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  • Offer Profile
  • Core business of our company is the manufacture of customized industrial trucks, side loaders and special equipment for handling difficult and bulky goods.

    In manufacturing and distribution the world over our machines are designed to facilitate the efficient material flow and turnover of goods, even in very narrow aisles.

    Our trucks are tailor-made to exactly match the end users specific needs and characterized by their longevity and funcionality.
Product Portfolio
  • The right product for every application

  • HUBTEX design, develop and manufacture specialist equipment for the handling of long, bulky and difficult loads. Get an overview of our wide and varied range then contact us for a quotation which we will gladly prepare according to your individual requirements.
      • Electric Multidirectional Sideloader

      • Multidirectional sideloader with electric drive in the load classes between 1.5 t and 50.0 t. These all-purpose industrial trucks can be used for the handling of long goods, sheet metal , chip boards, tools, cable drums, rollers, oversized pallets and round bars in narrow aisle rack systems or free range within indoor and outdoor areas.
        Within the production series, the industrial trucks can be tailor-made to meet the individual requirements of the customers.
        • load bearing capacities from 1.5 to 50.0 t
        • for indoor and outdoor applications
        • guided operation in narrow aisles or free range
        • multidirectional steering for optimal maneuverability
        • quiet and environmentally friendly electric drive
        • AC motor technology for reduced energy and maintenance costs
        • reduced wheel arm height for optimized utilization of the lower storage rack areas
        • Diesel / Gas Fourway Sideloader

        • With the new DQX, HUBTEX presents a new generation of four-way side loaders for combined indoor and outdoor use. The driver is the central focus of the development. The cab has been designed to ensure maximum ergonomics and the visibility enhanced by more compact masts and fork carriages to a maximum. The intelligent vehicle control system in combination with the latest engine technologies reduces noise, exhaust emissions and energy consumption to a minimum. The vehicle can be used universally for transporting long goods in narrow aisles or as a conventional front stacker for pallet and block stacking.
          • Three in one: Front stacker, side-loader, four-way loader
          • Load capacities up to 4.5 t (up to 10.0 t on request)
          • Powerful diesel or gas drive
          • Energy-saving Eco-mode available
          • Indoor and outdoor use
          • Tighter turning radii and improved manoeuvrability
          • Excellent visibility
          • Compact lifting mast
          • Electric Multidirectional Sideloader (3-wheel)

          • The Electric-Multidirectional-Sideloader (three-wheel) is the new entry-level variant of Electric-Multidirectional-Sideloaders with elastic tyres for combined indoor and outdoor use. This industrial truck has been designed as a universal lift truck with a multidirectional steering system for handling pallets, long loads and loads of medium weight in narrow aisles and it is, for example, used in do-it-yourself stores, at profile and window manufacturers and many others.
            • Load capacities up to 3,0 t
            • Cross-seat or stand-up cabin
            • Minimum noise generation
            • Simple battery changing
            • Low cabin access heights
            • Optimal all-round visibility
            • Low energy consumption
            • Order Picking Systems

            • HUBTEX industrial trucks have to meet the most stringent customer requirements when specified for order picking operations in warehouses and production facilities: Large-volume derived timber products, sheet stock and profiles made of aluminium, steel, synthetic material and a lot more must be picked and transported most efficiently and with the utmost care to avoid damage. Due to the company's professional know-how, HUBTEX can always develop tailor-made solutions with special optimization effects.  Innovation and quality is the key to success for HUBTEX. Our high quality standard is also reflected in the well-proven equipment standards of the order picking systems.

              The advantages of the HUBTEX order picking systems:
              • Up to 50% increase in productivity
              • Up to 40% reduction in damage of the goods
              • Improvements in operational safety
                • MU-OP Order Picking Systems

                • The model MU-OP one-man order picking system is used for order picking of long loads.  It is especially designed for aluminium, plastic or steel profiles and for  narrow aisle operation. 

                  With this order picking truck, product can be taken out of the rack from one side of the aisle quickly & safely. The model is available as classic a Electric Multidirectional Sideloader for placing complete packs in storage, and as version with man rising cabin for picking applications with regard to individual customer orders.
                • MU-SO Order Picking Systems

                • The model MU-SO one-man and two-man order picking system is used for order picking of long loads. It is especially designed for aluminium, plastic or steel profiles and for order picking in narrow aisles.

