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  • APOLLO SEIKO is a technology based company that specializes in automated point soldering systems. We have dedicated our knowledge and competence during the past 30 years in the designing and development of automated soldering systems, setting the industry standard in this specialized technology
Product Portfolio
  • Products

    • L-CAT EVO Robot

    • Versatile in-Line Selective Solder Robot
      Defining the soldering parameters is fast & simple due to the intuitive interface of the EVO robot. The EVO has evolved from a long line of selective solder robots.

      All of the cables are internally routed via the Z-axis head and will not tangle during rotation. The EVO has a program capacity of 100 programs and 100,000 points total to meet virtually all PCB soldering requirements. The soldering temperature can be customized inside each of the 300 soldering profiles to provide optimal quality & cycle time for virtually all applications.

      X & Y motors with high accuracy rotary encoders achieve 0.01mm resolution (repetablility 0.02 mm) with a maximum speed 750 mm/sec.
    • NEW - J-CAT-GRT Series

    • Apollo Seiko introduces a new line-up of three axes desktop robot models with integral position detection encoders. An electric router with exclusive and easy to use software and high powered dust collection kit are included.

      A glass epoxy or standard FR-4 PCB equal to or less than 1.6 mm thickness can be cut while monitoring the router bit sharpness. This capability reduces faulty cutting situations.
    • Laser Soldering Robot

    • The New Alba -Mini + FS Laser soldering system controls PCB and combined together so there is no external controller required for laser soldering using solder wire.

      The ALBA -Mini controller, fiber & lens system has been developed to provide solutions for non-contact laser diode soldering applications.The system can be integrated with a SCARA robot or act as a stand alone system for automation.

      This system can be programmed to start via an external signal and the soldering parameters can be easily selected via Input/Output signals from a robot or external controller. The Alba has a large color LCD touch screen on the laser controller allowing for a bright, clear and easy to read display.
    • J-Cat Comet

    • Desktop Soldering Robot, COMET Series

      The new innovative design of the J-CAT COMET robot improves upon our features and technology.

      The soldering robot is available in 4 work envelop sizes (200 mm ~ 500 mm work area)

      The PC software is very simple and user friendly and allows for program customization.

      The Comet controller can store 100 solder profile provides for flexible programming to meet the needs of a wide variety of soldering applications.

      The robot’s 255 X-Y programs (30,000 points total), provides endless flexibility.

    • Desktop Soldering Robot J-CAT STELLAR

      This robot is high-powered model of the J-CAT COMET.

      A 200 watt heater can be added as an attachment, and this machine is able to use the larger 2.0mm solder diameter. This machine is most useful in soldering high sink applications such as multilayer board and shielding case.
    • Comet-4/8 Series

    • The COMET series of automated soldering robots has been developed with many configurations to meet various end-user requirements.

      The COMET series of automated soldering robots has been developed with many configurations to meet various end-user requirements. These systems are available with a range between 2 heads and 8 heads for maximum throughput. There can be from one to six axes programmable depending upon the application requirements. The teaching position, tip temperature and soldering parameters can be entered using a large touch panel display. The programmable axes motor drivers can be either servo or stepper motors.
    • F-Cat 500

    • The F-CAT 500 is a new selective soldering system equipped with a Servo Jet Point Spray Fluxer System.

      Continuing to be innovators in the selective soldering application market, the F-CAT 500 fountain selective soldering system completes the soldering machine line of product offerings from Apollo Seiko LTD. We can now provide solutions that meet the needs of all selective soldering application requirements.
      The Servo Jet System allows for precise flux application on small targets and through-hole components.
      XYZ Programmable Solder wave from a special nozzle allows users to make soldering easy & accurate.
    • Manual Soldering Equipment

    • We offer the following products to meet your manual soldering needs.
      • TTM-3000N – Manual Soldering Station
      • TTM-1000H – Manual Soldering Station
      • SSB – Solder Feeding Unit
      • ZSB-10/16 – Solder Ball Feeder
      • Apoflex123

    • Desktop Robot, J-CAT with TERRA Controller
    • J-Cat SCD - Screw Tightening Desktop Robot

    • A newly introduced Screw Tightening Desktop Robot that can detect screw seizure, loose screw and driver racing.
    • J-Cat DSV - Dispensing Desktop Robot

    • Is a newly introduced, economical dispensing robot. This unit has a push button to allow the robot to move to an area for dispense material purging. The standard machine can handle most dispensing applications.
    • 6 Axes Robot - RS003N

    • High-speed, high precision and high rigidity

      Axis for a total of six 3-axis has a three-axis basic axes, axis wrist, to any location within the operating range, it can determine a posture tool, you can freely layout the peripheral device. High speed (JT4 · 5.6) axis wrist is excellent, achieved best-in-class speed specs and pivot arm (JT1). It allows to significantly reduce the cycle time. In addition, enough to withstand harsh working also as industrial robots, has achieved high accuracy and rigidity.
      4 Axis SCARA Robot

    • The JS SCARA robot is a precise servo driven robot that can be equipped with the Apollo Luna or Terra controllers, ZSB feeders and RS iron units. This robot is designed for dial table, stand-alone or conveyorized environments.

      Achieve high speed operation of high-precision work

      The highly rigid structure and operation of AC servo motor speed, cycle time is the top level. High position repeatability (± 0.01mm in JS350 type), and delivers the power to improve productivity.
      js450 terra 02 300x111 JS TERRA / JS COMET
    • J-CAT LUNA - Desktop Soldering Robot, LUNA Series

    • The J-CAT series of robots provide for an economical yet powerful selective solder system with a very small footprint.

