Company Profile

Robotiq designs and manufactures flexible robot grippers. We work to give industrial manufacturing – from large businesses to SMEs – flexible peripheral solutions to optimize automated processes by providing universal, agile and rugged robotic tools. We work with robot manufacturers, system integrators and end-users to enable applications that improve productivity. We are Robotiq. We make tools for agile automation. Robotics Innovation Founded in 2008, our approach is to embed mechanical intelligence into our devices to simplify integration and increase system performance. Our Adaptive Robot Gripper demonstrates how we have used our core expertise in mechatronics and tooling to create reliable, quality, application-ready products. Using our problem-solving, robotics and automation skills, our vision is to enable the next generation of industrial and service robotic applications. Commitment to Partners As a robotic peripheral provider, we understand that our partner’s success is our success. We offer continuous improvement and critical technical support and services for prototyping, installing, integrating and maintaining Robotiq products. Our goal is twofold: To reduce the risk, development cost and time of the those integrating robotic systems. To add flexibility into end-user manufacturing processes to increase profitability.