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University of Hawai\'i at Manoa

Company Profile

Work in the laboratory was begun in spring 2005 and the research here generally deals with topics including robot-assisted surgery, haptics, and interactive physical simulations. The common element in this work is that direct physical interaction is involved between human users and robotic devices. The interactive robotic systems developed for these projects must be backdrivable and lightweight, with high precision and control frequency bandwidths. These requirements are achieved through small, simple, modular device design which involves physical modeling and simulation, novel kinematics, actuation, and sensing, and fast realtime control methods. Other topics involved in human-robot interaction include human haptic (kinesthetic and tactile) perception and biomechanics.

Product Range

  • Medical research: Linkage for locomotor rehabilitation
  • Medical research: Operation and therapy technology
  • Medical robotics research: Instrumented endoscopic tool
  • Medical robotics research: Kinematics and the dynamics of endoscopic tools
  • Medical robotics research: Minimally invasive surgery
  • Medical robotics research: Robot assisted surgery
  • Research: Magnetic levitation for haptic interaction
  • Robotics research: WWW teleoperation interface