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  • Offer Profile
  • AMI Förder- und Lagertechnik GmbH is one of the leading providers of high performance conveyors for material handling, from incoming goods to production, picking and final inspection to despatch. Our product range stretches from light conveyors to heavy-duty conveyors for loads of up to 2,500 kg.

    To you, this means that planning, engineering, production and installation of ma-chines and equipment are all provided from one single source. Based on detailed analyses, we plan and produce turnkey conveyor systems or upgrade existing equipment. Intensive and continuous consultation throughout the project is a matter of course.
Product Portfolio
  • Modular components

  • High-grade components for individual requirements
    In our modular component range, you will find cost-effective and flexible concepts for your internal logistics jobs. Using a concerted modular system with a broad selection of sophisticated accessories, you will benefit from our customer-focused approach based on 20 years of expertise in the conveyor business.
    Discover a comprehensive product range which matches all your requirements.

    Manual conveyors:
    • Skate-wheel conveyors
    • Roller conveyors
    • Curved strips
    • Ball transfer tables and universal roller tables
    • Gravity conveyors
    • Heavy duty pallet roller tracks

    Powered conveyors:
    • Roller conveyors (low pressure, zero pressure)
    • Belt conveyors
    • Small belt conveyors
    • L-conveyors
    • Z-conveyors
    • Heavy duty conveyors
    • Chain conveyors
    • Corner transfer units
    • Pushers

    These components are provided both in standard design at short notice and as tailored concepts, with or without electric or pneumatic drives.
      • Manual components - Light duty roller conveyor

      • Manual components for low-cost transportation of unit loads
        Suitable for a wide range of applications from connection between workplaces to machine linking to order picking and dispatch.
        Goods are transported using gravity conveyors.
        A large number of different components and designs often facilitates economic and flexible logistical concepts.
            • LRB20-60 with galvanized steel rollers

            • Rugged, value for money light duty roller conveyor
              for gravity transport of small unit loads.

              Rollers: Steel tube VZ, PVC, ALU, VA Ø 20 mm

              U profile frame 20 x 60 x 20 mm, galvanized, coated, aluminium or VA steel
            • LRB30-60 with galvanized steel rollers

            • Rugged, value for money light duty roller conveyor for gravity transport of small unit loads.


              Rollers: Steel tube VZ, PVC, ALU, VA Ø 30 mm

              U profile frame 20 x 60 x 20 mm, galvanized, coated, aluminium or VA steel
            • LRB50-70 with galvanized steel and PVC rollers

            • Rugged, value for money light duty roller conveyor for gravity transport of small unit loads.

              Rollers: Steel tube VZ, PVC, ALU, VA Ø 50 mm

              U profile frame 20 x 60 x 20 mm, galvanized, coated, aluminium or VA steel
            • LRB50-90 with galvanized steel rollers

            • Functional, rugged light duty roller conveyor with flat C profile and clad front which can be used as cable or hose duct, for the transport of loads of 100kg/m and up.

              Rollers: Steel tube VZ, PVC, ALU, VA Ø 50 mm

              C profile frame 30 x 90 x 30 mm, galvanized, coated, aluminium or VA steel
            • LRB50-100 with galvanized steel and PVC rollers

            • Rugged, value for money light duty roller conveyor for gravity transport of small unit loads.


              Rollers: Steel tube VZ, PVC, ALU, VA Ø 50 mm

              U profile frame 20 x 100 x 20 mm, galvanized, coated, aluminium or VA steel
            • LRB50-130 with galvanized steel rollers 

            • An optimum roller conveyor to comply with highest technical and design demands. With its fully closed C profile and recessed screws, this conveyor suits any environment. For the transport of loads of 100 kg/m and up.

              Rollers: Steel tube VZ, PVC, ALU, VA Ø 50 mm

              C profile frame 36 x 120 x 36 mm, galvanized, coated, aluminium or VA steel
        • Powered light and duty conveyor -  Roller conveyor

        • This future-oriented roller conveyor offers the maximum economic efficiency, flexibility and quality. With its ergonomic, user-friendly shape and its high class design, it optimally sup-ports work in warehouses and production sites. The conveyor is suitable for the automatic transport of items weighing up to 70 kg per metre.
          It is suitable for items of almost any length (min. 180 mm): Thanks to the large selection of roller pitches, it can be flexibly adjusted to suit the goods to be conveyed
              • ARF 50-130 low pressure conveyor

              • In its standard version, the ARF 50-130 roller conveyor is fitted with a drive unit so as to serve conveyor sections between 875mm and 30,000mm long. The drive and the deflector station are ideally accommodated underneath the rugged, high-grade profiled roller pairs with no protruding edges, making this device ideal for day to day work and allowing for convenient maintenance.

                Rollers:  Steel tube VZ, PVC, ALU, VA steel
              • ARFS 50-130 zero pressure conveyor

              • This zero pressure roller conveyor can be used wherever items must be treated with special care or even stored with no part touching any other part.
                Its basic design is identical with that of the ARF 50-130 low pressure roller conveyor.

