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  • Fulfillment of worldwide solutions for material flow

    Utilizing possibilities to the ultimate extent, taking advantage of one's strengths and being open for new ideas – these are demands which we place upon ourselves and have allowed us to be successful for more than 20 years in our field of expertise on an international level.

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Product Portfolio
  • Industries

  • Customers world-wide – from all industries
    Our customers are international, their industries differ from another. We develop installations, which are adapted and tailor made to the individual requirements of each trade and customer.

    With our knowledge and experience as a supplier of innovative transport- and handling solutions, we are well prepared to the challenges of our customers.

      • In the automotive industry we are the partner for car producers and subcontractors. With exemplary installations in the last years, we have shown extraordinary competence for the in-plant material flow. Next to complete systems with the interlinking of complex production processes, challenges met were requirements for parts handling, assembly lines and testing facilities.

      • In the Electro- and Electronics industry our systems are especially used for applications which demand high precision in regard to processing, assembling, handling and chain-linking. In these areas we transport the parts on standardized or especially developed work piece carriers. This includes individually produced assembly stands under consideration of ergonomical aspects.

        Our hinged slat chains are produced in an antistatic material which avoids electrostatic charging.

      • In many areas of the food- and luxury food industry, we offer solutions for transport and handling. Our offer ranges from simple transport tasks to complete systems in using most modern robotics, which means from filling to palletisation.

        For this area we offer a specially developed Carryline stainless steel conveying system in order to cope with the high hygiene standards.
      • OPTICS

      • In the area of Optics we support with intelligent logistical solutions to simplify and optimize existing manufacturing processes. With individual and simple concepts we have managed to contribute to an enhancement of product flow of notable companies within the last years.

        We offer a broad variety of solutions from machine- loading and unloading via storage systems, as well as stacking and unstacking, cooling and coating of Job-trays.
    • Intelligent system solutions from a single source

    • System solutions for transport- and handling technologies are our main focus, tailoring these to our customer`s demands our desire and promise.
      Particular emphasis is placed on ensuring that our solutions always guarantee maximum performance and optimal conditions in the production process.

      Next to individual automation solutions, we can offer our customers complete system solutions upon request. This ranges from complex machine- chaining to the implementation of industrial robots.

      A further offer within our portfolio is the development and production of special machinery according to product- requirements of our customers.
        • Transport technology

        • In the field of transport technology we offer technically fully developed, flexible and thus, economic solutions.
        • Handling technology

        • In the sector of handling, we can offer automation technologies, which facilitate pick up, transposition and moving of products, individually adapted to our client demands.
      • Handling technology

      • We offer automation technology, which simplifies picking up and moving of products. Saying that, challenges and possibilities are as diverse, as the industries we work for.

        No matter if car components need to be moved, cartons stapled or food packed, we develop custom-fit solutions for our customers which are efficiently sound.
        Sustainable consultancy of our customers is as granted as the understanding of their individual requirements.

        Should you search for innovative ideas, in order to handle goods or to automatise production processes, we are your ideal partner.
        • Transport and conveyor technology

        • To be sustainably future-oriented requires flexibility, speed, and a keen eye for developments. Optimised operational processes in automation play a key role here.

          Please read here more about our transport technology products: Carryline, Hygenicline and IntelliLIFT.
            • Carryline

            • The system | Better flexible forever than individual just today

              In your business, you are facing new challenges every day. Flexibility and swiftness are crucial if you wish to keep the winning edge. All the better if superior performance is met by a competitive price.

              The conveyor system that won’t grind to a halt even in the face of the hardest task.

              No matter what kind of products or types of packaging you wish to convey – with our wide portfolio of different components hardly a requirement is left unfulfilled. Carryline conveyor systems can be deployed in narrow spaces and used for the most sensitive goods as well as in extremely fast production and conveyor processes, proving the ideal solution on both straight and curvaceous conveyor paths as well as for horizontal and vertical haulage.

              The conveyor system that connects your business to the future.

              We attach great importance to the sustainability of your investment. Consequently, Carryline is designed as a construction kit and compatible with any third-party systems and facilities. Modifications and extensions can be added whenever you want. As a result, your decision in favour of Carryline will continue to pay off in future.

              Quick deployment to advance both your products and your revenue.

              "Time is money", is more than a phrase to us. With simple assembly, Carryline standard components make for extremely quick erection and modification. To ensure that your plant is ready for action as soon as possible, we also hold available a large parts store with 24-hours Service. 
                • Carryline – Modular system for flexible solutions

                • Our aluminium system is the universal standard solution, perfectly suited for most purposes. For applications with special hygiene requirements such as in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, we recommend the stainless steel variant.

                  In addition to the wear-resistant smooth plastic hinged conveyor chains used in standard applications, a number of specialty chains for various applications are available. We have feasible solutions for effectively any operative situation and any kind of product.

                  To complement our conveyor systems, we also provide a variety of wheel and slide curves as well as assorted guide rails and other fixtures.

                  Of course your plant comes with the drive that fits your individual requirements to enable safe and reliable operation.

                  Your advantages at a glance
                  • modular transport system with different chain types to match with the specific cargo
                  • rapid configuration and trouble-free installation and commissioning prefabricated modules: plug & play
                  • wide range of cycling and bends for the horizontal and vertical transport
                  • modular, compact drive units allow variable chain speeds
                  • incredibly easy to care for and easy maintenance due to interchangeable components
                  • extraordinary flexibility of the system, combinable with other systems
                  • high availability and short delivery times of standard components
                  • over 50 years of success in the market
                • The Carryline Aluminium System

                • A standard solution of outstanding flexibility

                  Our conveyor system made of galvanised aluminium forms a cost-efficient, robust and lightweight basis for the transport of cargo in any stage of manufacture.

