat where only the weed is removed and light tillage is required.
                • Weeder HD

                • Big wheels and free-floating sections for great results
                  HE-VA Weeder HD is, compared to the Weeder, equipped with bigger wheels that divide the pressure onto the field minimising deep wheel tracks and a more steady driving is obtained. Weeder is constructed with 1,5 m. free-floating sections making it adapt perfectly to all landscapes.

              • Seed drills

              • Seed drills from HE-VA for precise sowing and efficient tillage in the same work process
                  • Combi-Seeder VF

                  • RELIABLE SEED DRILL
                    Combi-Seeder VF seeder is a flexible and robust seed drill that provides the following benefits
                    • Efficient tillage with 3 rows of harrow tines
                    • Precise seed dosing even in variating soil types
                    • Accurate setting of the harrowing and sowing depth
                  • Combi-Seeder VB

                    Combi-Seeder VF seeder is a flexible and also robust seed drill that comes with the following benefits
                    • Efficient tillage with 4 rows of tines
                    • Consolidates the surface and creates a good structure
                    • Does all tasks in one pass - levelling, harrowing, sowing and consolidation
                    • Consolidation after sowing ensures good contact between the moist in the soil and the seed
                  • Disc-Seeder

                  • Disc-Seeder is especially suitable for no-till farming, but if coimbined with a Front-Packer in front of the tractor, it can also be used for seeding in ploughed soil. This seeder comes in 2 different models - one with sabre-seeding and one with disc coulters.

                    The seeding is done simultaneously with the soil preparation and the seeds are placed on the shady side of the Sabre-discs and in 3-6 cm wide bands in firm and clean soil. The soil is packed around the seeds by the following roller.
                • Fine seed equipment

                • Accurate seeding of all types of seeds and fertiliser with HE-VA fine seed equipment.
                    • Multi-Seeder

                      HE-VA Multi-Seeder is a pneumatic fine-seeder that can easily be mounted onto many different types of farm machines such as rollers, seeders, stubble equipment, subsoilers and weeders.

                      Multi-Seeder is ideal for a wide variety of seed species e.g. rape, wheat, mustard, clover, grass and for spreading fertiliser and snail poison.
                    • Front-Tank

                    • HE-VA Front-Tank is produced in materials making it able to contain fertiliser. Front-Tank can contain up to 1100 litres.

                      Front-Tank is delivered with tarpaulin, window and tank light, working light as well as a 5 m. firm and a 10 m. flexible tube for mounting on the tractor.
                    • Universal-Spreader

                    • A VERSATILE SPREADER
                      HE-VA Universal-Spreader is used to spread grass seed, rape seed, mustard seed, oil radish as well as micro fertiliser and snail poison.

                      The unique frame construction is easily and quickly mounted onto different types of farm machines like harrows and tractors.
                  • Round bale unwinder

                  • Fast and efficient unwinding of round bales, straw bales and hay bales with Rondo-Dan from HE-VA
                      • Rondo-Dan

                        Rondo-Dan is used to distribute haybales, straw bales and silage for
                        • feeding cattle in feeding corridors
                        • feeding out in the field
                        • laying out straw in chicken houses or other live stock beddings
                        • laying out straw between rows of strawberries and carrots
                        Rondo-Dan is dustfree, treats the straws carefully and is easy to operate.
                    • Front end equipment

                    • Find your next front-end machine here
                        • Front-Roller

                          Front-Roller from HE-VA gives an even, full width pressing that is especially suitable for light and medium soil types. It consists of a solid main frame and a flexible drawbar meaning that the Front-Roller will be drawn forward instead of pushed This way, Front-Roller will be able to run freely on the surface and will not affect the tractor steering.

                          Front-Roller can be equipped with either Cambridge, Crosskill, Star or V-profile rings that ensure a completely level consolidation in the entire working width of the machine. Cambridge and Crosskill rings are both suitable for light and medium soil types, whereas V-profile rings are recommended for stony as well as wet and clayey soil types.
                        • Front-Packer

                          With the HE-VA Front-Packer, you will be able to combine consolidation with a harrow and a seeder making it possible to till at the same time as seeding in only one pass.

                          The 150 - 165 mm spacing between the rings ensures that there is friable soil left for the drill to work in. The Front-Packer can be equipped with 3 different ring sizes and depending on the ring size you choose, they all have a unique design that prevents the rings from sinking in too much and still allowing for the aggressive 30-degree edge to do its work in heavier soil without risking deep tractor tracks.
                        • Front-Tiller

                        • This front end harrow has 2 rows of harrow tines with good clearance and up to 30 cm working depth. The strong tines make the Front-Tiller especially efficient for soil loosening during preparation of the no-till seedbed.

                          The double-stranded springs (the one to the left) of 40x40cm are optimal for working depths of 0-20 cm. The Automatic tine with spring release ( the one on the right) has an automatic release-function when hitting stone and is especially effective at working depths of 0-30 cm.
                          The double-stranded springs (the one to the left) of 40x40cm are optimal for working depths of 0-20 cm. The Automatic tine with spring release ( the one on the right) has an automatic release-function when hitting stone and is especially effective at working depths of 0-30 cm.
                        • Front-Board

                        • LIGHT-WEIGHT FRONT-PRESS
                          HE-VA Front is a front-press primarily for use in combination with drills that are operating at high speed. Front-Board is better suited for these tasks due to its light weight and the fact that a high speed can be maintained.

