Company Profile

Currently employing more than 1,600 staff worldwide, Pilz operates internationally as technology leader in automation technology. In this area Pilz is consistently developing a role as a total solutions supplier for safety and control technology.

In addition to the head office in Germany, Pilz is represented by subsidiaries and branch offices in 28 countries.

Products include sensor technology, electronic monitoring relays, automation solutions with motion control, safety relays, programmable safety and control systems and an operating and monitoring range. Safe bus systems, Ethernet systems and industrial wireless systems are also available for industrial networking.

Pilz also provides a comprehensive range of services, including an extensive selection of training courses. The area of consulting and engineering provides a comprehensive, competent service - from plant assessment to risk assessment, through to system implementation and safety sign-off at the customer’s premises.

Product Range

  • Control equipment: Control engineering
  • Controller: Servo controller
  • Controls: Configurable control system
  • Controls: Control terminal
  • Controls: Control unit
  • Controls: Electronic controller
  • Controls: Industrial controller
  • Controls: Industrial controls
  • Controls: Programmable controller
  • Controls: Programmable safety and system
  • Safety system
  • Safety: Access control in the machine area
  • Safety: Electromechanical safety switch
  • Safety: Light beam device
  • Safety: Light grid
  • Safety: Machine guard
  • Safety: Monitoring system for safety zone
  • Safety: Non-contact safety switch
  • Safety: Safe camera system
  • Safety: Safety bolt
  • Safety: Safety control solution
  • Safety: Safety light curtain
  • Safety: Safety magnetic sensor
  • Safety: Safety module
  • Safety: Safety switch
  • Safety: Video monitoring system
  • Servo amplifier
  • Servo motor: AC servo synchron motors
  • Servo motor: Rotary actuator
  • Servo motor: Servo actuator
  • Servo motor: Synchronous servo motors
  • Software: Safety calculator
  • Wind energy: Control system
  • Wind energy: Declarations of conformity for wind turbines
  • Wind energy: Wind park automation
  • Wind energy: Wind park personnel protection
  • Wind energy: Wind park safety