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  • Offer Profile
  • Schneider Electric Motion offers groundbreaking solutions for machine automation. Our complete range of products for automation, positioning and handling comprises linear modules, drives and controllers as well as the suitable software.

    Our expertise comprises flexible development and production of solutions and standard products. The company with headquarters in Lahr/Germany is DIN EN ISO certified (DIN EN ISO 9001 certification for quality management since 1994 and DIN EN ISO 14001 environmental management since 2003).
Product Portfolio
  • Motion Controllers

    • Lexium Motion Controller LMC

    • The Lexium motion controllers, the Lexium 05 und Lexium 15 servo drives and the BSH and BDH servo motors offer a powerful and cost-effective solution package for motion control applications > Lexium PAC.

      The Lexium motion controller ensures the synchronisation of the axes via a motion bus and is suitable for applications involving the control of up to 8 synchronised axes. Function modules facilitate programming of the axes to be synchronised. This way, technology functions such as flying saw, rotating knife, grouping/separating and tensioning can be easily implemented with torque control mode.

      An Ethernet and a Modbus interface are available for networking with master systems. In addition, a DeviceNet slave or a Profibus-DP slave is offered. As a CANopen master, the LMC can coordinate uo to 32 drives or control slave devices such as I/O modules.
    • Motion Controller TLCC

    • The TLCC motion controller features a powerful, integrated soft PLC. Ethernet TCP/IP with OPC server or Profibus DP are used for networking with hosts. The motion controller is suitable for all applications requiring coordinated motion, such as pick & place, handling, mounting, testing, measuring, supplying, stacking, palletising and format.
    • TLM multi-axis motion controller

    • TLM 2 is a powerful multi-axis motion controller with integrated soft PLC. The controller can synchronously control up to four drives via pulse/direction interfaces. Ethernet TCP/IP with OPC server or Profibus DP are used for networking with hosts. As a CANopen master, the controller can coordinate up to 126 drives or slave devices such as I/O modules. Special feature of TLM 2: NC interpolation of up to four drives, e.g. for motion in gluing, cutting, axis portals and XY table applications and all technology applications such as cam disc, cam switch and angle-synchronous mode.
    • Motion Controller SMC

    • The SMC motion controller with integrated soft PLC is the ideal solution for controlling simple motion sequences; for example in automated production cells and in all applications requiring coordinated motion. As an autonomous process module, SMC can coordinate up to 32 drives or control devices such as I/O modules. Special benefit: due to the very compact design, SMC requires minimum space in the control cabinet.
  • Drives

    • Lexium 05 servo drives

    • Lexium 05 is a compact servo drive for AC synchronous servo motors up to 6 kW. The Autotuning function allows for simple setting of the controller parameters. The standard version of the servo drive comes with two fieldbus interfaces (CANopen and Modbus), a signal interface with two analogue +/-10 V inputs and 8 digital inputs/outputs, an interface for pulse/direction or A/B signal inputs or encoder simulation. This way, the drive can be used in various system environments. Mains filter, ballast resistor and the safety function "Safe stop" (stop according to categories 0 and 1 as per EN60204-1) are integrated.
    • Lexium 15 servo drives

    • Lexium 15 servo drives and servo motors are dynamic drives for machines of various power classes and supply voltages. This line of devices was specially designed for torque, velocity and position control of BSH and BDH servo motors. The combination of motor and drive is particularly suitable for applications involving high-precision, dynamic positioning.
    • SD3 stepper motor drives

    • The SD3 is a universally applicable stepper drive. Reference values are typically preset and monitored by a higher level PLC or a motion controller. A very compact and high-performance drive system has been created in combination with the 3-phase stepper motors by Schneider Electric Motion.
    • Brushless DC drive

    • Schneider Electric Motion brushless DC drive systems are an economical solution for many movement tasks. With compact and powerful motors and matching drives they offer a wide range of options in device technology and industrial automation.
  • Integrated Drives

    • ILA with Servomotor

    • Integrated Drive ILA has an AC synchronous servomotor. This motor provides superior dynamic characteristics, because it can be supplied with a short-term overcurrent during acceleration.

      Special features:

      - Superior dynamic characteristics and high peak torque
      - High-resolution single-turn encoder with a resolution of 16384 increments
      - Optionally with integrated holding brake
      - Optionally with planetary gearbox (accessory)
    • ILE with Brushless DC Motor

    • A Integrated Drive ILE is equipped with an brushless DC motor. The brushless DC motors excel with a high holding torque. Therefore, a holding brake is usually not required. The ILE electronics offer the facility of absolute position feedback.

      Special features:

      - High holding torque
      - Quasi absolute position feedback, therefore homing not required after switching off and on
      - Optionally with spurwheel gearbox or planetary gearbox (accessory)
    • ILS with Stepper Motor

    • The Integrated Drives ILS are fitted with three-phase stepper motors. These motors provide high torque at low speeds. This drive is highly suitable for speed drive applications requiring excellent constant velocity characteristics, but also for high-resolution positioning tasks. Commissioning of the stepper motor drive is easy because controller setting is not required.