                          This Front-press prepares the soil efficiently. With its two rows of Spring-Board tines, it can effectively process the soil before the drill and the 2 large depth wheels are used to set the working depth. The placement of the wheels ensure a more steady operation as the wheels run on the already processed and level soil.
                      • Frontlifts for all kind of tractors

                      • HE-VA offers a wide selection of frontlifts for all tractor types with lifting capacities from 1500-5500 kg
                          • Front-Lift - tractors 30-80 HP

                          • This Front-Lift suits tractors from 30-80 hp. It can be fully integrated into the tractor and comes with the following benefits
                            • The Front-Lift has been especially developed for the individual tractor model
                            • It has individual liftarms that can be pulled up and backwards reducing the length of the tractor a little
                            • 1500 kg lifting capacity with 190 bar
                            • Direct hydraulic connection for most tractor models
                          • Front-Lift

                          • This Front-Lift is our standard model and has a lifting capacity of 2100 kg. It is a simple, yet strong Front-Lift for tractors from 40-120 HP. Adapted side backets can be supplied and made for almost all tractor types.

                            This particular Front-Lift can not be adapted to Front-PTO system.
                          • Front-Lift - tractors 70-130 HP

                          • This Front-Lift is integrated as much as possible with the tractor in terms of gaining strength and making the Front-Lift an integrated part of the tractor. This specific Front-Lift is suited for tractors from 70 - 130 hp and contributes with the following benefits,
                            • This Front-Lift is developed specifically for the individual tractor models
                            • The Front-Lift has 4 different lift arm positions - locked position, transport position, limited moving and free moving
                            • Comes standard with single acting hydraulic with air filter on the lowering side
                            • Lifting capacity of 2500 kg with 190 bars
                          • FRONT-LIFT 36.01

                          • The 3600 kg Front-Lift is the best known HE-VA Front-Lift. This Front-Lift is adjusted to each tractor model in order to achieve the best possible integration with the tractor and to achieve the highest possible strength without limiting other functions on the tractor.

                            This particular Front-Lift is especially suitable for tractors from 100 - 200 hp. and offers the following benefits,
                            • This Front-Lift is fully adjusted to the specific tractor model
                            • It has individual lift arms with 4 possible positions - limited, free, locked position and transport position
                            • Lifting capacity of 3600 kg with 190 bars
                            • Comes standard with single acting hydraulic with air filter on the lowering side
                          • Front-Lift 55.01

                          • The 5500 kg Front-Lift is the biggest in HE-VAs Front-Lift product range. It fully meets the requirements you have when driving the big tractors without limiting other functions on the tractor. This Front-Lift is recommended for tractors from 150 HP and up and offers these following benefits
                            • It is fully adjusted to the individual tractor
                            • It has individual liftarms with the following 4 positions - free moving, limited, locked and transport position
                            • Lifting capacity of 3600 kg with 190 bars
                            • Comes standard with double acting hydraulic system


                          • Universal-Lifts

                          • HE-VA Universal-Lifts can ordered with capacities from 4000 kg to 5500 kg and they are produced without adjusted side plates for the tractor. Multi-purpose lifts are designed with short side plates with universal bolt brackets enabling them to be fitted to different types of machines and tractors.
                        • Accessories

                        • HE-VA has a great selection of accessories for many different machines and purposes
                            • Front-PTO

                            • Front-PTO is a high-quality product specifically adjusted to each tractor. The design makes it possible to avoid intervention in the hydraulics of the tractor, since the hydraulic pump is integrated in the gear box.

                              HE-VA Front-PTO is an independent unit and whenever possible, the tractor's own PTO-switch will be used.

                              The gear box has 1.000 PTO RPM./min. and is able to transfer up to 200 hp.
                            • Front-vægte

                            • Front-Weights come in 5 different models with capacities from 600 - 1500 kg and all of them are painted greyish-black.

                              All Front-Weight models are three-point mounted.
                            • Front-Weight frames

                            • HE-VA offers 2 types of Front-Weight frames - a 600 kg and a 2000 kg model. Both models can be painted in the tractors colours and are delivered complete with movable support stand and pins.

                              600 KG FRONT-WEIGHT FRAME
                              For direct mounting of the tractors own front weights and is adapted to the tractor.
                            • Top-Cutter

                            • By mounting a Top-Cutter, residues and stubble can be cut in 2 different directions. By cutting the crops, they will be decomposed quicker and incorporated in the soil.
                            • Spring-Board

                            • EFFICIENT SURFACE LEVELLING
                              Spring-Board levels the surface and crushes clods very efficiently with its big tines. The working depth of the Spring-Board og thereby, the amount of soil that needs levelling, is adjusted hydraulically by turning the Spring-Board. This way, the levelling effect can be adjusted when driving in the field and it can therefore be adjusted to work in both light and heavy soil types.

                              Every tine on the Spring-Board is 10x80 mm and covers the surface with 150 mm wide and enhanced points at the bottom of the tines. The working depth of the tines can also be adjusted hydraulically to increase og reduce the aggressiveness when processing the soil.