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Company Profile

Deals with the modelling, simulation, analysis and realisation of hardware and software architectures of complex and technical systems. The Real Time Systems Group (RTS) is part of the Institute for Systems Engineering. Head of the RTS is Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bernardo Wagner. RTS cooperates with the Mechatronic Center (Mechatronik Zentrum Hannover - MZH) of the Leibniz Universität Hannover in joint researches, projects and through technology exchange. In the fields of teaching, especially in the fields of development and introduction of new teaching and learning technologies, the RTS works closely together with the Center for Didactics of Technology (Zentrum für Didaktik der Technik - ZDT) and the Research Center L3S (Learning Lab Lower Saxony). The RTS focuses its work on the fields of distributed automation systems and mobile service robots. Such systems have to interact with real surroundings in a correct, reliable and secure way and furthermore with deterministic time response, that is in real time. Examples for the research fields at the RTS are event-discrete modelling, real time programming of embedded controlling devices, networked industrial automation systems, remote handling and control of technical facilities and measuring devices over large distances or real time compatible operating systems.

Product Range

  • Mobile robot research: Field and service robots
  • Mobile robot research: Navigation systems
  • Mobile robot research: Obstacle avoidance
  • Mobile robot research: Perception systems
  • Mobile robot research: Robotics mobility platforms
  • Mobile robot research: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)
  • Research: 3D Modeling, visualizing and analyzing
  • Research: 3D Vision
  • Research: Autonomous vehicles
  • Research: Internet-assisted laboratories (I-Labs)
  • Robot vision research: 3D perception and navigation
  • Robot vision research: Man-Machine interfaces using visual gestures
  • Robot vision research: Visually guided robots
  • Robotics research: Autonomous robots
  • Robotics research: Distributed real time automation systems