      Special features:

      - High continuous torque
      - Excellent constant velocity characteristics
      - High positioning resolution (0.018°)
      - Optionally with holding brake (ILSxx85 only)
      - Optionally with planetary gear (accessory)
  • Motors

    • Servomotors

    • Our AC synchronous servomotors have a very high power density and enable highly dynamic positioning drives with an excellent price/performance ratio. For maximum flexibility, the servomotors are compatible with the standard servo connection dimensions. The AC synchronous servomotors are equipped with an absolute sensor system: SinCos® Singleturn (SRS, SKS) or SinCos® Multiturn (SRM, SKM). The encoder system with the Hiperface® interface enables auto-initialisation of the motor and current controller parameters. This greatly simplifies the commissioning procedure of the drive system.
    • Stepper motors

    • Schneider Electric Motion provides a complete range of 2-phase and 3-phase stepper motors.

      Schneider Electric Motion 3-phase stepper motors are extremely robust and maintenance-free. They carry out precise, incremental movements as controlled by a stepper motor drive. A stepper motor drive system consists of a stepper motor and a matching stepper motor drive. Maximum performance of the complete drive system requires the motor and the drive to be perfectly adapted to each other. Depending on the stepper motor drive, the motors can be operated at very high resolutions.

      A complete range of options such as rotation monitoring and holding brake as well as robust planetary gearboxes with very little backlash extends the application range.

      Schneider Electric Motion 3-phase stepper motors are available in standard and Ex versions (EEx d IIC T4).
    • Brushless DC motors

    • Schneider Electric Motion‘s BDM motors are brushless DC motors that are constructed as electronically commutated 3-phase synchronous motors. The model offers high power delivery and dynamics in a compact design for the most diverse applications. Depending on the requirements, the motors feature a distinct or low self-holding torque, so that there often is no need for a holding brake. The motors can be equipped with various transmissions such as spur or planetary gears depending on the torque and service life requirements. Brushless DC motors are equipped with Hall sensors as standard. For higher positioning resolutions optional encoder systems can be supplied as an alternative
    • Synchronous Motors

    • Schneider Electric Motion synchronous motors are robust and work with great precision. The motors can be operated without additional control electronics with 50 Hz or 60 Hz alternating mains voltage. Our comprehensive range provides the right motor to meet your specific requirements. Synchronous motors from Schneider Electric Motion are "small, powerful and good value for money".

      Please get in touch with us for additional motor and gearbox versions.
  • Linear Motion

      • Linear Motion

      • Based on our comprehensive product ranges of motors, power electronics, positioning controllers systems and axis systems, Schneider Electric Motion can offer complete solutions exactly customised to specific requirements. The combination of motors and controllers as positioning modules in axis systems results in high-precision and powerful Cartesian robots for single- or multi-axis positioning tasks.

        Schneider Electric Motion offers both single- and multi-dimensional Cartesian robots:

        Linear modules: linear tables, cantilever, portal and telescope axes
        Dual- and triple-axis systems: linear positioning systems, linear robots, portal robots and wall-mounted robots
        Low-mass systems
        All linear modules can be combined. They are modular and compatible with ITEM profiles. Several axes may be combined to form handling systems with perfectly tuned components.

        The new portal axes with toothed belt or ballscrew drive

        The new portal axes PAS are available with toothed belt or ballscrew drive in various sizes. They are designed for loads of up to 100 kg. The new generation of products is characterised by the fact that the same adaptation interfaces are used for all units, irrespective of the guide and drive system. Highly flexible drive interfaces ensure easy mounting and modifi cations as well as service. A metal cover reliably covers the inside of the axis body for application in rough environments.

        From component to system

        In addition to Cartesian robots, Schneider Electric Motion offers development of customised robotics system solutions. This development is based on continuous and co-operative dialogue with the customer and comprises the following main services:

        - Project analysis and management
        - Design
        - Construction of a prototype
        - Creation of software
        - Quality assurance
        - Training
        - Customer support
        - Your benefits

        - High-quality products - based on years of experience with continuous product optimisation
        - One-stop shopping - from a simple linear module to complete systems of tuned components
        - Modularity - design of all multi-axis systems based on linear modules
        - Quick and competent consulting
        - High degree of re-usability - the modular design means that the system easily adapts to different applications
        - Different models available - travel path (stroke) precise to the millimetre, various carriage lengths, rust-proof versions, with/without limit switch, with/without motor or gearbox, etc.

        The descriptions of the single- or multi-axis systems detail the most important design criteria, e.g. load or stroke. In some cases, however, the design process and calculations can be very extensive and time-consuming. Schneider Electric Motion offers free, no-obligation consulting
  • Actuators

    • Actuators

    • Schneider Electric Motion actuators position flaps, valves or sliders with great precision. The compact actuator housing contains a motor, a gearbox and a control unit. Three different types of actuators are available to respond to your specific positioning challenge:

      STE = electronic actuator
      STA = actuator with cams and relais
      STM = actuator with cams