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  • Welcome to the Kids Talk Radio Backpack Robotics online exhibition stand. We have introduced a new robotics distance learning and after-school STEM program. We invite you to join us.
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  • Kids Talk Radio: Student Backpack Robotic's Programs

  • Calling All California School Principals.

  • Now is your chance to get your schools to participate in the California Robotic's Idol Competition. With humanoid robots all things are possible. This is one of the best STEM to STEAM projects for getting kids excited about learning exceeding "Common Core State Standards" all at the same time. We are planning one week of training in our Robotic's Summer Camp (Long Beach, California) and then a very exciting robotics competition on October 26, 2013 at the main branch of the Long Beach Public Library. The Kids Talk Radio Backpack Journalists will cover this event and create audio and video podcasts for all the world to see. The Kids Talk Radio Sound Effects Orchestra will be on hand to play the music behind the winning robotics team. This is your chance to lead the way in STEM to STEAM (science, technology, engineering, visual and performing arts, and mathematics) for the state of California.  For more detailed information contact us at
    • Professional Development for the Robotic Idol Competition.
    • Backpack Robotics: Our robotics can be programmed to do just about anything.
    • This program is designed for teachers that love to teach.
    • We are getting ready for the California Robotic Idol Competition.
    • Bob Barboza, Backpack Robotics
    • Kids Talk Radio Science: Student Backpack Robotics
  • Robotic's Training Day for Teachers

    • Teacher Training: Humanoid Robots
    • Teacher Training
    • How do you program a robot?
  • Visual Perception Training with Robots

    • Kids Talk Radio, Backpack Robotics
    • Robotic's training for Project-Based Learning
  • Backpack Robotic Software for iPhone, iPad, Mac and PC's

  • Super School University Team A Working on Humanoid Robots Helping Teachers in the Classroom
    Bob Barboza and his team of teacher researchers are exploring what the future might be like using robots to help teachers in the classroom. They conducting research in the areas of learning disabilities, autism and working with very advanced students in the "Robotic Idol Competition." We have developed custom software to support our research and to explore our new STEAM plus projects. STEAM Plus topics include (science, technology, engineering, visual and performing arts, mathematics, computer languages and foreign languages.) A new organization called, "Super School University" has been formed to allow teachers from different disciplines and universities to collaborate all under one virtual roof. For more information send your e-mail inquiries to
    • Robotic Idol Backpack Robotic's Software
    • Backpack Robotics for iPad
  • The Cabo Verde Tenth Island Robotic's Project

  • Bob Barboza is working with Darin Gray at the University of Southern California on the Cabo Verde Tenth Island Project. They have been guiding their students to create the worlds most perfect island. These teachers and students are working with the real uninhabited island of Santa Luzia, Cape Verde. Student are building homes, bridges, working with robots, creating fish farms, building science labs and doing whatever it takes to build the worlds most perfect island. We are always looking for more teachers and students that want to get involved in exciting STEAM and STEAM project-based learning. You can find more information about the Cabo Verde Tenth Island Project by visiting
      • Cabo Verde Tenth Island Project and Robots
  • The Kids Talk Radio Robotic's Channel

    • Kids Talk Radio Backpack Robotics Program OCYOF
    • Kids Talk Radio Backpack Robotic's Program 12
    • Kids Talk Radio Afterschool Robotics
  • STEAM Projects at Kids Talk Radio (Science, Technology, Engineering, ARTS, and Mathematics)

    • Cedric & Bob Teaching Robots Music
    • Student Backpack Robotics Training at Kids Talk Radio
    • Our robots have face recognition
  • Super School Afterschool Programs & Distance Learning Projects

    • Student Backpack Robotics and Science Programs
    • Kids Talk Radio Backpack Science & Journalism Programs
    • Kids Talk Radio Student Backpack Robotics and Inventor Programs
  • Who wants to learn about becoming and inventor?

  • We are looking for interns. Would you enjoy working with robots and reporting the news about robots and inventors? You will get inspired by reading Kareem's new book, "What Color is My World?" You might just want to join our Student Backpack Robotic's Intern Program. Fill out our application below and we will see if we can find a spot for you in our intern program. Questions: