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Company Profile

VETTER has been developing, manufacturing and operating slewing jib crane systems for more than 40 years. Even today in the age of robots and automation, the use of slewing jib cranes remains an essential element of manufacturing operations. Slewing jib cranes take the load off overhead travelling cranes in production halls, reduce downtime and delays, and help raise productivity. Performance at each workstation is improved considerably.

Worldwide, contract manufacturing included, more than 5,000 slewing jib cranes are manufactured each year. A total of over 100,000 units have been supplied so far. These quantities are a sign of experience, competence and consistent quality – and also for the trust of the customers over the course of many decades.

Key investments and innovations have been continuously used to improve our manufacturing technology. Highlights include continuous steel shot blasting, automated pillar cutting, the robotic welding of all components and the high-quality coating plant.