                  Its modular design allows not only varied chain widths of 24 to 220 mm. For special applications such as the transport of workpiece carriers in assembly technology, two chains can be mounted in parallel, thus allowing for the transport of larger parts.
                • The Carryline Stainless Steel System

                • Hygienic transport made easy

                  The Carryline stainless steel conveyor system is suitable for use in both dry and wet environments. It is easy to integrate into the production process and extremely low-maintenance. The open system design enables easy, safe and quick cleaning in accordance with the highest hygiene standards. Of course the system can easily be combined with the aluminium or third-party systems.

                  The components are manufactured in accordance with the applicable ISO standards and allow for standard system widths of 62 mm to 220 mm.
                • Sandwich conveyor

                • Saving space and costs

                  In order to convey items gently and optimally within the smallest of space, the sandwich conveyor was developed from the Carryline construction kit.

                  Today, conveyor solutions need to fulfil the most complex requirements within narrow spaces without compromising on economy. The Carryline sandwich conveyor consists of two vertically arrayed conveyor chains between which the product is sandwiched and locked into position by the weight of the upper chain. The smart concept enables the transport of a wide range of products and formats in one plant. It prevents production downtimes caused by otherwise necessary modifications and allows for significantly steeper pitches than traditional conveyor solutions, thus enabling transport within the smallest of space. Depending on the nature of the conveyed goods, upward and downward inclinations of up to 70° are possible. The maximum gradient depends on the actual size, shape and weight of the items.

                  The concept can be realised with all standard Carryline conveyor chains and system widths of 62 mm, 83 mm, 140 mm and 220 mm.
              • Hygienicline

              • Special circumstances require special solutions!!!
                In hardly any other industry stricter regulations prevail as in the food industry and nowhere else is the direct contact of products and machines so sensitive.

                To meet these requirements the stainless steel system Hygienicline was developed. It is suitable for dry and wet areas and very easy to maintain. A high attention was placed on the open construction method. It allows easy cleaning and consequently no accumulation of contamination.

                With our modular chain conveyor (up to 1000 mm) and belt conveyor (up to 1200 mm) we ensure a safe and hygiene-fair transport of your products.
                  • Hygenic and reliable food-transport

                  • Hygenic and reliable food-transport

                • IntelliLIFT - an all-side open elevator system

                • In modern factory automation, lift systems are required, which can fulfill all specific requirements of quickly changing production environments. With IntelliLIFT, ASA GmbH offers a unique, intelligent lift system, which caters explicitly to these needs. The modular design guarantees versatility and a high degree of reusability. It allows smooth processes in minimum production space.

                  The IntelliLIFT can be configured as a standard high speed lift or it can be used for chain-linking of production lines, as a space saving material storage or combining diverse processes. IntelliLIFT can be distinguished by its innovative carrier construction, which allows pick-up and lowering of up to 250 mm above ground surface from all four sides.
                    • 100% flexibility

                    • IntelliLIFT can be distinguished by its innovative carrier construction, which allows pick-up and lowering of up to 250 mm above ground surface from all four sides. Neither counter weights, drive cylinder nor tracks impede the process. The Absolute-Multiturn-Encoder is responsible for a precise height-positioning. Moving of stoppers, sensors or test-driving is not necessary. The intelligent software ensures the transport of the most diverse products to all thinkable positions.
                    • Maintenance

                    • All drive components are maintenance free (roller bearings, toothed belts, servo engine, transmission system, guides). The complete drive unit in the carrier can be changed within 60 seconds. The drive and round belts can be changed within a very short time. By using components with lifelong lubrication, lubrication intervals are not required. IntelliLIFT does not cause any dust or dirt emissions. To ensure easy and quick access to the interior, IntelliLIFT has a maintenance door.
                    • Safety features

                    • The servo engine brake immediately stops the carriage in the event of a power cut or an emergency stop. The four point support ensures that the energy is absorbed smoothly and the carriage doesn’t start swinging during a quick stop. Mechanical emergency buttons are integrated into the emergency shut-off circle. These give extra safety in case of a override of the upper or lower software stop. Sensors monitor the position of the product during the whole transport. The lift-belt breakage is monitored and scanned directly through four inductive sensors at the tooth belt pulleys. All operator accessible product openings are furnished with light curtains.
                    • „Four Point Support“

                    • With its unique Four Point Support, IntelliLIFT offers
                      two decisive advantages compared to conventional lift systems:

                      A The load is distributed evenly on the carrier, which
                      is connected with the four lift straps in each corner.
                      B Friction free, low maintenance guiding rails at the
                      pillars ensure extra safety and stability.

                      This construction offers advantages:
                      - No partial bagging
                      - Minimum wear and tear
                      - High drive stability
                      - High acceleration potential
                      - Unlimited access from all sides
                    • Simple Plug & play

                    • IntelliLIFT configurations can be implemented or altered user-friendly directly on the production site, for example via touch screen. Special programming support or software knowledge is not necessary. The user has the possibility to define up to 32 different positions (Entry- and /or starting point). This way IntelliLIFT can be used as a multi-level distributor, sorter or material storage or it can drive miscellaneous products simultaneously.
                    • The drive concept

                    • The IntelliLIFT has a unique drive concept, which allows acceleration- and deceleration ramps, which cannot be achieved with a single cantilever construction. Through this the IntelliLIFT reaches an absolute running smoothness during all lift cycles. The use of servo technology ensures short transport times, e.g. a distance of 4000 meters can be covered in 1.5 sec transporting an actual load of up to 60 kg.