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University of Illinois at Chicago

Company Profile

CVRL is a research facility specializing in the theoretical and applied research in computer vision and robotics. Its mission is to provide a multidisciplinary environment for students and researchers interested in synergy between science and engineering. Current research activities range from visual information retrieval to applications of haptics in dental education. Established in 1999, CVRL has steadily grown in size and is home to several students pursuing graduate degrees (M.S. and Ph.D.) in Computer Science and Electrical and Computer Engineering. It has excellent computing resources, and is equipped with a pair of Puma 560 manipulators, several mobile robots and a PHANToM haptic device. Whether you are a prospective student looking for information or a colleague interested in our research, we hope that you can find what you are looking for on these pages. If you need additional information please feel free to contact us (see Contact Info section). For website related questions contact our webmaster.

Product Range

  • Medical robotics research: Robot-assisted haptics
  • Mobile robot research: Bipedal walking
  • Mobile robot research: Multi-robot-teams and cooperation
  • Mobile robot research: Navigation systems
  • Mobile robot research: Obstacle avoidance
  • Research in the field of robotics
  • Research: Neural network research
  • Research: Sensors
  • Research: Sensors, distributed mobile sensing network