                  With this order picking truck, product can be taken out of the rack from one side of the aisle quickly & safely. The model is available as classic Electric Multidirectional Sideloader for placing complete packs in storage, and as version with man rising cabin for picking applications with regard to individual customer orders.
                • KP Order Picking Systems

                • Model KP can be used as classic Electric Multidirectional Sideloader for the warehousing of complete packs and, with the platform installed, for order picking of individual customer orders. During the order picking operation, all functions are controlled from the platform. Fork-lift truck and platform form a unit.

                  This order picker can be used for the one-sided rack operation in narrow aisles and moreover for the two-sided rack operation in unguided aisles. (End picking of window profile for example) The order-picked goods are safely removed by a separate fork-lift truck simply by lifting safety barrier Operation and use: One-man or two-man operation for up to 6 m long lightweight profiles and sheet stock which is between 600 and 2100 mm deep
                • EZK Order Picking Systems

                • Model EZK pickers are pure order picking platforms. Whether as twin mast or scissor lift version - order picking of up to 8 m long profiles or sheet stock which is between 600 mm and 2100 mm deep can be performed with these systems. The goods can be easily picked from either side of the rack aisle.

                  The twin mast version distinguishes itself by its especially low platform height. The platform height of the scissor lift version is greater. The advantage of the scissor lift version is its shorten overall chassis length.

                  A load shifting device is optionally available for both models to facilitate the removal of the order-picked goods by a separate fork-lift truck.
                • MK Order Picking Systems

                • The function of the model MK is the warehousing and order picking of doors and frames in pallet racks.

                  This order picking platform is a classic Electric Multidirectional Sideloader for the warehousing of complete packs and, with man up cabin, for picking individual customer orders. The model MK has a fixed mast.

                  A lifting device for lifting and lowering the load to an ergonomic working height as well as telescopic forks for placing whole door packs into stock and removing them from stock are optionally available. Product can be taken out of the rack from both sides of the rack quickly & easily.
                • VQ Order Picking Systems

                • The model VQ can be used as a classic Electric Multidirectional Sideloader for placing complete packs in storage, and with vacuum suction device for picking single sheets upto 120Kg. . With the HUBTEX VQ, individual sheets are vacuum lifted of the rack location and placed onto the fork tines of the fork-lift truck until the order picking operation is finished. Afterwards the order-picked goods can be loaded directly by the fork-lift truck onto a lorry for onward shipment.

                  Handling of glass, individual sheets up to 40 mm thick or whole glass packs up to 8000 mm long and up to 3600 mm high and with a pack thickness of up to 400 mm can be transported.
                  Operation and use: One-man operation for warehousing and order picking of non-porous panels made of different materials and glass sheets which can be lifted using the vacuum cups

                  • Glass Transport Systems

                  • With more than 30 years of experience in the development and manufacture of fourway sideloaders and special-purpose industrial trucks, Hubtex provide our customers in the float glass industry with a complete package of innovative solutions, for the transport to storage and shipment of glass packs. Mature technology, manufacture using prefabricated components and a high quality level guarantee the high availability of HUBTEX glass trucks.
                  • Heavy-Duty Compact Frontlift

                  • Whenever you need to move heavy loads in a very confined space, the HUBTEX compact frontlift has no rival. Compared with a conventional forklift the HUBTEX compact frontlift stands out due to its very compact external dimensions. In short: The HUBTEX compact frontlift is used in all places where conventional frontloaders cannot be operated due to their considerably larger dimensions.
                  • Reach Truck

                  • The HUBTEX Fork-Lift Reach Truck model SQ is characterized by its compact design and most modern technology. SQ ensures maximum handling capacity which is made possible by a combination of high load bearing capacities and a long battery operating time. The HUBTEX series 4120 with capacities from 3 500 kg to 6 000 kg is an alternative solution to conventional reach trucks with restricted standardized capacities.

