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    THE expert for HMI and SCADA. Innovation leader, open in thinking, foresighted in our solutions. Active world-wide. Fast, flexible, partner oriented

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    Developing powerful software for industrial automation. So universal and secure, that we set new standards continuously. That’s what our customers say.

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    Automation unlimited. Always one step ahead. Thinking with our customers, developing for them, boosting professional solutions.
Product Portfolio
  • General | Engineering | Connectivity and Interfaces | straton (IEC 61131-3) | Display and Operation...

    • General

    • Independence, flexibility and freedom of decision are important parameters for you? Then you will love zenOn.
    • Engineering

    • You master everything. Engineering in a team. Project overlapping, object oriented, time saving.
    • Connectivity and Interfaces

    • zenOn communicates with many platforms and can be integrated and adjusted quickly and easily.
    • straton (IEC 61131-3)

    • Benefit from a fully integrated soft PLC with networkable runtime systems and IEC 61131-3 conformity.
    • Display and Operations

    • You care for a clear overview, make work easy for your teams and enjoy faultlessly running equipments.
    • Recording and Analysis

    • You know, what’s going on, acquire data, evaluate and analyze them. You decide on a secure basis.
    • Adjust and Control

    • You control your equipment exactly, logically and clearly. With proven, reliable tools.
  • Cross-Industry Applications | Automotive | Building Automation | Energy | Food+Beverage...

    • Cross-Industry Applications

    • zenon prooves its innovative features and well-engineered strengths in many sectors and countries all around the world. With its flexible and open architecture it can easily and safely adapt to different requirements and hardware.
    • Automotive

    • Already for a long time the automobile industry has been a key industry when it comes to automation. Cost pressure and fast innovation cycles require safe, flexible solutions that are state-of-the-art.
    • Building Automation

    • Building automation and building control technology require intelligent and integrated automation solutions.
    • Energy

    • Current competition requirements in the energy market, such as the continuous deregulation of the markets and the global energy trade, make it increasingly important for market participants to act flexibly in order to allow cost-effective and reliable energy production.
    • Food+Beverage

    • In the food, beverage, and snack industry the facilities are usually not controlled from a central station (in contrast to other production facilities).

    • Construction and Manufacturing

    • Requirements and Functions for visualization in the facility construction and in the production differ considerably. Many different control levels and interfaces (machines, PLCs, facility administration, etc) have to be reconciled. From the data technological point of view, a very heterogeneous environment exists.
    • Machinery Construction

    • For machine engineers, special customer wishes regarding design changes are important. Facilities are often spread across the whole world, and require unlimited multilingualism for the Runtime, and also a standardized multilingual development system for all platforms from Windows CE up to Windows 2000/XP/Server 2003, all the way to the WWW.
    • Pharmaceutical Industry

    • The pharmaceutical industry is currently going through a turbulent phase. The interaction of different factors such as price regulation, decreasing productivity in the drug development, stringent monitoring by governmental agencies, and increasing competition from generic drugs put companies in that field under tremendous financial pressure.
    • Water / Wastewater

    • Operators of water plants have to be able to completely rely on the safe and reliable functioning of the automated facility, no matter if it is a water treatment plant or a pump station, a sewage treatment plant or a wastewater purification facility.
  • Services

    • Information Services

    • Stay well informed! News around HMI/SCADA and zenOn by COPA-DATA. Dates for automation unlimited and success stories of our customers.
    • Implementation Services

    • With zenOn even the beginning is easy. Logical software, competent support, extensive online help – and at any time an open ear for your questions.
    • Client Services

    • All you want to know about zenOn and COPA-DATA or all the help you need. From FAQs to individual, personal support.