                Rollers:  Steel tube VZ, PVC, ALU, VA steel
          • Light duty conveyor belt engineering

                • AMI - the partner to choose for light duty conveyor beltsbelt engineering from AMI

                • Over 20 years of experience in plant engineering ensures high quality and innovative products, e.g. in the field of light duty conveyor belts.

                  We provide a full range of services including advice, planning, 2-D and 3-D design, project planning, programming, control engineering, as well as extensive in-house production and excellent installation.

                  The components we use are based on a sophisticated modular system which leaves nothing to be desired. In addition to our main products, we offer a broad range of standardized accessories. From integrating new components into existing equipment to system maintenance, our core expertise covers everything you need.

                  Our flexible, customer-focused team looks forward to working for you.
            • Heavy duty conveyor belt engineering

                  • Heavy duty conveyor belt engineering from AMI

                  • We can solve your logistical demands for piece weights of up to 2,500 kilogrammes with our solid and well thought-out designs.

                    Our extremely flexible modular construction system also offers numerous standardised components for heavy duty conveyor belt engineering. Based on the weight, size and nature of the goods to be transported, we will use these standard components as a basis to plan and produce the optimal conveyor for your needs.

                    The flexibility of our components – including consideration for the length and pitch of the rollers – guarantees solid and sophisticated belt engineering at competitive prices: conveyor belt engineering that even provides for the perfect transport of very heavy and unwieldy goods.
              • Automation

                  •  Technical support through automated systems

                  • AAMI produces various automats which help facilitate and speed up working processes.

                    The destacker ensures space-saving storage of containers, crates, troughs, etc. ready for the next time they are used.

                    The covering machine covers containers with a speed of up to 1,800 covering cycles per hour.
                    This helps our customers save time and money and optimize their workflow.
                  • Covering machine

                  • AMI handling technology for providing up to 1,800 containers per hour with a cover
                    Manual covering of picking containers is time-consuming, monotonous, and does not add value. The use of an automatic covering machine however opens up a huge optimization potential: The machine made by AMI Lager- und Fördertechnik GmbH reduces the workforce by up to two employees which can be deployed to value creating jobs instead.

                    The covering machine, like all AMI handling technology, reaches the break-even point in less than 18 months. What is more, AMI covering machines permit efficient and comfortable working: Using conveyor technology, whole stacks of covers are fed to the covering machine. The stack is moved into the machine where it is positioned using a lift system. On a second conveyor section which is arranged in parallel with the first, boxes which are already filled with pre-arranged consignments travel through the automatic machine. A pneumatic gripper now picks up the top cover from the stack. At the same time, a brush ensures that no other covers stick to the top cover. Then the gripper turns through 180 degrees and places the cover on the respective container. As part of the same sequence, the other side of the gripper picks up the next cover.

                    Unlike our competitors, we are able to design our covering machine so as to enable covering of containers of various dimensions.
                    Some of our tailored covering machines have been successfully used for many years by PHOENIX Pharmahandel AG.
                  • Destacker

                  • An automatic method of separating up to 2,500 containers per hour
                    Fast, precise and silent - these are the key features of the destacker made by AMI Förder- und Lagertechnik GmbH which has its headquarters in Alpenrod/Germany. Thanks to refined control programming and an integral touch-screen, the new generation destacker offers even more efficiency and ease of operation. The device is already used, e.g., by PHOENIX Pharmahandel GmbH&Co.KG, ANZAG Andreae-Noris Zahn AG and dm-drogerie markt GmbH&Co.KG.

                    AMI destackers are recommended whenever a large number of reusable containers have to be sorted, e.g., picking containers in warehouses or containers for transporting materials within a production facility. The destacker frees up up to two employees who can be deployed to higher value activities instead. In terms of investment the automat reaches the break-even point within 12 to 18 months. The principle under which the machine functions is as follows: Employees place a stack of up to 25 empty containers onto a conveyor which then moves them into the destacker. A belt conveyor transports the stack up to the receiver where a pneumatic gripper lifts all the containers apart from the lowest which is held in place by another gripper and thereby separated from the stack. The separated container is moved outside the automatic machine, and the stack is placed back in its original position. Then the process starts anew until the whole stack has been separated.
                    A particular benefit of our new generation of destackers is that the machine is designed to handle various container sizes. All you need to ensure is that all containers have the same type of handle.

                    The destackers are manufactured in Germany and are tailored to suit users′ individual requirements. The high grade, CE certified, handling systems require little maintenance and feature very good reliability, with a system availability of around 99.5 percent.
                  • Rotary sorter

                  • Fast sorting at a reasonable cost
                    Our rotary sorter is an intelligent and cost-efficient alternative to unload conveyor lines. The patented system sorts up to 8000 pieces per houre.
                • Special solutions/ Special products

                      • We have the ideal solution to meet your most specific requirements!

                      • Our qualified staff will use their substantial expertise to fulfill your special requirements. We can develop a concept to flexibly and adequately meet almost any individual customer need.

                        What is more, our vertical integration and our range of possibilities ensure fast delivery and safe maintenance, so as to ensure that your workflow is not interrupted.