Company Profile

Who we are: COPA DATA is the innovation leader for HMI/SCADA software. This forerunner position rests on the know-how and the experience from over 50,000 installed systems worldwide in industries such as the automobile industry, machine engineering as well as energy and production technology. Since the mid 1980s, COPA-DATA has been developing HMI/SCADA technology at the headquarters in Salzburg, Austria. With zenOn®, the company introduced the first graphic visualization system to run completely under Windows® to the market. For years the integration of Windows CE to XP and thus the complete compatibility from terminal to control room as well as a mature decentral network philosophy has been an integral part. In the new generation 6 from zenOn, automatic configuration and efficient reuse of existing project components has lowered the engineering times dramatically. The COPA-DATA sales network currently comprises subsidiaries in Germany, Italy, France, and the Middle East and partners in Africa, Asia, Europe and the USA. This network is expanded globally. COPA-DATA currently has over 100 employees and lists companies such as Festo, VA TECH, BMW and Audi among its list of client references. What we do: We make software for HMI/SCADA. And that perfectly. As specialists for bits and bytes and clever algorithms, we always want to get the maximum out of it. For you - and, fair enough a little for us too. After all we enjoy when software works perfectly and our customers are satisfied. For us, good software is not just ones and zeros. In our experience that means: Good software plus Consulting: We consult with you from the very beginning as to how you can optimally build your system with zenOn. Implementation: zenOn understands hardware of different origins brilliantly. We ensure that your system runs smoothly with zenOn from day one. Training: Your employees learn how to configure your system with zenOn quickly and efficiently. Support : When you need support, we are there for you. Quick, unbureaucratic and solution-oriented.

Product Range

  • SCADA software (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition)
  • Softeare for the machinery and construction industry
  • Software for industrial application
  • Software for robotics applications
  • Software for the automotive industry
  • Software for the manufacturing industry
  • Software for the pharma production industry
  • Software for the water and wastewater industry
  • Software: Automatic engineering
  • Software: Control system for industrial applications
  • Software: HMI software
  • Software: IEC 61131-3 development environment
  • Software: Industrial performance analyser
  • Software: Integrated solution
  • Software: Network with circular redundancy
  • Software: Object-oriented parameterization
  • Software: Process control
  • Software: Soft PLC