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  • Be it a high-voltage motor, direct current motor, slip ring motor, or any other electric motor MENZEL Elektromotoren has been the supplier of choice for industrial motors since 1927.

    We build electric motors of even the highest power output on short notice, be it according to custom specifications or our standard series. We keep many of our standard motors in stock, in order to provide you with just the right motor within the shortest possible time. Also, we offer you a huge inventory of the most diverse types of motors.
Product Portfolio
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      • High Voltage Motors

      • This is our principal field of business. We supply high voltage motors of any kind, and will ship anywhere in the world.

        We stock and build high voltage motors of the squirrel cage or slip ring type, typically for nominal voltages between 3 kV and 11 kV. Custom constructions deviating from these specs are available for nominal voltages of up to 13.8 kV. Standard frequencies are 50 and 60 Hz.
        We build high-voltage motors with the following standard configurations:
        • Configuration IM B3 for horizontal installation
        • Configuration IM V1 for vertical installation

        Custom configurations are possible. For details, please contact our plant in Berlin.

        Standard cooling types:
        • IC 411 (fin-cooled)
        • IC 611 (with air-air heat exchanger)
        • IC 81 W (with air-water heat exchanger)
        • IC 01 (open circuit air-cooled)
      • Direct Current Motors

      • Any number of variations. Huge inventory always in stock.

        For the technical data of our direct current shunt-wound motors of the MEBGVF standard series, see our direct-current motors catalogue.

        Motors of sizes 112 to 315 mm are directly available from stock. Custom configurations are available within very short delivery periods.

        Cooling types, as well as any other add-on, can be modified on very short notice. Upon request, we will also deliver motors with compensation-field winding.

        Depending on your requirements, we will build entire motors according to your specification, or just manufacture spare parts for existing systems. For details, please contact our Berlin plant.

        Ambient conditions according to IEC standard (deviations from these are certainly possible: please specify your needs):
        • Ambient temperature 40°C max.
        • No direct exposure to sunlight
        • Relative humidity 80% max.
        • Installations at elevations of up to 1000 m above sea level
      • Low Voltage Motors

      • Low voltage motors with standard configurations are always available from stock. Also in stock are three-phase low voltage motors, either as squirrel cage or as slip ring model. For the technical specifications of our three-phase squirrel cage motors, please confer our standard motors catalogue.

        Standard degrees of protection:
        • IP 55 (fully enclosed)
        • IP 23 (open construction, open circuit air-cooled, with drip-water protection, suitable for indoor installation only)

        Main deployment scenarios for our low voltage squirrel cage motors:
        • Vents
        • Pumps
        • Compressors
        • Blowers

        Main deployment scenarios for our low voltage slip ring motors:
        • Mills of any kind
        • Crane systems
        • Vents
        • Conveyor belts

        Any other deployment that requires a high breakaway torque, as well as any deployment within a weak power system that requires a limitation of the starting current.
      • Transformers

      • Available in a variety of voltages. In-house production to meet custom requirements. Transformers for many voltage requirements are available directly from stock. A number of them are also available for hire.

        • Covering the medium and low voltage range
        • Any output and cooling system
        • Wide range of custom equipment
        • Hire equipment
        • Interim solutions to bridge downtimes
        • Equipment for experimental setups
      • Frequency Converters

      • Select from our choice of frequency converters for variable speed control. Specially trained engineers will advise you in regard to application options and settings.

        In order to have the best and fastest solution on hand for any given scenario, we stock a variety of makes. Naturally, we will also supply just the right motors, or will modify available motors to satisfy your requirements.
      • Sets of Machines

      • For a wide variety of applications you might prefer a turn-key set of machines, and we will be happy to compile it for you. In fact, our experienced and resourceful engineers will custom-design the entire package according to your specs. Then, a seasoned team of electrical engineering technicians, lathe operators, and welders will implement the set design.

        • Test bays
        • Special test facilities
        • Rotary converters