      Achieve significant number of features up soldering
      For conventional soldering points, conditions for slides 16 each (a total of 32 conditions) J-what was the condition increases dramatically 100 on CAT COMET, and can now fine-tune a wide variety support.

      Improved auto-tuning temperature isothermal

      The auto-tuning function, the time required about 30 seconds to complete, achieving significant time savings compared to conventional. The big difference when changing the tip is heat capacity, can be used effectively.
    • PPH300 - Power Pulse Heat Unit

    • This equipment is possible to be attached to robot or actuator easily by the compact head and thin line heater head cable by means of original technology. It is the most useful for soldering, heat press and heat crimp.
    • L-Cat NEO - Next Generation Selective Soldering Robot

    • 3rd Generation Solder Robot

      This is the next generation robot which has all the functions necessary for selective soldering built into the machine. The L-CAT NEO has been designed for either an in-line or lean manufacturing process. A data management is available for PC communication, smart phone (IPhone, IPAD, Android) and mobile equipment.


      We have over 40 years of results and experience as a soldering robot manufacturer. Our application knowledge and customer requirements have made us stronger than our competitors.

    • The ALBA -Mini controller, fiber and lens system has been developed to provide solutions for non-contact laser diode soldering applications.

      This system can be integrated with a SCARA robot or act as a stand-alone system for automation. The laser and soldering control circuitry for stand alone use is combined internally on the ALBA system and there is no need for an external controller. The ALBA also includes the Apollo Seiko ZSB solder feeding system.

      The ALBA system can select a solder profile based upon an input signal from a robot or external controller.

      This semiconductor laser system has three types of output modes: Thermostat, Power & Electrical Current modes.
  • Accessories

    • Components

    • Robotic Soldering, Automatic Soldering Components

      Many of our systems are utilized for soldering temperature sensitive components after SMT, such as wire harness, cable, connectors, LED’s and discrete parts, etc.
    • N2 Generator

    • ALN-005 (Miniature N2 Generator), APN-05

      Miniature N2 Generator ALN-005

      This ultra small N2 generator and can be built into soldering robots or attached externally. A 0.5 liter per minute flow rate helps clean soldering surface and eliminate oxidation.

      Nitrogen Gas Generator APN-05

      This ultra small N2 generator and can be built into soldering robots or attached externally. A 0.5 liter per minute flow rate helps clean soldering surface and eliminate oxidation.
    • N2 Meter

    • This meter checks the Nitrogen percentage rate to ensure the internal filter is clean.

      Manage the oxygen concentration

      Easily measure the oxygen concentration using the standard adapter attached, ejected from the tip.

      Handy size

      Because of the size, it can handled one-handed.
    • Solder Wire Pre-Heat Tube

    • The stainless steel sleeve is equipped with two heaters to pre-heat the solder wire as it is being fed. This helps to prevent solder ball spattering by pre-heating the solder wire & internal flux. Is designed to be used with larger diameter solder wire and is effective in reducing tact/cycle time as well as improving quality in lead free & tin/lead applications.
    • Cleaners - CRU-2, SRC-500DC, BRC-3000

    • Wet Sponge Cleaner, SRC-3000 & SRC-500DC

      The wet sponge roller neatly removes residual solder from the iron tip. The solder work area remains very clean with the addition of tip cleaning device.

      Steel Brush Tip Cleaner, BRC-3000

      The stainless steel brush rollers rotate and removes oxides from the tip and are designed to be utilized in a lead free process.

      Air Blow Iron Tip Cleaner, CRU & CRU-2

      You can select the cleaner cup type based upon the geometry of the iron tip.
    • Iron Tips

    • Point Solder Iron Tips, Slide Soldering Tips, Underside Soldering Iron Tips, Heat Storage Type Iron Tips

      Designed to meet Lead free and Lead soldering requirements. A high precision themocouple is built in to the Apex of the iron tip, a minimal temperature drop can be quickly detected and recovered, temperature can reach 300° C within 6 seconds.
    • SSA/SSB

    • Solder Feeder for Automated Equipment

      The solder can be fed forward or reverse and controlled by an external I/O controller. In addition it can be attached to the equipment as a feeder of automation soldering.
    • Fume Extractor System

    • The need for local exhaust ventilation….

      Solder fumes irritate eyes, nose and throat of workers. They also cause problems if the fumes accumulated on equipment. For these reasons, we recommend a fume extractor.

      There are different types of fume extractors for a factory environment.
    • Camera Monitor

    • The micro camera can be easily attached to Apollo Seiko soldering robots. The function of the CCD camera is to be used for both teaching and process monitoring. Due to the miniature size, the camera can be easily integrated on all Apollo Seiko robots without obstructing soldering process. Several models are available.
    • Feed Tube

    • Solder Wire Feeding Tube

      The flexible double layer solder feed tube provides for a smooth and precise feeding of solder wire.

      Accurate solder feed

      The tube quarantees smooth high precision feeding, connecting the solder wire feeding unit to the iron unit.

      A wide variety

      You can choose the optimal tube set for the robot, specify the solder wire diameter and point / slide soldering.
    • Iron Units

    • Iron Unit for Automation Soldering: RS-P/RS-L

      These iron units can be used for all soldering controllers and soldering robots as a standard component. The irons are powered by a 48V DC power supply located in the Apollo robots and solder controllers (EVO, Luna, Terra) which provides for easy worldwide integration regardless of AC input voltage.
    • Zero Solder Ball Feeder

    • The formation of solder balls in soldering process can cause many issues for inspection and rework. Apollo Seiko addresses this issue with our Zero Solder Ball (ZSB) system. The ZSB feeding system is essential to the process for eliminating solder ball formation.