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Company Profile

Apollo Seiko was founded in 1969 by George Kawaguchi. Mr. Kawaguchi identified a need to automate the labor intensive process of hand soldering. The goal was to increase output and quality by providing a repeatable robotic process. Since this time, Apollo Seiko has patented many advances in selective solder technology including iron tip design, solder feeding techniques and integrating Nitrogen to provide a low cost, lead free soldering solution for both robotic and hand soldering applications. Apollo Seiko provides soldering solutions for all sectors of automation starting with hand soldering through complete pass-thru conveyorized systems. The L-CAT EVO is a 4 axis Gantry robot for table-top or in-line use. A 30 watt laser diode or an automated iron unit can be utilized to provide the best technology to meet your application requirements. The Luna & Terra controllers can be easily integrated into dial table or conveyorized work cells providing low cost solutions in single or multiple unit scenarios. These machines have a wide voltage input range to provide easy installation at all your global facilities. The N2 Flow unit provides a high-powered, small footprint solution for lead free low volume applications. 3, 4 & 6 axis robots are available in Cartesian, Gantry & Servo driven SCARA platforms to address all selective soldering requirements and applications. All of the Apollo products can handle lead free applications without any changes to the equipment. The iron tips have been designed for lead free soldering and N2 pre-heated gas can be easily integrated to provide a robust lead free solution.

Product Range

  • Robot: Desktop robot
  • Robot: Gantry robot
  • Robot: SCARA robot (Selective Compliance Assembly Robot Arm)
  • Robot: Soldering robot
  • Robots: Robot assisted soldering
  • Soldering: Automated soldering unit
  • Soldering: Complete soldering cell
  • Soldering: Contact type soldering system
  • Soldering: Controller
  • Soldering: Feeding unit
  • Soldering: Laser diode soldering system
  • Soldering: Lead free soldering system
  • Soldering: Non-contact type soldering system
  • Soldering: Soldering equipment