                    Further advantages include:
                    • Capacity range from 3.5 to 6.0 t,
                    • various chassis widths adapted to the load depth,
                    • maintenance-free electronic brake system, rapid cargo handling due to powerful drive technology and high-capacity hydraulics,
                    • extended operation with same battery capacity due to modern control technology with energy recuperation,
                    • quick battery change possible via roller bed, stable, strong clear-view lift masts manufactured in-house with high load bearing capacity reserves, even at large load centres, lift heights up to 8500 mm with minimum loss of fork capacity,
                    • reduced operating expenses due to the use of high quality components of well-known German suppliers from the HUBTEX modular system, a variety of cabin versions offer optimal all-round vision which meets every requirement,
                    • accessory equipment such as telescopic forks, side shift devices, rotating devices, carrying boom etc. are available upon request.
                  • Special-Purpose Vehicles

                  • Innovation and quality is our key to success. Since the company foundation HUBTEX has set standards with a number of developments and product improvements. The feedback of our worldwide customers is incorporated into the development and the design of new vehicles so that different market requirements can be met in the best possible manner.
                • Heavy duty transport vehicles

                    • Rail-Mounted Trucks, GWB 10 – 150 Tonnes

                    • The rail-mounted trucks made by HUBTEX are tailor-made to suit individual customer wishes and requirements. Well-proven standard components are used in the driving mechanisms and the control technology. The rail-mounted truck is exclusively designed for in-plant transport.
                      • load capacities up to 150t
                      • load and/or towing vehicle
                      • indoor and outdoor application
                      • battery-powered, electric powered or without driving mechanism
                      • rugged running wheels
                      • cable remote control
                      • maintenance-free AC drive technology
                      • robust design
                      • individual frame design, depending on the transport task
                    • Platform Trucks, SFB up to 63 Tonnes

                    • The Platform Truck SFB is a freely manoeuvrable, self-propelled electric vehicle for the in-plant transport of all sorts of heavy loads such as: metal sheets, steel girders, coils, machine parts, cast iron and tools. Due to its modular design, this self-propelled vehicle can be customized to suit various customer-specific requirements.
                      • load capacities up to 63t
                      • can be used as an all-purpose vehicle
                      • indoor and outdoor application
                      • cable remote control
                      • battery powered electric drive (80V)
                      • maintenance-free AC drive technology
                      • robust design
                      • single-axle, all-wheel and multidirectional steering
                    • Electric Tractor Head, EFCSH 10, 16 Tonnes

                    • HUBTEX driver seated electric tow tractor with hydraulic gooseneck. Three-wheel running gear with solid rubber tyres in compact design.

                      For fast and reliable handling (towing and pushing) of cargo trailers upto 50 tonnes.

                      • AC driving motor
                      • battery powered electric drive (80V)
                      • indoor and outdoor application
                      • full rubber tyre equipment
                      • system loads between 32 and 50t
                      • hydraulic gooseneck
                      • ergonomic arrangement of the operational controls
                      • driver seat position crosswise to the direction of motion
                    • Die Handler up to 65 t

                    • Safe and as fast as possible – those are the crucial prerequisites that modern tool changers need to satisfy.

                      HUBTEX tool changers with load capacities of up to 65 tonnes help to reduce the changing times for pressing and stamping tools and so improve production efficiency. The compact running gear also allows for extremely low entrance heights underneath machinery.

                      • Load capacities up to 65,0 t
                      • Tool platform with lift hights up to 3000 mm
                  • Services

                  • Apart from our innovative products, a broad range of support services offered completes our portfolio. Initially we offer qualified advice during the planning phase and develop individual solutions from a huge range of products available in our portfolio we then add a variety of support services to include financing packages, training, parts and after sales advice giving our customers a full package of support.
                        • Advice

                        • We offer you qualified advice which is rendered by HUBTEX employees during every phase of the product life cycle, from the development to the effective after sales service. It goes without saying that no additional fees are charged for this.
                        • Service

                        • Regular maintenance of your HUBTEX equipment by our well trained service technicians maximises uptime and truck availability.
                        • Original spare parts

                        • We reliably meet your spare parts requirements from our central warehouse in Fulda where we have more than 20,000 original spare parts in stock.
                        • Rental equipment

                        • HUBTEX holds an equipment fleet of more than 50 vehicles ready for short term or long term rental!
                        • Financing

                        • Together with finance partners who are experienced in asset finance of materials handling equipment, HUBTEX offers the full range of financing packages, from leasing to hire purchase and rental/full service.