Company Profile

REIFF Technische Produkte – Strong on Service!

REIFF Technische Produkte is one of Germany's largest technical retailers.
REIFF Technische Produkte is characterised by the high demands it makes of its own service and by its product range.
With over 140,000 products, REIFF Technische Produkte boasts one of Germany's largest technical ranges - thereby offering its customers the right product for every requirement. REIFF's procurement professionals are at home in every international market and are constantly on the look out for the combination of the best product quality and the most economical solution.

The core range includes:

  • Driveline technology

  • Sealing technology

  • Hose technology

  • Plastics technology

  • Profile technology

  • REIFF Technische Produkte is attuned to individual customer wishes and is always a reliable partner.
    As an initial equipment and equipment supply requirements implementer, REIFF Technische Produkte demonstrates its competence, not just through supplying parts but also in the processing and delivery of entire subassemblies.
    REIFF Technische Produkte's use of cutting edge procurement techniques and delivery systems such as Kanban and Just-in-Time and a 24-hour emergency delivery service ensures timely and punctual delivery.
    In addition to the best logistics, our credibility is demonstrated by maximum merchandise availability, rapid information and uncompromising quality consciousness.
    Approximately 400 staff at nine locations throughout Germany set the standard for quality and performance.